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    Hello Team, I am looking at importing Turbosound IQ15 to sell here in Samoa, Do you guys do shipping to the pacific pls? Annd who Do I talk too ??

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    • Emanz2015
      Nigel67 Hi Emanz2015. We do not sell direct to customers. We use our Super Partners around the World. It doesn't appear that we have one in Samoa at the present time, but if you go to the link below you will be able to select the Partner closest to you and contact them with regards to where they ship product. If you are looking to become a Partner in Samoa, please e-mail [email protected]  and a colleague will get back to you. Please include your company details. Many thanks.
      [email protected]
      • December 14, 2021
      • Hello Family
        Emanz2015 Hi Nigel, thank you for your prompt response.
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        • December 15, 2021
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    Just wondering if I can link 2x iQ12s & 2x iQ15B all together with PowerCon cables so I gave just one mains plug? The manual says the following: The maximum number of linked systems depends on the AC supply voltage as well as the maximum current draw of the individual systems in the power chain. When linking a power chain, make sure that the integrated connectors as well as the supplied AC mains cable are never overloaded. If you are uncertain how to calculate the total current draw, please contact your dealer.

    Thanks in advance 


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    • Woody123
      GaryHiggins I would say yes, but it could depend on where it’s being done. The electrical systems of different venues could be a factor. I would think most could handle it ok, my 2 cents
      • August 16, 2021
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    Acquired 2 Turbosound iQ15 speakers for sound events. At the very first event, people complained that high frequencies are very hard to hear, and there is practically no low frequencies. How can this problem be corrected?
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    • ZeleniyDrug
      NicJonesMT Hi ZeleniyDrug.
      Your best option would be to submit a tech support ticket and a member of the team will assist you.
      Can you please confirm all other devices that are connected and how they are configured (For example crossovers, Mixers, Outboard effects ETC). We need to ideally know your full setup.

      It may also be worth doing a smaller simplified setup (so running your Mixer/Audio source direct to the speaker). Can you confirm if you still get the issue when using a simplified setup?
      • August 11, 2021
      • Turbosound iQ15
        ZeleniyDrug Mixers yamaha mg12xuk and laptop and nothing else. High frequencies had to be removed -15.
        • August 11, 2021