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    I have extremely low output on my Truth B2092A and need a circuit diagram to replace the primary capacitors, resistors and transistors on the board. The transistors part numbers are either worn illegibly or missing, and some of the ceramic resistors P/Ns I can no longer get the whitepapers for. I've had this sub since new (2007) and last year built my entire recording studio desk around this sub and its dimensions - I'd rather not just scrap it. Either that or if I can get a replacement board, but finding one is getting increasingly difficult.

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      DavidKnighton Hello utmorpheus,
      Regrettably it is not permitted to share service documentation with the general public. Only a Music Tribe service center can access these documents. I would suggest getting in touch with our Spare Parts department to see if a replacement module is available. Click the support tab at the top of the page and proceed to a spare parts ticket.
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