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    Can you guys help me, to find where I can get spare parts for loud speaker Turbosound,. I have a problem with the spare parts,Thank you for those who want to share the sales link 

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    • Agus84
      djtetei If you have a faulty PCB component, I doubt you will be able to get the specific component from MusicTribe, because, as far as I know, they will only sell you the whole PCB. You can try opening a support ticket or you can try outsourcing the required component from a donor PCB.
      • 2 hours ago
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    Hi guys I have acquired an amp module for the above speaker - and it has 4 selectable settings - can you tell me what those settings are please ? I cannot find info anywhere. It's the crossover and delay settings etc. 
    thanks in advance 


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    My sub won't power on

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    • rraczkowski29
      Dale_M Can you try another power cable, power point? if you are still having issues please raise a technical ticket from the Support tab above.
      • May 24
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    First - Is there any info on how to get Turbocontrol app to successfully connect to iq12b?  I've seen mention of firmware update, but none are listed on the official site.

    Second - When you are connected via bluetooth to a subwoofer and playing music, does it not pass the signal up to linked speaker?

    Thanks in advance for any insight.

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    • TomCanning
      TomCanning Serious question: I left this online community after they switched to this tribe thingy. I couldn't make heads or tails of it. I check every now an again to see if it has improved. Has it been abandoned, or am I just using it wrong?Is there another site/forum/board where people are discussing these products. I own and love a good few (XR12/16/18, MR18, TurboSound speakers, among others). I used to love regular check ins to see how people are using these tools. It was a source of great ideas, resources and a place to get community support. Now it seems to be a disjointed set of orphaned posts. It makes me sad. Where has it moved to?
      • Mar 20
      • iq12b - Android App and Bluetooth passthrough
        JeffRusin This whole forum and company has gone to crap they do not care anymore I did the same thing, after they made this site a cartoon app I gave up. I really just came back to bitch and tell people how they suck
        • May 10
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    I have just bought Ix15 speaker but won't to add small subwoofer. If I bought ip15B would this be a good match and can I join they to cabinet by Bluetooth pairing with out using speaker cables. 

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    • Cat22

      Please note with BT functionality the master and slave have to be the same unit so this will not work.

      • Mar 2
      • Bluetooth
        Cat22 Thanks for you help are you saying you can only master and slave to they very same speaker model as they master is sending from and can’t mix subwoofer and full rang speakers with out using speaker cables thanks
        • Mar 2
      • Bluetooth
        Dale_M The speaker models need to be the same.
        • Mar 3
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    I can't find Replacement Sub for the IQ12.

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    • djsubduction318
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Please contact our parts team by clicking on Support and then Spare Parts to submit a ticket.
      • Jan 30
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    So here is our setup,  2- TBV118L-AN subs (4 total) stacked on each side of the stage being run aux fed. There's an xlr coming out of the aux on our Midas M-32 going into an xlr splitter box to split the mono cable into two xlr cables going to left and right stacks. The issue is you can hear alot of subs on each side but it pretty much disappears in the center. Almost like a phase issue we had a long time ago with our old passive system where one side of the subs had the + and - wired backwards causing the subs to cancel each other out in the middle. But I don't see how that could be the issue here with xlr closed system all the way?

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    • Tele68
      Paul_Vannatto It's called a power alley. Dave Rat extensively documented this phenomenon when subs are placed left and right side of stage. It is much better to put the subs together at center front of stage.
      • December 19, 2021
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    Hello all, I hope someone can help me, please.

    I have just bought a second-hand 2014 Turbosound M18 and was hoping someone would be kind enough to send me a product manual or instructions, please? I have searched everywhere and cannot seem to find it.

    Thank you all so much!


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    Hello there.
    We are the biggest B2B company in Middle Asia , we have 88 ditstribution like a : XIAOMI, GEGABYTE, STEEL SERIES, RAZER, ect
    and now we wanna have big contract distribution with you. Our purchase target is around from 500.000$ and higher .
    how can we get contract with you?
    Can we get catalog ?
    We are interesting TURBOSOUND brand
    what we should provide you to get distribution in our country ?
    also very interesting these models right now
    ix 15, 12
    Iq 15b, 18b
    Iq 12, 15

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    • azajex
      Dale_M Please can you send this information to us on a Pre Sales inquiry via the support tab above please.
      • September 30, 2021
      • we wanna have big contract distribution with you
        azajex already sent 5 emails 7 days ago, steel didnt get reply . could plz help me i need asap?
        • September 30, 2021
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    Looking at possibly getting a inspire iP15B speaker. I will be coming out of a Powered Speaker mix out with XLR to the inspire to input A with XLR , then from the inspire link out XLR to a powered speaker above the sub XLR input. Will this work? All my speakers are active speakers 

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