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    Can anyone tell me and point at specs or reference document that says if either Live Buds or True Buds can connect to at least 2 devices at the same time?

    It's common nowadays but no online documentation on these products I could find mention it.

    Should I conclude it's just not possible?

    Many thanks


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    • YannickGaultier
      PedroRodrigues Hi YannickGaultier I will gladly answer your question but please consider that this is the Behringer page and for Tannoy related product you should post on the Tannoy page.
      Please consider that the Tannoy LIFE BUDS where designed to operate with models that support HSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP and these profiles and protocols in this case can only operate when singularly connected to the Tannoy LIFE BUDS not allowing multiple models be connected at the same time.
      • Mar 27
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    Learn More:

    Closed-back studio reference headphones, designed for electronic drum monitoring, fulfill your needs to compose your own tunes in peace, no matter where you are – at a price that is very kind to every budget!

    List Price: $35

    #Behringer #DH100 #Headphones #Drummer

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    I just aquaried a pair of DT 770 (200ohm) headphones and I need to connect them to Logic Pro X.  I am looking for a headphone amp or an audio interface.  The trouble I'm having is getting one that will correctly interface with the 200 ohm headphones.  Could someone drop a link to any compatable interface or amp.  Ty

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    • Abram
      PedroRodrigues Hi Abram please consider that any of our UMC series sound cards supports 250 ohm on the headphones outputs so it would support your Headphones
      • Feb 24
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    Learn more:

    Audiophile headphone that goes far beyond its high-quality sound, with features that include a built-in microphone for crystal clear hands-free calling, automatic pairing with your phone or any Bluetooth* playback device, convenient multi-function button controls for power, pairing, play, stop, skip, call answering, and much more. Your BH470NC will become your new favorite go-to device for your life on the go!

    List Price: $55

    #Behringer #BH470NC #Headphones #Bluetooth

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    SD Series


    Studio Monitoring Earphones
    The Behringer SD Series Earphones are designed to serve our Musician and Recording and Broadcast Customers.

    From: $22

    #Behringer #SDSeries #SD251BT #BT251BK #Headphones #Bluetooth

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    Any news on the release window for the recently announced wireless headphones? I'm excited to ditch my old pair 

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    • infinityknives
      PedroRodrigues Hi infinityknives Unfortunately at this moment we cannot provide any updates on that matter, please keep a close eye on our social media and on our Community for any updates on this matter. Thank you
      • Feb 11
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    BUDS Series


    Wireless Earphones with Bluetooth True Wireless Stereo Connectivity

    The Behringer BUDS Series Headphones are designed to serve our Recording and Broadcast Customers.

    From : $22

    #Behringer #TRUEBUDS #LIVEBUDS #BUDSSeries #Bluetooth #Wireless #Headphones

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    Hi all,

    I'm relatively new to this and have recently bought some HLC660M headphones for use at home through my laptop and on an X32. This may just be my laptop, but it doesn't seem to be receiving a signal from the microphone, but I can hear through the headphones. These headphones have a 3.5mm Male as well as an XLR Male, I'm assuming for the microphone. Unfortunately due to lockdown etc. I haven't been able to try them on the mixer, but can anyone tell me if they do output the mic through the 3.5mm Jack?

    Thanks in advance.



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    • Oharrington12
      Paul_Vannatto The 3.5mm (with the 6.5mm adapter) plug is only a stereo TRS, meaning it will only provide for the left and right of the headphones only, not the mic (XLR is for the mic).
      • Jan 14
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    I have a Behringer  audio interface with a headphone socket ,can I use a wireless transmitter , plugging in to my device and connect to wireless headphones.  Any recommendations please?

    I amusing my device to use Jam Kazam for band rehearsals. So latency is a big factor. 

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    • Pkneesh
      DavidKnighton Hello Paul,
      Most wireless IEM (in ear monitor) transmitters that I've seen on the market take line level output. Only consumer grade wireless headphones that run on bluetooth use the stereo headphone output. If using Jam Kazam, professional wireless headphones are going to introduce some latency, so they would be ok to use, but not bluetooth. I would suggest taking a look at Shure PSM 300. You can find cheaper IEM sets, but Shure and Sennheiser are the leading industry standards for live sound.
      • Jan 8
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    I've tried on numerous occasions to perform what should be the simplest of tasks only to repeatedly fail as on the create a product registration ticket page the system demands that the brand drop down box needs to be completed and yet the only option shown is "Select Product" and you cannot manually type in the brand to continue. It's almost as if you don't want us to register the goods we have purchased. Please explain

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    • Brian456
      Nigel67 Hi Brian, I am very sorry for the issue you are experiencing trying to register your Product. Let me look into this and get back to you shortly.
      • Jan 3
      • Trying to register a product
        Nigel67 Hi drshanks. I have spoken to the web team and they have tried registering a product using your account and the brand drop down does appear to be working for them. However they are still investigating as there is obviously an issue as you are not able to see the brands. Can you try one more time, making sure that the other fields are filled out. You don't have to put a phone number in, just put your country code in such as +1. In the meantime, I will send you an e-mail and if it doesn't work, please reply to the e-mail advising the Product name and serial number. I will also require the proof of purchase if you could attach that as well. I will send the mail in the next 30 minutes. Please also check your spam if you do not see it. Many thanks
        • Feb 18
    • Brian456
      Carl71 Since the 28th November when i bought the Behringer GO Case i Cannot Register it Brand Drop Box is Broken! Still Not Fixed WHY ?
      • Jan 21
      • Trying to register a product
        Nigel67 Hi Carl71, I can only apologise for the inconvenience caused. Has the registration issue been fixed? Please let me know if not and I will get the web team to investigate.
        • Feb 17
    • Brian456
      Brian456 To anyone having the same problem I was only able to resolve this by sending a proof of purchase email to [email protected] and quoting the case number and they registered the product for me which has now been confirmed. Dear Brian,

      This is in relation to case number: CAS-408217-Q4R7Y7 
      Product:  Behringer  
      Serial Number:  

      Many apologies for the Product Registration not working. I will raise a ticket with the software team to look into it and fix.

      In the meantime, I iwll register your product for you. Please can you supply me with the proof of purchase (invoice) and the serial number of the unit.

      Many thanks.
      • Feb 16
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