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  • 2020-10-26

    Hello sir

    M Nishit bhatt from india. I purchased your product thorugh Amazon model is life buds true wireless headphone purchase month December 2019. My charging case is got shot and it's now no working. Can you guide me where I get new charging case .

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    • Nishit Bhatt
      John Matthews Hi Nishit,

      Please be aware that as your unit was purchased through Amazon, they will be able to provide you with warranty assistance.
      Amazon have their own service teams and provide their own warranty cover for products that they sell. Please contact them directly and they will be able to advise you further.
      • Mon at 1:40 AM
  • 2020-09-29

    So, I am using a XR18 and want to run the bus sends to headphones instead of monitors.  Are the mic input / through parallel?  If so I could use a standard XLR cable as a feed instead of building fem/fem adapter cables.  I assume I would hear the mix (albeit mono) in both sides of the headphones?  Using headphones would reduce noise picked up by the vocal mics when we record rehearsals.  This is the primary objective but could be applied live to in-ear applications as well.

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    • GuyOlsson
      Paul Vannatto I would suggest you use a Behringer P1 or P2 instead of the MA400
      • Sep 29
    • GuyOlsson
      GuyOlsson Other than being $180.00 plus $40.00 (and six months) shipping, and considering I need five units it sounds great. I'm sure its better but there is no ROI in it for me. You must work for Behringer sales department! lol
      • Sep 29
      • MA400 for rehearsal space and live off the floor recording
        Paul Vannatto The P1 costs $68.99 at Sweetwater and the P2 costs $38.99 - both in stock. NO I don't work for Behringer, but have 6 of the P1 and used them with a number of bands until I got the DP48
        • Sep 29
    • GuyOlsson
      GuyOlsson Can't find stock in North America. Can order direct from Manufacturer in China for less money and have it in four weeks. Trying to support local though.
      • Sep 29
    • GuyOlsson
      David Knighton Hello GuyOlsson,
      The appropriate connection to use with the MA400 would be the 'Monitor' input. The mic input is expecting a mic level signal, so if you send line level signal from the XR18 you will overload the mic input and it will probably sound terrible. What you need is a female xlr to 1/4" TS cable for a mono mix. See image below for proper pinout.
      • Sep 30
    • GuyOlsson
      David Knighton
      • Sep 30
  • 2020-08-02

    I just purchased a Poly D and cannot get sound using the headphone Jack on the front panel I never had this issue on a Korg Am I a moron

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    • Marc Rosengard
      Jack Strap Hi, Was it working before? Have you made sure the headphone volume was turned on? Are you able to hear any sound from the regular outputs? Have you tested your headphones with another synth? Have you tested with another pair of headphones. Did you updated the firmware recently? If, after all this it is still not working, I would suggest to check if a new update is available. A new firmware update has been released recently and I was able to successfully update my Poly D to 1.0.9; it might fix the problem... ;)
      • Aug 5
    • Marc Rosengard
      Nic Jones Sorry for the delay in contacting you Marc.

      As Jack Has stated can you confirm the FW version, headphones you are using and if it works with an alternative?
      Could you also please send over a photo that shows how the physical parameters are set on your Poly D?
      • Aug 10
  • 2020-07-19
    This was a replacement for a the same model purchased a few years ago as the plastic on headband and earphone coverings fell apart. These are nice looking but after 20 minutes of wear they really hurt the ears the padding is wat too minimal I got them 2 weeks or so ago from Amazon.. I would rate these as fine for less than 15 minutes worth of listening I would like to return them for a better feeling pair ASAP
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  • IT IS SUPPOSED to be straightforward but for now, I don't know what's wrong with the setup. So I purchased the AMP800. I connected behind the AMP800 an "unbalanced" (one line on the connector) stereo L/R cable that I plugged a " balanced " 1/4 to 3.5mm cable to my cellphone plug (this is the source, the music from my cellphone). After that I connected in front of the AMP 800 (on channel A or 1) a "balanced" (2 lines on the connector) stereo 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter for my Bose headphones (the bose uses a 3.5mm plug). I tried so hard to figure out how to have a clean sound but nothing is working, the sounds is not clear nor high. When I pull a little bit the 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter, the sound is more stronger then when the adapter is fully pushed-in in the A or 1 jack hole. Do you have any solutions to the problem? Thank in advance :)!!
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    • Louis-Mathieu Léveillé
      Dave Morrison Although a stereo and balanced cable use the same connections, they are different and incompatible. The stereo signal from your phone are two unbalance connections. Unless you are using some sort of stereo unbalanced to balanced box, a stereo to dual unbalanced cable is the best solution (an aux cord with dual 1/4"). Pulling the jack out part-way is sending unbalanced signal.
      • Jun 23
  • 2020-05-28


    I am located in Turkey. I want to get Behringer BH470 headphone but dealers say it is out of stock in Turkey. The dealers said the factory in China was closed, so the product was not supplied. Is this true? If there is a production problem, how long does this problem continue?

    Thanks. Best regards.

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  • 2020-05-08


    Waar moet ik op letten bij het kiezen van een goede koptelefoon voor studio opnames te maken?

    En een open of gesloten koptelefoon? Welke raden jullie aan?

    Alvast dank voor het meedenken!


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  • Hello.

    For this recent Christmas, I got a pair of HPX2000 Headphones, and they were really good. I am a gamer who likes Electronic music, and those headphones were very comfortable and gave me amazing sound quality. Then, just before a Zoom meeting earlier this week, I put them on, and there was no right side audio. This is especially bad for me because I have hearing problems in my left ear, and I rely on the right side a lot more.

    Taking the headphones apart, I discovered that a wire had come loose to the right side. Since I don't have a fine point soldering gun to fix the issue, I just ordered new headphones. I was really bummed because they are apparently supposed to last a year since you could get a warranty, but they barely lasted three months.

    So my new headphones came in today, and I decided I was going to register them for a warranty so I wouldn't have to buy new headphones in the future. So I created an account and went to the support page, and I found I had to add a phone number and county to my account. Upon reaching that page, I found that my phone number area code wasn't on their list. In fact, after doing a little searching on that list, I found that no area codes from my country, the United States of America, was even listed there, not even Las Vegas, which has some sort of music tribe thingy there.

    So does that mean American users cannot get warranties or even contact the customer support? I just want good headphones that last a long time, not headphones that break easily.

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  • Hello. My Tannoy wireless headphones do not work together, it works either right or left.

    I tried all possible connection options. How to make the headphones work correctly?

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    • Aleksandrs Minckovskis
      Chris Edwards

      Dear @alexminc,

      Hope you are well.

      If you have not already done so please try conducting a factory reset on the device, the below steps will guide you through this:


      1. Put the LIFE BUDS in the charging case,

      2. Press LIFE BUD to charging status (red LED on)

      3. Double-press the MFB button,

      4. The LIFE BUD reset successfully after blue LED flashes 5 times, then do the same for the other one.

      5. If reset is successful and both earbuds flash" red and blue", it means they are in pairing mode. Both earbuds will search automatically and then pair themselves.  After they are paired, only the master earbud (Right) will flash red and blue, and the other earbud flashes blue slowly. After the right earbud is connected to the mobile phone, both earbuds will have sound.

      If upon doing this it does not resolve the issue please submit a support ticket for further assistance.

      Take Care.

      Christopher Edwards

      Customer Solution Lifestyle Specialist

      • Apr 19
  • 2020-02-23


    I've tried to create a ticket but it only comes back with an error.

    The BB560M wireless Bluetooth headset works great as a headphone, but the microphone fails to connect to the PC Bluetooth system. As it was advertised ‘perfect for gamers’ it doesn’t seem to work.

    The audio connects with both the cable and the Bluetooth. Just no microphone function

    The Bluetooth we are using at home is a dongle we purchased from JB’s

    Which connects to headsets with microphones and we can’t get it to pair to anything.

    Hope that all makes sense.

    Thanks for any help

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    • Boni Go
      Rex Beckett


      Hello Boni, welcome to the community.


      First make sure that every required field in your profile is correct. Missing information can apparently
      cause the Care ticket system to fail. It is also important to fill-in every required field in the Care
      ticket form (marked *). Make screenshots of the completed Care form before you submit it. If it fails
      again, let us know and we can tell you how to send the screenshots to get some help.

      • Feb 25
    • Boni Go
      Boni Go

      Thanks for the reply, i have tried again to lodge a ticket after editing my profile and it did worked but only on the "pre - sales" section but when i try the "Technical Support" part it just gives me an error and i didn't filled up the form as much as i could and didn't left anything with * blank.

      Thanks for any assistance.

      • Feb 26
    • Boni Go
      Rex Beckett

      @bonstonmusic wrote:

      Thanks for the reply, i have tried again to lodge a ticket after editing my profile and it did worked but only on the "pre - sales" section but when i try the "Technical Support" part it just gives me an error and i didn't filled up the form as much as i could and didn't left anything with * blank.

      Thanks for any assistance.


      I have sent you a PM.

      • Feb 26
    • Boni Go
      Jose Rabe

      Can I get some help too, I am having an issue with the USB device not recognized on windows 10, all drivers an power settings have been updated. but still not working.

      • Mar 29
    • Boni Go
      Peiming Chen

      Hi RexBeckett,

      Can I get some assistance too? I have same issue whereby my microphone is not working with a newly purchased Behringer HLC 660M. And I can't seem to submit a ticket even with all the compulsory fields filled in.


      • Jun 2
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