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    Hi could anybody help me in locating an outlet that could provide me with a replacement case for the Life Buds?

    I enjoy to use these very much but have misplaced this charging case and haven't been able to fiind it unfortunately.

    I live in Perh, Western Australia

    Any advice that anyone could give would be gratefully received.

    Cheers, Chris

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      john0121 Fill out the spare parts request form via the support button at the top of the page. The spares team will be able to let you know about pricing and availability.
      • September 19, 2021
  • alexminc
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    Hello. My Tannoy wireless headphones do not work together, it works either right or left.

    I tried all possible connection options. How to make the headphones work correctly?

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    • alexminc

      Dear @alexminc,

      Hope you are well.

      If you have not already done so please try conducting a factory reset on the device, the below steps will guide you through this:


      1. Put the LIFE BUDS in the charging case,

      2. Press LIFE BUD to charging status (red LED on)

      3. Double-press the MFB button,

      4. The LIFE BUD reset successfully after blue LED flashes 5 times, then do the same for the other one.

      5. If reset is successful and both earbuds flash" red and blue", it means they are in pairing mode. Both earbuds will search automatically and then pair themselves.  After they are paired, only the master earbud (Right) will flash red and blue, and the other earbud flashes blue slowly. After the right earbud is connected to the mobile phone, both earbuds will have sound.

      If upon doing this it does not resolve the issue please submit a support ticket for further assistance.

      Take Care.

      Christopher Edwards

      Customer Solution Lifestyle Specialist

      • April 19, 2020