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    Hello, here in the U.S. trying to find somone selling the Mp-85, having it in stock? Any help is appreciated.

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    Hello. I'm having trouble with my chat / voice when I'm streaming/ talking on Discord, Twitch, and Zoom. Sometimes if I reset my computer it resolves, sometimes not. 
    I've already tried the "disable/ re-enable" and "make default communication device" things but I'm still having the problem. I use Windows 10, drivers say they're up to date, I've tried different condenser mics, I'm still having this issue. 

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    • BlueJune
      PetGerbil Dunno anything about streaming etc...but, is it anything to do with hearing your output whilst(?) monitoring your input? so you end up hearing the same signal twice. But one is delayed due to latency.
      • Apr 26
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    I bought this microphone and have been extremely satsified. My speaker tipped over and the usb drive part bent and isn't working now. I would like to purchase just a new USB port to connect the mic and was looking for a spare part. 

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    • Kellzdatboi116
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Please click on the support link above and open a spare parts ticket. Someone will contact you ASAP to help line this up for you.
      • Apr 19
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    So i found this unit as a possible solution. I have 6 conference room mics that need to plug into a mixer. They need to be powered. Can this unit do that? before going into the mixer?


    The mics are 3.5mm table mics so i would need to adapt to the xlr connections on the Behringer. 


    Thanks in advance for any insight.


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    • JRiles
      RexBeckett Hi JRiles, the ADA8200 is not really a mic preamp - it is an analogue audio to/from ADAT converter. I suppose that you could loop the ADAT in/out and use it as a preamp but there may be lower-cost solutions.

      Regarding power for mics, the ADA8200 provides 48V phantom power to the XLR inputs. You would need appropriate power adapters for electret mics with 3.5mm TRS connectors. Some manufacturers (e.g. Rode) sell adapters to suit their specific mics. There are some general-purpose power adapters on the market but you would need to check whether they are suitable for your mics.

      Most analogue and digital mixers have built-in mic preamps and many also provide phantom power. If you tell us which model of mixer and mics that you have we may be able to suggest other solutions.
      • Apr 7
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    What has happened to the release of the mp 85 vocal microphone? I have been waiting since Christmas for this thing to come out. can't find it anywhere, can't order it anywhere. why have a product on your site no one can buy in US? ..furthermore why discontinue the MP 75 and 76  don't give us a replacement and leave us with nothing to operate our vocal processors/ harmony pedals? Just crazy and bad business. My mp 75 is  starting to sound not so good. What gives? You have it listed as available on Sweetwater in the United States. but they have never heard of it ..I've talked  to several salesman.

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    Learn more:
    Whether you’re podcasting, gaming, conferencing or enjoying a conversation with your favorite friend, you want a USB microphone that delivers a wide and linear frequency response with ultra-low noise floor. It provides incredible high-quality performance at a price well within the reach of every budget!
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    Is the ULM302 available with one handheld microphone and one laveliere microphone?

    As an event announcer this would be a very useful configuration.

    I look forward to learing more.

    Thanks very much and please stay well

    Craig G. Zurhorst

    757 Hancock St.

    Rumford, ME 04276


    [email protected]

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    Does anyone know if there's a version of this product (ULM202USB) with a lavalier mic?

    Many thanks.

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    • AV11
      RexBeckett Hi AV11, I have not seen any mention of a lavalier version of the ULM202USB. Behringer do have the ULM300LAV lavalier wireless mic but this has analogue outputs not USB. See:

      I have seen information on the ULM200LAV but the receiver also appears to have only analogue outputs. I don't know if this product was ever released or has been discontinued.
      • Mar 19
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    This is a set of two wireless microphones. I bought it for our Church. It's connected to Behringer mixer Xenyx 2442 USB. Even within a range of 15-20 feet the voice is breaking due to signal loss. I'm using a pair of Duracell batteries. The product is within warranty period. But now I found that in India there's no authorised service centre for Behringer. Can anyone offer some help, so that the microphones become usable?

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    • Vincely68
      PedroRodrigues Hi Vincely68,please follow the steps below, connect the ULM200D wireless receiver to the “WIRELESS ONLY!” USB connector on wireless-enabled BEHRIINGER mixers, powered speakers or other compatible products, or to a USB port on a computer.
      Please press and hold the ▲ button on the ULM200M wireless microphone to connect wirelessly to the ULM200D receiver. The LED on the microphone will flash slowly during the connecting sequence and will light solid once connected. If the ULM200M wireless microphone cannot connect to a receiver, the microphone will automatically power down after 10 seconds.
      Once connected, the ULM200M microphone will be set at a medium volume. Use the ▲ and ▼ buttons to adjust the volume
      A long press of the ▼ button will put the ULM200M microphone into mute. The mute condition is indicated by rapid flashing of the LED. If the user does not unmute within 60 seconds, the ULM200M microphone will power down to save battery life.
      A short press of the ▲ button will unmute the ULM200M microphone. If the ULM200M microphone is unmuted more than 10 seconds after muting, it will return to the previous volume level, if unmuted after less than 10 seconds it will be set to the minimum volume level.
      Unplug the ULM200D wireless receiver to power down. The ULM200M wireless microphone will power down 10 seconds after the ULM200D wireless receiver is unplugged.
      The LED in the ULM200M wireless microphone will indicate when the battery is low by regular brief flashes.
      Should the ULM200M wireless microphone become unpaired with the ULM200D wireless receiver, the microphone can be re-paired from the powered down state by simultaneously pressing the ▲ and ▼ buttons and moving the microphone to within 10 cm (4 inches) of the ULM200D wireless receiver.
      The LED on the microphone will flash slowly during the pairing sequence and will light solid once connected. If the ULM200M wireless microphone cannot pair to the receiver it will automatically power down after 10 seconds.
      Please consider that the microphones must be used in Line of Sight, any object between the wireless receiver and the microphones will create issues.
      • Mar 14
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    Ideally-suited for use with standard digital recorders and sound cards, imbuing signals with the warmth, presence and classic tube-compression that will bring your digital tracks to life.

    List Price: $59

    #Behringer #MIC300 #Microphone #Preamplifiers

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