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    Please advise on the replacement model for both DL441 and DL442.

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    Hey, guys, I'm doing a science fair project on creating a digital stethoscope, where I insert a microphone by the head of the stethoscope and then seal it off (so the continuous column of sound is preserved). The microphone then picks up the sound from the stethoscope head and transmits it to my computer through the 3.5mm headphone jack.

    Do you guys have any idea what things I would test as part of my experiment design, I want to compare 3 designs but I am not sure what criteria I should use to find which design is best? Any suggestions?, I was thinking like lowest frequency, highest amplitude

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  • KingstonCole
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    Hey there, I apologize for this question which is probably stupid but I've crossed a problem that I can't seem to solve with Google-fu. I have the Blue Yeticaster. (Blue Yeti mic, Ra dius shock mount, and Compass boom arm.)

    I intend to replace the Yeti and Radius with an XLR mic down the road but that isn't what I'm here for.

    I want to find a way to mount one of those box mic flags between the Compass and the shock mount in a way that would work now or when I upgrade since I intend to use the Comp ass either way. The way you see them do it in radio studios and what not. The boom arm isn't long enough to do it out of box.

    Is there an extension I can buy to put between the two? What would it be called?

    Hope I'm not being to vague or confusing.

    Thanks in advance!

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