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  • 2020-10-13

    Hello, Can you tell me when the new TC-Helicon MP-60 Vocal mic will be available for sale? Looking forward to trying it out!!! Thanks.

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  • Hi community.

    As I wrote in the subject, I really wonder why that amazing Mic got discontinued too soon, considering that the older models (76 and 70) are still in the market.

    Now, I'm really worried about what would happen if the only MP-76 that I've got 2 years ago gets damaged or something (I'm from Chile) and that's why I really wish to buy an spare one, or ask about if there is any plan (maybe it's ongoing already) to manufacture an upgrade of the "MCA100 Mic Control adapter" to a version with fully 4 buttons.

    I really need it, for my live performances the 4 buttons are a MUST to have.

    Best regards everybody!

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  • 2019-08-12

    Finally decided to bite the bullet and get one of the TC-Helicon mics to accompany my VoiceLive Play. I find it odd that the MP-75 is readily available online and in music stores, but the MP-76 is almost nowhere to be found - although I finally did find one supplier, at what appeared to be a pretty steeply discounted price. I snapped it up.

    Just wondering why that is? Is the MP-76 still in production? Or is demand just so great they can't keep up?

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    • Todd Hines
      Ken Mitchell

      Hi Todd ( @Toadman99 ), 


      Sweetwater shows it as "No Longer Available". I checked with my local Guitar Center and was told that they are out of stock online and can no longer special order them.  Sounds like they were quietly discontinued or temporarily suspended from production. 



      • August 12, 2019
    • Todd Hines
      Daniel Graves hey BoardAdmin - why did Helicon discontinue the MP-76 microphone?
      • Jun 22