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    Need firmware update for duplicator. I also have MP-85 mic that doesn't work and I am assuming it's because of the firmware update (it states that in the mic information sheet I received with the mic)

    I went to the download page and followed T.C. Helicon Youtube posting to no avail.

    Please help. 

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    • rickbluelake
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi rickbluelake, firmware updates for the Duplicator are done via the Voicesupport 2 software. This can be downloaded via the downloads section of the TC Helicon website just by searching for Voicesupport 2 and there is both a PC and MAC version:

      If upon updating your firmware the MP-85 Still doesn't work please double check Mic Control is enabled on the pedal, to enable Mic Control press and hold the footswitch while powering up the unit to
      toggle Mic Control.
      • Aug 15
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    My MP-75 control button periodically stops working. 

    Who can I send it to for repair?


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    Hello I would love to have a wireless MP-76, will this be feasible anytime soon?

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    • darkdama
      PedroRodrigues Hi darkdama, thank you for your post, at this moment we do not have any information that points out to a release of a wireless microphone such as MP-76 but please keep an eye on our social media for any news. Thank you
      • Feb 24
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    Can I connect a normal Mic - Helicon C1 - Focusrite Scarlett - Macbook??

    Best Regards,


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    • Mikki902
      PedroRodrigues Hi Mikki902, thank you for your post, unfortunately you will not be able to connect the TCH C1 directly to your sound card, you will require something like a mixing to be able to manage the output signal from the C1, before inputting on your sound card. Thank you
      • November 14, 2021
      • About TC Helicon C1 and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2? connection
        Mikki902 Thanks for your answer. I see, then I will get Yamaha AG03 as a mixer and audiointerface? It should work oder??
        • November 17, 2021
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    ho seguito come voi mi avevate detto di usare una porta usb 2.0,ma niente da fare la mia voce sembra sempre robotica o metallica,senza che gli effetti della voce siano allego una registazione vocale

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    • Tru3ndriu
      NicJonesMT Hi Tru3ndriu.
      Do you have a case open with technical support? If so can you please provide me with the case number?

      Hai un caso aperto con il supporto tecnico? Se sì, puoi fornirmi il numero del caso?
      • November 10, 2021
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    Hi there! 


    Just recently bought a brand new duplicator footpedal to use in my live singing events. I also bought the MP 75 Mic to use with it and at my sound check today the two paired together sounded incredible - but the button on the microphone won't activate the effects like it's supposed to and I was forced to use the foot pedal. After entire day of trying to update the firmware - VoiceSupport says it's at the latest version finally but is there something else I'm supposed to do in order to get the mic to work as it should with this pedal?

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    • KrisCarrasco

      Hi there, Mic Control allows you to control the effect's on/off status via an MP-75 microphone.
      Press and hold the footswitch while powering up the unit to toggle Mic Control.
      Note that when using a condenser microphone, Mic Control should be disabled to
      prevent unwanted on/off switching. -Can you advise this is what you are doing?

      • July 6, 2021
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    Hello, here in the U.S. trying to find somone selling the Mp-85, having it in stock? Any help is appreciated.

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    Hello. I'm having trouble with my chat / voice when I'm streaming/ talking on Discord, Twitch, and Zoom. Sometimes if I reset my computer it resolves, sometimes not. 
    I've already tried the "disable/ re-enable" and "make default communication device" things but I'm still having the problem. I use Windows 10, drivers say they're up to date, I've tried different condenser mics, I'm still having this issue. 

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    • BlueJune
      PetGerbil Dunno anything about streaming etc...but, is it anything to do with hearing your output whilst(?) monitoring your input? so you end up hearing the same signal twice. But one is delayed due to latency.
      • April 26, 2021
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    What has happened to the release of the mp 85 vocal microphone? I have been waiting since Christmas for this thing to come out. can't find it anywhere, can't order it anywhere. why have a product on your site no one can buy in US? ..furthermore why discontinue the MP 75 and 76  don't give us a replacement and leave us with nothing to operate our vocal processors/ harmony pedals? Just crazy and bad business. My mp 75 is  starting to sound not so good. What gives? You have it listed as available on Sweetwater in the United States. but they have never heard of it ..I've talked  to several salesman.

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