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    Hey there.


    Just set up my BC1200s for the first time but I get heavily distorted audio.  I am not an audio engineer so I assume this is no fault of the mics at this point.  I am just needing some help.



    Mics > UMC404HD Interface > 27" iMac > Reaper


    additionally, I have a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 Interface.  I set these two interfaces up as an aggregate device on my mac.  The distortion from the mics happens regardless of the setup... Either the aggregate or just the UMC or Just the Focusrite.  I have all of the Pad buttons pushed in I am not getting any clipping indicators on either the DAW or the Interface.   I attached a brief recording to show what I mean.   Any input would be wonderful!

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    Hi - We're looking at ways to mic a grand piano on a limited budget for our church's zoom feed. It's always played with the top down, so the mics have to fit inside and mount, probably to the steel frame. It looks like a pair of CB100s might be a good match for our needs. Has anyone had success with this? I understand we'd have to figure out the mounting ourselves.

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    • DanielThompson
      PedroRodrigues Hi DanielThompson, thank you for your post, probably the most popular microphone technique for grand piano involves positioning a pair of small-diaphragm omnidirectional mics directly over the strings, just past the hammers.
      With this in mind I would suggest using a two Behringer B5 that offers a exchangeable capsule (cardioid and omnidirectional)
      Another Microphone that I could suggest is the Behringer C-2 Stereo set but in this case the microphone positioning will be even more determinant considering that the C-2 offers exclusively a cardioid pattern.
      I understand that you mentioned that the mics have to fit inside and mount, but I believe my suggestion above would provide a better signal collection.
      I hope this helps

      Thank you
      • Aug 24
    • DanielThompson
      DanielThompson Now we're thinking one omni, possibly a C5, inside the piano attached to the metal frame, and one large diaphragm cardioid just under the soundboard, should give us a nice blend. But from what I've been reading the CB100 is not really meant for this application.
      • Aug 31
    • DanielThompson
      Paul_Vannatto At my church, we mounted a boundary mic (Audio Technica U851R) in the middle of the underside of the grand piano lid. It picks up the piano nicely with the lid down. I would think that any boundary mic should work.
      • Aug 31
      • CB100 Mics for inside a grand piano?
        DanielThompson I think that's a great solution, and one I've been advocating. People are afraid to mount anything on the lid of the piano as they're afraid it will leave a mark. What was your experience?
        • Sep 2
    • DanielThompson
      Paul_Vannatto In our case, it will definitely leave a mark, since we glued it on. We did that about 15 years ago and no one has complained.
      • Sep 2
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    I bought a pair of these to mic up some drums, however they dont work when connected to an old Carlsbro amp (balanced cabels etc). The intention was to hook these up to a small line mixer with and then into our yamaha mixer.

    I think the problem is no phantom power from the amp/mixer.

    What can I attach these to to get them to work?

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    • Stuartofappin
      Paul_Vannatto Google "phantom power supply". There are a number of models on the market by various manufactures
      • Mar 31
    • Stuartofappin
      Dale_M As Paul has stated unless your amp can provide auxiliary phantom power/+48v these mics will not work as they are active condenser mics and require a steady voltage unlike standard dynamic microphones.
      • Mar 31
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    does anyone used the cb 100 on wireless system? I see that it has a mini xlr connector, like those used by some wireless bodypacks

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    • socastellanosbp01
      PedroRodrigues Hi socastellanosbp01 The CB-100 is a condenser microphone, it is possible to be set up as a wireless microphone but for that it must be provided with +48 phantom power.
      • October 29, 2021
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    • Behringer

      I would like to use this and the RD-8mk2 for my upcoming streaming shoot, what time will it be available?

      • Feb 6
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    I recently bought a Behringer BA 19A mic and after connecting it to my XR18 noticed that the self noise (background hiss) was very high. I was not happy so I sent it back and recieved a replacement the next day. :)

    However the replacement, although much better than the first one I had, still has quite a high level of background hiss, which is very apparent at high gains, that is not nearly as apparent on any of my other microphones. Including some quite cheap drum overhead condenser mics. 

    Is this to be expected? Was there a duff batch maybe? I do not have any others to compare against directly. But I do know that the one I have now was quite different from the one I sent back.

    Now I could send this one back as well, but I am concerned that I will get a replacement that is even worse.

    Is this normal for these mics as they are designed to be used at quite low gain due to normally being stuffed into a bass drum. However setting the gain to use it with a piano for example would mean high levels of hiss.

    Any help appreciated.

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    • Dickie
      NathanVandersli The only thing I can suggest is that from what I see, this mic is designed for bass frequencies. Where is the level of hiss? I know it's not the best option, but a work around if the hiss frequencies are significantly higher maybe you can put in a noise gate on that channel to block the hiss. Just a thought. Of course you need to have enough separation in frequencies between the hiss and what the mic is supposed to pick up. Just a thought.
      • February 2, 2021
      • BA 19A Self noise
        Dickie Thanks... Whilst I understand your solution, it's kind of missing the point. I would not expect this microphone to be as noisy as it is, so it might be faulty. If there is something wrong I want to replace it... not work around it.
        • February 3, 2021
      • BA 19A Self noise
        NathanVandersli I am a guy who has a fair bit of mixing but not a tremendous amount I have a pretty good grasp of the fundamentals Thanks to an awesome guy who was a great teacher. He had his own business that did mixing of events, rentals, installations and more. The way he explained things to me it was common sense and I began to see some of the problems most common with people who don't really know how to mix and it's clear because of mics, placement and more.
        • February 7, 2021
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    Could someone please share what compatible clips are available (either by Musictribe or 3rd Party) for the CB-100 Mic?

    I'd like to use for tom tom drums and also sax.  At present, without a clip, this mic is not useful.

    refered to here: 

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    • DanielPaine
      DavidKnighton Hello Dr,
      I would look into any of the DPA mic clips, or might even try the Shure A56D. Can't guarantee, but that's where I would start looking.
      • January 5, 2021
      • Behringer CB-100 Mic Clips
        DanielPaine Thanks for info David.

        Whilst a Shure A56D can clamp to the drum, it still requires some form of clip that attaches this to the mic.
        DPA mic clips are unfortunately only bespoke to DPA microphones.

        The CB-100 is similar to the Thomann Ovid range, but not exact. Their range of clips cover most orchestra instruments. It would be good to have an equivalent set for the Behringer mic. If to suggest using the Ovid Clips I may as well use the their mic to insure compatibility. Having clip options from Behringer could really expand the mics usability.
        • January 6, 2021
    • DanielPaine

      I just wanted to let everyone know that I ended up finding the perfect fitting clips on Amazon here. They are about $15, but still well worth it when you pair it with inexpensive price of the CB 100.

      • October 16, 2021
    • DanielPaine
      socastellanosbp01 does anyone used the cb 100 on wireless system? I see that it has a mini xlr connector, like those used by some wireless bodypacks
      • October 27, 2021
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    Not getting any signal with a recently purchased BA 19A Boundary Mic, i've tried different leads and different interfaces/pre-amps but nothing is working (phantom power is on too) am i doing something wrong or is the mic faulty?



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    • DominicJoseph
      Nigel67 Hi Dominic. If your mixer is supplying 48V to the microphone, then it should work. If it is within 30 days of purchase, then contact the shop you purchased the mic from and ask for a DOA replacement, otherwise if over 30 days, please click on the support tab at the top of the page, scroll down the new page and submit a service ticket. A colleague will then get back to you.
      • January 3, 2021
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    Can you tell me where I can get four of these please?
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      Dale_M Hi, you simply need to go to support and raise a care ticket, chose spare parts and submit,the team will get back to you as soon as possible.
      • July 10, 2020