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    Hey all,

    I just got a wirless adapter set up for my MP-85 to Voice Play Live Acoustic.  Yay!  

    It mostly works, but, the hit button on the mic doesn't is now disabled.  The hit on the box works though, but somewhat defeats the purpose ...

    Anyone know of settings that will fix this?

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    Hello to the community, we are a UK reseller, looking to source replacement C-2 Microphone holders.

    Have looked at the Behringer MC1000, however this is too wide for the smaller C-2 Microphone.

    Any ideas in the UK appreciated.

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    • tperegrine
      WilliamR Please click on the support link above and submit a parts case. Someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
      • Oct 5
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    It's reading in voice support app as device not stated and with a blue question mark. What can I do to make it function?

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    • WendellD_Souza
      WilliamR Hello Wendell, the first thing I would try is a different USB cable and not a USB hub. Also, be sure the power supply is plugged in as the mic mechanic is not bus-powered.
      • May 28
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    My external Behringer mic does not work with Facetime on Mac.  Works with Zoom on Mac and Quicktime, but not Facetime.  Any suggestions?

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    I have a pair of Behringer C2 mics which are passive XLR mics and want to plug them both into a single 3.5mm powered stereo mic socket. Can I get an adapter to make this work?

    I have seen Rode adapters which work the other way around but none for this configuration.

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    Can I connect a normal Mic - Helicon C1 - Focusrite Scarlett - Macbook??

    Best Regards,


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    • Mikki902
      PedroRodrigues Hi Mikki902, thank you for your post, unfortunately you will not be able to connect the TCH C1 directly to your sound card, you will require something like a mixing to be able to manage the output signal from the C1, before inputting on your sound card. Thank you
      • November 14, 2021
      • About TC Helicon C1 and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2? connection
        Mikki902 Thanks for your answer. I see, then I will get Yamaha AG03 as a mixer and audiointerface? It should work oder??
        • November 17, 2021
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    Hey i´m looking for some advice because a random girl droped my behringer ultravoice and i dunno if i can get some spare parts for the membrane.

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    • EmmanuelRamirez
      Dale_M Hi there if you are looking for parts simply go to the Support tab above and select Parts so the team can advise price and availability.
      • August 30, 2021