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    It's reading in voice support app as device not stated and with a blue question mark. What can I do to make it function?

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    • WendellD_Souza
      WilliamR Hello Wendell, the first thing I would try is a different USB cable and not a USB hub. Also, be sure the power supply is plugged in as the mic mechanic is not bus-powered.
      • May 28
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    My external Behringer mic does not work with Facetime on Mac.  Works with Zoom on Mac and Quicktime, but not Facetime.  Any suggestions?

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    I have a pair of Behringer C2 mics which are passive XLR mics and want to plug them both into a single 3.5mm powered stereo mic socket. Can I get an adapter to make this work?

    I have seen Rode adapters which work the other way around but none for this configuration.

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    Can I connect a normal Mic - Helicon C1 - Focusrite Scarlett - Macbook??

    Best Regards,


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    • Mikki902
      PedroRodrigues Hi Mikki902, thank you for your post, unfortunately you will not be able to connect the TCH C1 directly to your sound card, you will require something like a mixing to be able to manage the output signal from the C1, before inputting on your sound card. Thank you
      • November 14, 2021
      • About TC Helicon C1 and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2? connection
        Mikki902 Thanks for your answer. I see, then I will get Yamaha AG03 as a mixer and audiointerface? It should work oder??
        • November 17, 2021
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    Hey i´m looking for some advice because a random girl droped my behringer ultravoice and i dunno if i can get some spare parts for the membrane.

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    • EmmanuelRamirez
      Dale_M Hi there if you are looking for parts simply go to the Support tab above and select Parts so the team can advise price and availability.
      • August 30, 2021