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    I have a M32R which isn't powering up. Everything else on the furman power conditioner works normally and the console doesn't power on when plugged into the wall. I swapped out the IEC power supply and still the same issue.


    Any suggestions? 

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    • cawohrle
      Dale_M Pleas raise a ticket via the above solutions tab and provide your proof of purchase invoice and details so we can assist you.
      • Nov 11
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    Donde puedo comprar

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    Hi everybody, I am a possessor of a Midas F16 since 5 years. I had different types of problems that i always resolved or fixed it, but this one is Strange I am not sure what does it mean if it's resolvable or fixable ....

    I explain my self

    The channel 9-10 (stereoCh) of my Midas F16 is working like a charm when i go thru in analog (direct input with a synth) but when i engage the firewire on the same channel the sound that goes from Ableton thru Firewire is dispacht only on one side of the stereo image (right for me) the left side is very very low in volume. If I root this sounds (still from ableton) to another channel in Firewire the stereo image is working normaly. It's not coming from ableton I am sure.


    All other channels works perfectly with firewire or direct input with ableton or any synth.

    it's only channel 9-10 and only when the sound goes trhu Firewire.



    Any Ideas lead where I can find a solution ?


    Thank for helping





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    Hello everyone,

    my Venice F32 doesn´t show up in my mac anymore. It happened from one moment to another, didn´t do anything, so i guess the Firewire board is not working anymore. Does anyone know where to get a new one? (And maybe how to install the new one?)

    Thanks in advance!


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    • ferdischuster
      Nigel67 I know that there were some in the UK. In which Country do you reside? Its probably the firewire chip that has blown. A good tech should be able to replace it if you are able to purchase a replacement.
      • Sep 22
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    Hello, I am looking for this piece to replace the old one that does not work anymore, impossible to find it on the internet, thanks for your help!!!

    MKT-PSU-1 for Venice U32

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    • Zabass
      Nigel67 Hi Zabass. Please advise in which country you reside and I will be able to help you further. Many thanks
      • Jul 16
      • MKT-PSU-1  for Venice U32
        KevinMaxwell I will guess France since their email address ends in .fr
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        • Jul 16
      • MKT-PSU-1  for Venice U32
        Nigel67 In which case, please contact EVI Audio France and they will be able to help you further. Please make sure that you tell them it is for a Venice U 32 as there were three different versions of this power supply. You require a MKT-PSU-1V1.

        EVI Audio France SAS

        Parc de Courcerin, Allée Lech Walesa Parc de Courcerin, Allée Lech Walesa


        France 77185

        +33 164 808468
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        • Jul 17
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    Hi there,

    please there is a way to connect my Venice vf32 to my Mac (Catalina OS) trought firewire? I mean, the drivers (MidasFW) are not compatible with the new mcosx systems....have you some "tricks" I can Use in order to fix this issue? ... ome other options to connect the mixer to Cubase 12 trought FW? thank you

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    I'm restoring a legend 3000 and am having trouble finding the full diagnostic, service manual and schematics online. Do you guys still have any documentation on the desk? Any help is appreciated!!

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    • Bradenlarsen97
    • Bradenlarsen97
      Dale_M Hi Branden I am sorry but we cannot share schematics with non partners however there are many vintage Legend users in this community group on Facebook who will hopefully be able to advise you.
      • Jun 25
      • Legend 3000
        Bradenlarsen97 amazing support "try somewhere else" glad to know Midas cares about legacy gear ? I remember when I could call up and talk to the dudes who designed the desks. Midas after the music tribe acquisition is a joke, especially this "support". Thanks for the help Dale I know it's not your fault but still...
        • Jun 27
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    Will someone please respond to my case:  CAS-602052-R9K9M6 

    As requested I've emailed photos of parts and still no contact from support for over two weeks

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    • robsimons78
      Nigel67 Hi robsimons78. I a can only apologise for the non reply to your e-mails in to your ticket. The spare parts team are a little behind at the present time. I will send a message acros to them to see if they can look at your ticket.
      • Jun 7
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    Hi first time posting here

    I've not long purchased a used Midas venice F24 mixer. I'm aware there is a mod that can be done in order for the direct outs to be post fader aswell as eq. I like to use the mixer as an instrument and want to record all the fader movements through the direct outputs. Does anyone have any detailed instructions or ideally pictures on how this is done from what I can tell it's a small solder job on each channel but not exactly sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated 

    many thanks, Pat 

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    I can not find how to enable the TEST signal to an channel input of an H1000.

    H1000 does not have a 'blue switch' like the H3000.

    I found this in the manual (see attached picture) and it seems that it is under software control.

    Thanks in advance, Alex Kempkes

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