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    This is a legacy product that's pretty hard to ship around for repairs...when will Midas support right to repair and release schematics?

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    • DeanRinehart
      Dale_M Thanks for your post this is not currently on offer to users however we do have Midas approved repair centres globally who have access to service information, if you need a non warranty repair please go to the Support tab above and select Service.
      • Wed at 12:15 AM
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    Good people!

    This is a long shot, lets see if anyone did or have any idea how to do this or if its possible at all.

    I have an XL4 installed in an OB van (yeah, I know) while it sounds pretty nice the dreaded Outboard Electronic module just give up on me.

    I lost the group routing capability, the aux routing is erratic and when you press 1 it turns on 13 also, our other random aux and turns off other random aux.

    All automation don't work, VCA, routing, and all kinds of momentary switches.

    My question is, is it possible to bypass the automation module, having access to the group and aux routing and not using the VCAs at all?!





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    • DiogoGregorio
      Dale_M Hi there, as the XL4 is very old there is now very limited resource and support for it, however there is an excellent Facebook page with lots of Pro Users (many with XL4/H3 consoles) who are much better placed to advise you, I would suggest joining this group and adding your post, sorry we are unable to help any further:
      • Sep 15
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    hey iv just bought a Midas f32 and noticed it's pre fader. Is there a Mod to fix to Post Fader?

    And who is available to do this working in Melbourne Australia?



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    • vassallo90
      Dale_M There is a mod that can be done but we advise an official Midas repair centre perform it. For more info please submit a Technical ticket from the Support tab above.
      • Aug 30
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    One of the channels on my Midas Venice F24 makes some ruffling noises sometimes when there is nothing connected to the input on that channel. Would appreciate it if anyone could help me with this!


    Thanks :)

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    • mikerosen
      Dale_M This sounds like one of the op amps on that channel has failed, assuming you have tried a known good cable and mic from a neighbouring channel then it is likely to be faulty and require a repair, for assistance in this matter please go to the support tab above and select Service as your ticket type to inquire on a non warranty repair.
      • Jul 21
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    The other day while doing other work behind my Midas, I unfortunately bumped a speaker and it fell and broke off the Master and Mono Master Faders. In the attached pic, you can see what I'm left with. It was a pretty clean break, but there is nothing in the faders now to control them, although they still work and pass audio. I have 2 questions...

    -Do I really need to take apart the entire console to re attach the faders?

    -The metal port that the fader attaches to might be bent, what parts might I need to re attach them?


    Thanks so much for any help at all.

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    • CPMixing
      Nigel67 Hi CPMixing. I think that you will do very well if you can attach the shafts back on the faders. You will more than likely have to replace them. The faders are soldered on to the pcb, so yes, you will have to take out the fader pcb to desolder and replace the faders, or you can purchase a replacement fader pcb. If you know how to solder, then its a more time consuming job than being difficult. To access the pcbs, you need to take the bottom panel off the console. For availability of faders or fader pcb, please contact our spares team. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare Parts tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with part numbers, availability and pricing.
      • Jun 19
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    Hello, I am helping someone who just got an old Midas TR console. 36 inputs 8 Goups and 8 Matrix.
    It is fitted with patchbays wired to EDAC connecors. The EDAC's look to be the 120 pin variety.
    There are 6 EDACs. Two under the bay, three under the channels, and one under the group matrix.

    Would anyone happen to have, or know what the pinout is for these?
    Or any info on what the EDACS might be wired to in the bays? Looking for a place to start figuring out what these patch points are.

    Thank you!


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    A bought a F24 and everything was working and it connect to Midas FW Control Panel.
    When I came home in my studio to set it up I get "No device found". Tried different macs but no luck. Then I see that i have put the FW cable upside down. Cant believe that it ´s possible to do without force and how a could do that. Google it and found out that I probable have burned the FW board :( Have u heard about this situation before? Last Monday I contacted Support/Spear part and ask if u got a new FW board that I can install, have received a support ticket but no answer yet, how long is it usually take?
    Really hope u can help me cos right now i`m really sad and angry at myself.
    Best Regards


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    • MSTK
      Nigel67 Hi MSTK. Can you send me your ticket number and I will check why it hasn't been replied to yet.
      • Jun 7
      • Midas Venice F24
        MSTK Thanks for reply Nigel! I have send u a PM!
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        • Jun 8
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    I have a Midas Venice F32 where the power supply is making a whining noise and it is being induced in the audio busses.
    I raised a support ticket to see if a replacement PSU is available on 5th May but not had any response yet

    Ticket no CAS-450985-P9Z8V1

    Any pointers welcome

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    just installed an H3000 desk in my studio. Love the sound, love the workflow but it's a bit loud for studio use. The power supplys are in a different room but the board's fans are a bit to noisy to my ears. Heard of someone who modified or changed the console's fans to make it quieter?

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    • Gruohm
      Dale_M Hi there, we have no information regarding this as modifying any safety feature (such as cooling) is prohibited -the Heritage range were aimed at live sound so fan noise would not have been a consideration. However, given the age it is not impossible that quieter fans are available, it may be best to speak to users on the Facebook group "Long Live Midas Analogue Consoles" as many users have flipped these consoles over to studio work. I hope this helps.
      • May 13
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    Hi, my Mic Gain dual encoder from a Stereo Channel is broken, or rather the middle shaft has broken off. Attached is a picture to clarify which one I'm referring to.

    Could you let me which encoder is a suitable replacement so I can fix it? Part number? Are they Alps?

    Many thanks






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    • Alvaro73
      Dale_M Hi there, I would advise going to the support tab above and selecting spares, we may still have some but the team can advise on price and availability for you.
      • May 5
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