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    Please, help me to order Fire Wire card for my Venice F32 mixer, it is broken and I need to replace it ASAP, your help will be much appreciated!


    Slobodan Markovic,

    [email protected]


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    • slowstar1
      Dale_M Dober dan Slobodan, you simply need to go to the above tab, hit support, +create a care ticket, then drop-down to Spares -from here simply ask for price & availability of Q09-AD600-41000 (VeniceF32 Firewire PCB T-VN214C-02) I hope this helps.
      • December 24, 2020
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    Hey everyone, I have encountered a problem with my venice f24, one of the groups is not responsive when I route channels to it. I did check all the others and they are absolutely fine, just one (group 2) does not get signal into it, nothing on a meter, no output and it's been working fine the other day. Maybe anyone had this issue before? Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance


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    • Laumee
      Dale_M Hi Matas, if you have concluded that the Group 2 is faulty and nothing will route to it like the others it would be advised to look at organising a non warranty repair via a support ticket/service request, we can then advise the best course of action.
      • December 14, 2020
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    I am looking for the schematic or full sevice manual for the midas venice f32. There is an engineer close by that needs it to fix my machine.

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    What is the normal repsonse time, when one submits a support ticket?.
    It's been over a week now.

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    • Janus
      Janus Also, would the Midas EPS1200 external PSU be suitable for a Venice F16 firewire mixer?
      • November 25, 2020
    • Janus
      DavidKnighton Hello Janus Jensen,
      Sorry to hear you case hasn't been answered. Can you tell me your case number please? It should begin with CAS-
      I'll get someone on it immediately. As for the PSU question, I would not recommend the EPS1200 for the Venice F mixer. That Power Supply was designed for the original Venice consoles, non Firewire non USB version.
      • November 25, 2020
      • New PSU
        Janus I just got the email reply i waited for.
        Thanks for the input regarding the EPS1200.
        • November 26, 2020
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    Just yesterday I was doing some tests at my studio and decided to plug in the FW 400-800 cable from my Midas Venice F32, into my OWC TB2 Hub that has a FW 800 port. The computer would not recognize it, so I plugged directly into the iMac with a FW 800 to TB2 adapter. Same issue. I then tried on my Macbook Pro (early 2013 retina 15" with High Sierra), no device detected still. I then uninstalled the Midas drivers and re-installed, both on my iMac and Macbook. No change. I then tried shutting the computer down, then turning the Midas off and back on, then re-booting the computer. Still no device detected. I also tried all of these same things with a different cable, same issue.

    It's been a looong time since I tried the Midas as an interface and this was the result. We also have 2 Apollo 8's and since I almost never need more than 16 inputs, I don't bother to use the Midas as a Digital Interface, only to monitor and run HP mixes. Only thing I noticed as far as the FW card is concerned, is the FW 400 port is a little loose, but still makes a solid connection(from feel at least) with the cable. The leds still light up above the sample rate and clocking text.

    Do I need a new FW Card? Any other troubleshooting I could try? Any specs not mentioned are below. Thanks for the help!!


    Computer Specs

    21.5” iMac running Sierra OS Quad CORE i7 3.1GHz Processor 16GB RAM
    1TB SSD

    Interfaces-2x Apollo 8 Blackface 2nd Gen, Dual Core(Thunderbolt 2) -Midas Venice F32(FW 800)

    Thunderbolt Hub-OWC 12 Port Thunderbolt 2 Dock

    DAW-Pro Tools 12.6.0 

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    • CPMixing
      DavidKnighton Hello Chris Pummill,
      Mac OS El Capitan is the latest OS that our firewire driver will support. I would suggest testing on an earlier OS, or if you have a Windows 7 machine with firewire, you can try that as well with the PC driver.
      • November 12, 2020
      • Midas Venice F32 FW Issues
        CPMixing Thanks David! Unfortunately, with our other DAWs and plugins, we can't go back OS-wise right now. It's a bit of a tricky setup because I record and mix out of the studio frequently, but we pay our bills by renting our space monthly to 10-15 different people. So any changes at all need to consider a large group of people. Worst case scenario, we just don't use the Midas as a digital interface anymore.

        Is there any way to tell if the FW card is working without reverting our computers to prior OS'?
        • November 12, 2020
      • Midas Venice F32 FW Issues
        CPMixing Also, I can't be 100% sure, but I believe I've used the Midas as an interface with the iMac and Sierra OS a few years ago with great success. Since we purchased our Apollos, I haven't bothered to use it, which is what led to the current confusion and troubleshooting. Nothing has changed on our iMac in YEARS because of potential compatibility issues and because its incredibly stable as-is.
        • November 12, 2020
    • CPMixing
      Dale_M Hi Chris, no not really as this is the only way to check the FW card is "seen" by the computer, you could try an old laptop running on an earlier Windows software but it's not guaranteed much past WIN 8 from memory, it def works on XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8 and as my colleague David has stated on MAC up to El Capitan. It can be made to work with Sierra/High Sierra but these are unsupported workarounds, that said many users have had success -there was a KB article on it but the attachments are down at present. I think my suggestion with a laptop may be worth verifying if you can get hold of one as a starting point.
      • November 12, 2020
      • Midas Venice F32 FW Issues
        CPMixing Thanks Dale! Having read up on SIP and how it can help with newer OS's seeing the MIdas, is there any major downside to disabling it, even temporarily?
        • November 12, 2020
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    cuando quiero entrar a la ventana de registro de Midas, me lleva a una ventana de musictribe en cuyo listado de marcas
    a registrar no se encuentra Midas. Necesito registrar el producto antes de que vensa el plazo de 90 dias desde que la compre
    pero en la pagina no esta la posibilidad como menciono arriba. Como puedo hacer? Gracias desde ya

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    • matiflemita
      KyleJohnson Hello Matias, Kyle here with Music Tribe. To register your product, click on the Support button at the top of this page and then select Product Registration.
      • November 10, 2020
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    Hi am looking for service manual for Midas heritage 1000 thanks john Ford 

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    • J1234
      KyleJohnson Hi John, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Service documents and schematics are only provided to our Music Tribe Authorized Service Centers. If you would like to inquire about having your console serviced, please submit a Service ticket by clicking the support link at the top of the page.
      • November 3, 2020
      • Midas
        J1234 Tried but can’t find a reference for heritage 100
        • November 4, 2020
  • SebRoth
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    Hello guys i have a question regarding some spare parts for the Midas Venice F Mixing Desks. I need at least one new channel fader and the master fader could be change for a new one as well. Normaly changing a fader is no problem but from what i can see all the fader of the Venice F Series are mountet to a pcb borad.

    My question before i disassemble the mixer. Are there any spare parts avalaible and if yes where? If not it would be awesome to have a Service Manual for this mixer because i cant find it? The Midas website only provide the Operation Manual. If there is no Service Manual for dl it would be awesome if someone knows what kind of fader (manufacturer) i could use to repair channel one and the master channel.

    I really dont want to buy a second Venice F Series to have enough spare parts for the future. The desk is still pretty awseome for its size and the price so it would be a shame if its not fully working.





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    • SebRoth
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Sebastian, I would suggest you submit a service/parts ticket by clicking on the Support menu (above). Someone will get back to you regarding your requested parts.
      • October 15, 2020
      • Midas Venice F16
        SebRoth Thanks Paul. I will give it a try.
        • October 15, 2020
  • dbbattaglia
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    anyone knows the procedure to setting the Multirack waves with Midas Venice F32 desk to using wawes in Live Concert?


    Thanks everybody for the help

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