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    I have received the new Behringer 921 VCO and found the audio levels from the main outputs very low (ca 0.5V). It goes for all the main waveforms (sine, tri, pulse etc). And accross the entire frequency range.

    The aux output curiously has a 5V output level, which makes a huge difference in mixing.

    It seems very odd and I wonder if it is a faulty unit or what.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Note: There is no appropriate category for this.

    Category should be: "Modular equipment" or "Synthesizer module" or something...

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    • Rolf Jackson
      Tim Wood I got mine yesterday, too and it doesn't work at all. No output at all. I'm going to return mine (Ebay), but now the prices are double all of a sudden.
      • Oct 30
    • Rolf Jackson
      Rolf Jackson It is interesting that there is no output at all. Is it also the case for the aux output?

      What do you mean by "prices are double?"

      Where did you buy it? I got mine from
      • Oct 30
    • Rolf Jackson
      Tim Wood Yes, the aux is dead, too. I tried different power cables and different power sockets in the case. As far as prices I have looked on Reverb, Perfect Circuit, Guitar Center, etc., A google search shows very little. On Ebay they are going for $180 to $230 all from Japan. I paid $99 new for my dead one. I bought it from Knight Sound and Lighting, but they are out of stock now.
      • Oct 30
    • Rolf Jackson
      Tim Wood I ordered another one from Thomann and it arrived today. It works and it's loud. I guess there's some bad modules out there.
      • Nov 4
    • Rolf Jackson
      Rolf Jackson Hi TIm. Are you getting more than 0.5V on the main waveform outputs? And how much if yes.
      I raised a ticket with the support desk, and their answer was that the specs say -4dBu output is "normal". That corresponds to 0.48V rms (consumer level audio - which is crazy in eurorack). If that is the design, then I would say the module is pretty useless in eurorack.

      Therefore: If you are measuring a significantly higher voltage level from the main outputs, then it is very interesting. Also: I find it makes zero sense that there is a difference in output between the aux and the 4 main waveforms. So what are you measuring? I measured it by slowing the pulse wave to the very lowest possible frequency and then stuck it into a voltmeter.
      If you have trouble measuring it, you can perhaps monitor the audio output level relative to the aux output.
      • Nov 5
  • 2020-10-08

    My Model D analog synth was working completely fine the other day and out of nowhere it shut off. The overload button is blinking when the unit is turned on and connected to my computer, but no sound is coming out. The volume is turned up halfway on the hardware itself, all my settings are correct in Ableton. Did I break it by distorting it too much or clicking a wrong button? 

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    • Chris Nixon
      Jason Brewer Hello Chris - The unit may need service but also may need just a deeper dive. Please click on the support tab above to make a tech support ticket. We can look at repair possibility and do some deeper trouble shooting.
      • Oct 8
  • 2020-09-28

    Berhinger Ultragraph Pro mixer. Loud hum clearly coming from the mixer. This is part of a hexamped system. Preamp to active crossovers no hum.  Preamp to mixer then to active crossover loud hum in all frequency bands.  Two prong plug will not stop the hum.  


    Anyone else experienced this?. Anyone solve it?

    Not that happy with Berhinger right now. I looked for tech support and was directed to this site. Guess you out there are their unpaid techs. I hope you have an answer before I start buying in line transformers, etc. as a pray (pay) and spray maneuver.



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    • Glenn Etzel
      Kyle Johnson Hi Glenn, Kyle here with Music Tribe. This is the site that you should use to submit a Support ticket. Please click the Support button at the top of the page and submit a Support ticket.
      • Sep 28
  • 2020-09-27

    Hey guys, 

    I understand that a signal plugged into Channel One, for example, can be split into 4 channels via the Link button. My question is whether Channel One could be duplicated into 6 channels if the Link button were hit on the next row over?

    I don't yet own the equipment.


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    • jonas synthman
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Jonas, please be aware that the LINK switches connect adjacent channels into combined pairs when pressed. Using the LINK function allows you to double the outputs for a single input signal.
      You can also use the LINK function to blend two input signals into a single, combined output signal.
      • Sep 29
    • jonas synthman
      jonas synthman Thanks for your response Pedro.
      • Sep 29
    • jonas synthman
      jonas synthman If I want to split a signal eight times with the MS8000 I guess I would either: (1) split it with another device beforehand, then plug it into Channel One and the other in Channel Five with LINK engaged on each, or (2) LINK channel one then use the output of Channel 4 to go into channel Five input, and settle for 7 outputs instead of 8
      • Sep 29
  • 2020-09-21
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    • Kim Berg
      Paul Vannatto The red lights shows clipping on every channel, even ones with nothing plugged into them. I would say you have a hardware failure. Unfortunately that is an older analog mixer that is no longer in production.
      • Sep 20
    • Kim Berg
      John Matthews Hi Kim, sorry to see the problem with your mixer. You can find a least of our authorised service centres here if you want to look into repair options:
      • Sep 21