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    I am going to put MX882 in my home recording output routing, there are: PC -- Yamaha MG10XU -- Behringer MX882 -- Power Amplifier -- Flat (Recording) Speakers.

    The reason I'm using the MX882 because I want to have option speakers (home stereo speakers) to listen and compare the results of my work, so I'll connect another amplifier to another output of MX882 for that purpose.

    The Questions are:

    1. MX882 has balanced outputs (both XLR and TRS), is safe if I wire those to RCA (I mean one TRS/XLR for one RCA)? Or is better if I use unbalanced TS jack to RCA? I read from other forum that I can damage my amp if I wire TRS to RCA and some short circuit come to the TRS jack

    2. Is safe to connect MX882 output direct to passive speakers? 


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    • rob18
      PedroRodrigues Hi rob18, please consider that you should not connect any XLR and 1/4 TRS Jack to a RCA connector in any situation. Please take in to account that to implement the MX882 output you must use full XLR and 1/4 TRS Jack cables to avoid any issues on the unit and nay signal degradation . Thank you
      • Sep 27
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    I have a 19" rack, for the Mixer to sit on, I require the ears to connect to the mixer (Xenyx 1604), would somebody point me to the correct Ears? A link would be wonderful. Thank you

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    • Mina123
      DavidKnighton Hello Mina123,
      It appears the UFX1604 does not have a rackmount option. With most of our rackmount mixers, we generally supply the rack ears and screws, however this product does not list rack ears as an included accessory. Additionally, the mixer is 17 inches with the end caps on. Removing the end caps would narrow the width to about 15 inches, which is not the nominal rack width. You would need a custom built set of rack ears.
      • Sep 13
      • Behringer Xenyx  UFX1604 Rack Ears for 19"
        Mina123 Thank you for responding, yes I think I either try and build it myself or use two existing rack ears on each side without compromising the strength needed.
        • Sep 15
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    Where can I source a replacement fader for the X2222USB please?

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    • PaulKennethWard
      NicJonesMT Hi Paul.
      Please click support at the top of the page and submit a spares ticket. A member of the team will then be able to advise you further.
      • Sep 3
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    Buenos dias. Se pueden aplicar efectos internos independientes a cada canal en la mesa Xenyc QX1832USB?

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    Friends, I need to control a Behringer DCX2496 through the serial port (RS232) and I can't find the API .... can someone help me?

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    Could anyone help me find the pc mixing software that is supposed to be included with this mixer?

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    Hi guys...  I have the Behringer RX1602 line mixer and wondering if it can be used to mix parellel guitar pedal chains and output to a final stacked delay/reverb pedal chain?  I know that it is intended for line level with TRS cables...but the -10 Dbu input setting, impedence, and manual saying that it will accept TS mono has me thinking that it might work...  Wanted to ask before potentially frying all my pedals... Lol...  If it won't work, can someone suggest an instrument level mixer (6+ channels) that would work in my parellel pefal setup?  Any help would be greatly appreciated...  Thanks...  :)

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    • StevieJ
      PedroRodrigues Hi StevieJ Please consider that in theory it may work, never the less as you mentioned you must deal with impedance mismatch between signals by using a D.I , if you do I think it may work. Thank you
      • Mar 26
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    Kupilem mikser Behringer X2442USB. Jak obiecane darmowo moge zainstalowac DAW Audacity adio oraz 150 instrumentow/wtyczek efektow?

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    I have received the new Behringer 921 VCO and found the audio levels from the main outputs very low (ca 0.5V). It goes for all the main waveforms (sine, tri, pulse etc). And accross the entire frequency range.

    The aux output curiously has a 5V output level, which makes a huge difference in mixing.

    It seems very odd and I wonder if it is a faulty unit or what.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Note: There is no appropriate category for this.

    Category should be: "Modular equipment" or "Synthesizer module" or something...

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    • rolfjack
      timjwood I got mine yesterday, too and it doesn't work at all. No output at all. I'm going to return mine (Ebay), but now the prices are double all of a sudden.
      • October 30, 2020
    • rolfjack
      rolfjack It is interesting that there is no output at all. Is it also the case for the aux output?

      What do you mean by "prices are double?"

      Where did you buy it? I got mine from
      • October 30, 2020
    • rolfjack
      timjwood Yes, the aux is dead, too. I tried different power cables and different power sockets in the case. As far as prices I have looked on Reverb, Perfect Circuit, Guitar Center, etc., A google search shows very little. On Ebay they are going for $180 to $230 all from Japan. I paid $99 new for my dead one. I bought it from Knight Sound and Lighting, but they are out of stock now.
      • October 30, 2020
    • rolfjack
      timjwood I ordered another one from Thomann and it arrived today. It works and it's loud. I guess there's some bad modules out there.
      • November 4, 2020
    • rolfjack
      rolfjack Hi TIm. Are you getting more than 0.5V on the main waveform outputs? And how much if yes.
      I raised a ticket with the support desk, and their answer was that the specs say -4dBu output is "normal". That corresponds to 0.48V rms (consumer level audio - which is crazy in eurorack). If that is the design, then I would say the module is pretty useless in eurorack.

      Therefore: If you are measuring a significantly higher voltage level from the main outputs, then it is very interesting. Also: I find it makes zero sense that there is a difference in output between the aux and the 4 main waveforms. So what are you measuring? I measured it by slowing the pulse wave to the very lowest possible frequency and then stuck it into a voltmeter.
      If you have trouble measuring it, you can perhaps monitor the audio output level relative to the aux output.
      • November 5, 2020
  • Cnixon98
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    My Model D analog synth was working completely fine the other day and out of nowhere it shut off. The overload button is blinking when the unit is turned on and connected to my computer, but no sound is coming out. The volume is turned up halfway on the hardware itself, all my settings are correct in Ableton. Did I break it by distorting it too much or clicking a wrong button? 

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    • Cnixon98
      JasonB81 Hello Chris - The unit may need service but also may need just a deeper dive. Please click on the support tab above to make a tech support ticket. We can look at repair possibility and do some deeper trouble shooting.
      • October 8, 2020
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