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    Hello U all,

    I am desperately looking for a X dante card or DN32 Dante card to hook up my X32 to a Dante network. Unfortunatly, these items are not available for retail in Europe due to the Covid economic disaster (I assume...).

    Will somebody be willing to sell me a second hand card ? I am going on tour pretty soon and I really need one. I live in France.

    Thanks. Regards

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    Hi, I can't find answers anywhere else, but can anyone tell me if the S8 stage box can be used with the u-Phoria UMC1820 interface?

    I notice one is cat-5 and the other spdif, but fingers crossed!





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    • philom
      Paul_Vannatto Are you referring to the SD8? If so, no, it isn't compatible with the UMC1820. It can only be used with the Behringer/Midas digital consoles, such as the X32, M32 and Wing.
      • May 30
    • philom
      Dale_M Paul is correct, the UMC series do not have AES50 protocol avaialable like the X32 and M32 variants.
      • May 30
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    For reference: Ticket CAS-63152-S4V6K6


    There was a more recent subsequent ticket number involved -

     Case CAS-432859-R4H2L9  -  X-DANTE  - X-DANTE/S204400332AZR Card Inputs Show On Wrong Channels 



    First, and for the record, let me say that I'm a proponent of the X32 family and of Behringer's upper-end line of product.  The value really is untouchable by the competition, and there is no end to what can be done with the product.


    That said,

    I have an outstanding case with Behringer service that is now 16 months old.  Throughout most of this, service has remained helpful and relatively responsive, and I remained calm, patient, and friendly despite a DOA product, confirmation of warranty status, and a lack of resolution.  However... as of January 2022, I am no longer receiving replies to my emails, and I am feeling downright angry about the situation.

    I purchased an X-DANTE card from Amazon in late 2020, and used it for a while before realizing some funny business:  my inputs showed up on the wrong channels.  I also had never tested the output capabilities as I did not own any Dante receivers... when I finally purchased one I found that the card outputs did not work whatsoever.

    A quick look at Amazon showed no more product available to purchase, and the supply chain woes had just started.  Thus, Amazon could offer a refund, but not a replacement.  As my Dante card was required for my band at the time, and as the faulty card was able to meet my basic needs in the interim, I elected to contact Music Tribe about a warranty repair/replacement in the hopes of less downtime than waiting on the broken supply chain.

    After some troubleshooting it was clear to the service department that my card had a corrupted or unflashed firmware image.  I waited for a lapse in band activity and then sent in my card.  They confirmed that the card was defective and unrepairable, but told me I would need to wait for a refurbished X-Dante card to be available, as new X-Dante cards were on hold due to the supply chain issues.  I conceded, and they very nicely sent my defective card back to me so that I could limp along.  I made sure to get confirmation that my situation was covered by warranty.  (It was.)

    For the remainder of 2021, I kept in touch with the service staff via email, while they assured me that I must keep waiting, but that they had not forgotten about me.  When gigs reappeared on the horizon, I purchased a second (new) card out of necessity, and made plans to sell it off when my warranty replacement finally arrived.

    I didn't keep up my correspondence through the 2021 holidays.  When I finally emailed for an update in early 2022, I received no response.  It is now MAY 17, and I have not heard back since OCTOBER 20. 

    I am building out for a new band, and pressing my finances to the limit to get it done.  I desperately need a working replacement so I can recoup my $500 CAD and pay down the mounting debts.  I feel I have been a model customer throughout this arduous process, and I am feeling ANGRY, and entirely righteous in that anger. 

    Is anyone else out there experiencing anything like this?  Am I alone?

    My ticket was 'partially closed' long ago, and there seems to be no way to reach Music Tribe without submitting a new ticket (which means re-collecting all that information and admitting the (now long-passed) date of sale.)  

    Can anyone advise me before I start up a consumer advocacy campaign and turn into one of those red-faced crazies on the evening news?

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    • celoranta
      Dale_M Sorry to hear this has happened, I have checked your case number CAS-63152-S4V6K6 but there is no communication present, do you have any other tickets on this matter we can chase up and investigate for you?
      • May 17
      • No Service Response, losing patience...
        celoranta Thanks for the response Dale. See the top of the original post... I've added the subsequent case#.
        If you need more info, please let me know how best to send you the email thread in full.
        • May 18
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    What impedance of headphones would the mixer be able to drive? Im looking into a pair of beyerdynamics DT770 Pros.I'm thinking the 250ohm version bud am unsure if the unit could drive them. Would it be better to stick with the 80ohm version? 

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    • shaunclarke04
      Dale_M The spec for the 1204USB headphones is attached, your mentioned headphones will be greater than the published spec and may sound underpowered.
      • Apr 30
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    Wanting to add a subwoofer to the mix. The quick start manual diagram shows a passive sub connected to the Mono Out. Is that a powered out? Do I need a powered sub for this. I have a Mackie Thump that I want to try but I don't want to fry anything. Thanks for your help.

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    Hey there,

    I worked on a x32 console for 4 years now.

    I recently bought a Behringer XLive card, which is able to record audio via SD card, while simultaneously using it as a usb interface. The first test went well. But the next day I wasn't able to record. After approximately one minute of recording I get a notification, that the "session occurred dropouts".

    I tried to update the firmware and used different sd cards but nothing seems to work.

    Maybe there are some Behringer experts, who can help me :)


    Cheers Alex.


    PS: sorry for my bad "German" English ;)

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    • AAlex47
      PedroRodrigues Hi AAlex47, thank you for your post, to be possible to assist your with more tools on this matter please submit an assistance request by selecting the Support tab above via a Pre Sales ticket so this request can reach our Tech Support Team. Thank you
      • Apr 5
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    Hi All.

    can someone please advise about the best way for sending 16 output signals from a Behrinher UMC1820 via ADAT optical port to a Behringer X32 Producer?


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    I have my LAN wireless available to an area with my X32 Producer. I do NOT have ethernet cable to that room. I am hoping to use an old Linksys WRT54GL running DD-WRT to allow me to plug an ethernet cable from the X32 into a port on the WRT54GL, and then allow the WRT54GL to wirelessly connect to my LAN which has wireless. Is this possible?

    I was able to configure the 54GL to allow me to use my tablet to connect to the X32, but it is separate from my LAN. I would like to be able to have the X32 available wirelessly (using the 54GL - which is NOT connected with an ethernet cable) to my regular LAN which has wireless. So I need to go wireless LAN to wireless 54GL which is connected with an ethernet cable into the X32 Producer.

    I tried to configure the 54GL as a wireless access point but was not able to get things set up correctly. Is this possible?

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    Just bought a new X32 Producer and X Live card. If I connect via USB using the original X USB, my Windows PC recognizes the device. But when I swap in the X Live card, while it will record to an SD card, no USB device is recognized. I get an error saying "This device cannot start (Code 10)". If I swap back to the original X USB card everything is recognized.

    Does this sound like a faulty X Live card?

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    • knobtwister
      Paul_Vannatto The X-Live requires a different ASIO driver than the X-USB card. You can get it here
      (under the Product Library, Software on the right)
      • Mar 17
    • knobtwister

      That did it. Thank you very much!

      • Mar 17
    • knobtwister
      jroman92 sorry to be offtopice but I tried to start a conversation it doesn't let me I am trying to get help with mixer I send it for repair and has been 2 moths and the mixer has not been fixed or no update and there is no one responding.
      • Mar 18
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    Can anyone tell me if anyone has some ADA8200's in stock? I mean besides scalpers who charge 3x the price? I need 2 within 30 days. If I cannot find them, I'll have to pull the trigger on a MOTU 8pre.


    I'd really rather have 2 ADA8200's, but I have a deadline :)

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