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    Hello U all,

    I am desperately looking for a X dante card or DN32 Dante card to hook up my X32 to a Dante network. Unfortunatly, these items are not available for retail in Europe due to the Covid economic disaster (I assume...).

    Will somebody be willing to sell me a second hand card ? I am going on tour pretty soon and I really need one. I live in France.

    Thanks. Regards

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    Can i use Ultranet connect dn4816-o and X32 to output all p16 channels from x32?

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    • Chao-Chih_Yao
      Paul_Vannatto The X32 does not have StageConnect. Currently only the Wing has this port.
      • May 31
      • DN4816-O
        Chao-Chih_Yao I'm talking a bout ultranet not SC.
        • Jun 2
    • Chao-Chih_Yao

      dn4816-o have a ultranet in , so when i put something from that port. what will happen?go to output direct?

      • May 31
    • Chao-Chih_Yao
      Paul_Vannatto The DN4816-O is a StageConnect stagebox that also has Ultranet In and Out. Without StageConnect connectivity at the console, it isn't much value. The Ultranet In is converted to StageConnect and sent out the StageConnect upstream (Master) to the console.
      • Jun 2
      • DN4816-O
        Chao-Chih_Yao OK~got it....thank you.
        • Jun 2
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    What the difference on the "old" stagebox (DL32) and the new ones (StageConnect series)?

    In my band our sound engineer is currently using the DL32 with a M32 Live (his own gear). We're now considering to buy our own stagebox and digital mixer in the band. We're considering the M32C (rack size mixer) and the DL32. But then I discoverede the new StageConnect series. We could then use 2 x DN4816-I and 1 x DN4816-O instead of 1 x DL32. But can anyone explain to me, what the differences are, and what the pros and cons are? Should we stick to the DL32 with all its features and options or go for the new stageboxes?


    - Jeppe

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    • jeppeschaumburg
      Paul_Vannatto The problem is that the M32 (and X32) does not have StageConnect integrated into those consoles. Currently only the Wing has StageConnect. I would suggest you stick to the DL32.
      • May 30
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    my church has a Midas m32 console, and 2 s16 stage boxes. We currently have in use the first 16 inputs ( 1-16 )on one s16 and a handful of inputs ( 17-25) on the next s16. We are also using 6 of the outputs ( 1-6 ) on one s16 for IEMs and 2 outputs ( 15-16 ) on the second s16 for our main PA. These are both connected via AES50 A cable. The stage boxes are connected by running a Ethernet cable from AES50 A on the back of the console to the AES50 A port on the first s16, then it is connected to the second s16 by running an Ethernet from AES50 B on the first box to AES50 A on the second s16. 

    we also have a LABGRUPPEN connected to our m32 console for running overflow speakers to other rooms ( we have these labeled as matrix 1,2,3 ) these are connected to the back of the console on output ports ( 9-13 ) how can I map these stage boxes and local outputs in the routing section of my m32 but also have the ability to control each one of the matrix individually 

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    • Dontiveros
      Paul_Vannatto I'm not sure what you are asking for. If you have the M32 and 2 S16 all connected and working as expected/desired, why are you asking for the routing?

      For your last question "ability to control each one of the matrix individually" you would do that by selecting the Mtx 1-6 Main C layer on the right bank of faders and adjust the desired matrix master fader.
      • May 20
      • Routing
        Dontiveros Sorry if it didn’t make sense, I am the 5th person to touch this board in less than 3yrs and each person before me has changed or routed things differently. It was a big mess and I guess I still don’t quite understand the p16, user and xlr tabs of the routing page.

        When I turn the faders up or down for our matrix’s it does not adjust/change the sound to those speakers it remains the same. Again sorry for the confusion I don’t know where to begin or how to ask for guidance on my situation.
        • May 20
      • Routing
        Dontiveros There are still a lot of things that are not working right
        • May 20
    • Dontiveros
      Paul_Vannatto Thanks for explaining your situation. Now I understand. Give me a moment and I will map out the routing for you.
      • May 20
    • Dontiveros
      Paul_Vannatto Here is the routing for your setup. If this doesn't work, what I would suggest is for you to export your scene to a file and provide a shareable link to it (using something like Google Drive, etc.). If you need help with that, let me know.
      Here is the routing:

      Routing, Inputs screen
      * Inputs 1-8 -> AES50 A1-8
      * Inputs 9-16 -> AES50 A9-16
      * Inputs 17-24 -> AES50 A17-24

      Routing, Out 1-16 screen
      * Output 1 -> Mixbus 1 (post fader)
      * Output 2 -> Mixbus 2 (post fader)
      * Output 3 -> Mixbus 3 (post fader)
      * Output 4 -> Mixbus 4 (post fader)
      * Output 5 -> Mixbus 5 (post fader)
      * Output 6 -> Mixbus 6 (post fader)

      * Output 9 -> Matrix 1 (post fader)
      * Output 10 -> Matrix 2 (post fader)
      * Output 11 -> Matrix 3 (post fader)

      * Output 15 -> Main L (post fader)
      * Output 16 -> Main R (post fader)

      Routing, AES50 (out to 2 S16)
      * AES50 A1-8 -> Out 1-8
      * AES50 A9-16 -> Out 9-16

      Routing, XLR (out to XLR outputs on back of console)
      * Outputs 1-4 -> Out 1-4
      * Outputs 5-8 -> Out 5-8
      * Outputs 9-12 -> Out 9-12
      * Outputs 13-16 -> Out 13-16

      For the 2 S16, make sure the first one is in mode 1 (Out+8 and Out+16 lights not lit) and the second one is in mode 2 (Out+8 is lit).
      • May 20
    • Dontiveros
      Dontiveros Thank you so much this should give me an idea of what to look for
      • May 20
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    StageConnect Series

    Bus-Powered StageConnect Interfaces with Analogue In/Out, XLR Inputs, Dual ULTRANET In- and Outputs as well as Phantom or External Power Supplies

    The Midas and Klark Teknik StageConnect Series I/O Interfaces are designed to serve our Recording and Broadcast, Touring and Live Sound as well as Hospitality Customers.

    From: $349.00 (in stock and immediately shipping from our factory)

    #Midas #KlarkTeknik #StageConnectSeries #DN4888 #DN4816I #DN4816O #DN4816U #Mixers #IOInterfaces

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    Hi Team,

    Am I able to use any combination of the local console  and stage box in / outs so long as I stay in banks of 8? All connected over AES network

    example: For input first 24 ins from DL32 sent to m32 FOH.. additional 8 and Aux in user local on M32

     All combination of 32 ins from DL 32 and local M33 inputs sent over AES network to

    M32 R


    For output 

    M32 FOH out 1 to 8 sends use DL32 stage box 

    8 to 16 use local on M32 

    M32R use local outs 1-8 


    Application 10 pc band... multiple stereo mixes required for IEM systems.

    Mutilpe Wireless mic channels also used for input.

    both mixers will be side stage with short cable runs as these are all wedding and corporate functions, where a true FOH position is not provided.

    All tech gear is side stage.. 

    I hope the question is clear 





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    • PC69281111
      GaryHiggins You can use any combination these days with the “user in” and “user out”menus. In any order and from any source group. Does not require groups of 8. It just takes a bit longer to do it. The more you use those 2 user categories the quicker you get at routing them.
      • Mar 29
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    I ve got 2 sets of machine :

    set 1:  x32c/DL16 with x-dante exp.card

    set 2 : M32C/S16 with x-dante exp.card

    ALL LAST FIRMWARE including dante cards and S16/DL16 stagebox

    the dante seems to have a probleme with the m32c and the rooting is sending something like a numeric feedback. I save the memory of the x32c and load it back to the m32c and carfully check all the setings including the routings who are exactly identical. later I exchange the expension card to be sure.... ....but still the same probs. My network is correctly setup and I do not have any dante issue on my dante controler.

    Im surprise because I thought that the x32c and the m32c were identical (the software and memories are interchangable). Can someone knows more about it. Is there is any electric differency btw xdante and DNdante cards and thoses products are not interchangeable as i thought ?

    thanks for your help ;)


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    I seem to have issues equipping the DL153 to a Pro 1 console. the manual suggests its obviously a connection issue but any details on how to resolve it would be helpful. This is a new system for me. Thanks

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    • Tstaszak
      GaryHiggins I would check both firmware versions, Pro1 and DL153. Make sure they are running the latest. I recall someone long ago with similar problems and it was the DL firmware that was the problem child.
      • Mar 10
    • Tstaszak
      Dale_M I have picked up your ticket CAS-568358-D4K2Q9
      • Mar 11
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    Someone told me there is a revised spec for the Pro2 that Cat5 shielded is recommended is this true? can a shielded cat5 be used with the pro series?

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    How to setup a Midas DL16 to work with a Midas Pro1?

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    • Vettes73
      Paul_Vannatto The DL16 won't work with the Pro1, since the DL16 works only at 44K and 48K, while the Pro1 only works at 96K.
      • December 2, 2021
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