• 2020-09-29

    Hello Everybody,
    I am searching for a solution including Driver to use my Midas Venice F24 with my new laptop. The Drivers on the Midas homepage are not compatible with the latest OsX version 10.15.6. It is also hard for me to find an adapter from firewire to thunderbolt 3.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, tipps or solutions?


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    • Florian Scheibein
      Nigel Turner Hi Florian. Yes, I am afraid that the VF will not work with Catalina. The only option that I can suggest, however I do not know if anyone has tried it, would be to have a dual boot on the MAV where you can try running a much older version of OSX that originally worked with the Venice F. I have no idea whether this will work, I only found out that you could dual boot two versions of OSX on a MAC a couple of months ago. If you do try it, please let me know the outcome as it may make a lot of other Venice F owners extremely happy.
      • Sep 29
    • Florian Scheibein
      Sebastian Rothermel He Florian, I haven't tried it so far but the attached link looks promising. Just got a Venice F16 but first it needs some service before it will go into the studio. https://www.gearslutz.com/board/music-computers/1278805-midas-venice-f32-catalina-64bit.html
      • Oct 15
      • Midas Venice F24 firewire on a MacBook Pro 2019 (Thunderbolt3)
        Nigel Turner I had heard of this working in Mojave, but not Catalina. This is great news. Thank you for highlighting it.
        • Oct 19
  • 2020-07-14
    Can the MR18 be used in a standard Mac desktop (not a tablet) and will it play nicely with GarageBand?
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    • Peter Ballou
      Rex Beckett The MR18 can be used with a Mac desktop and will play nicely with GarageBand and many other DAW packages.
      • Jul 14
  • Anybody who can confirm if the DN32-Dante card for X32/M32 consoles supports AES67? I'm wondering if the M32c rack mixer can function as an AES50/AES67 bridge while still providing headamp control for a DL251 stagebox (limited to 32ch obviously...)
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    • Marteinn Marteinsson
      Gary Higgins I believe they do, I have not had my Card in for quite a while now but recall it having aes67 , see # 8 on the attached pic from the user pdf
      • Jun 17