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    Hey, so the other day I was rewiring my desk and my goxlr fell to the gound and now the faders dont move when you hit the mute button is this something that can be fixed?

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    So whenever I log into my account on windows, sometimes goxlr does an update check randomly and it causes my whole computer to freeze. When I mean freeze I mean it stops all audio, and it stops all videos and I can't click on the app to close it. I need to wait there for maybe a whole minute before the computer becomes responsive. Let's say I already froze because it did an update check, it will actually do it again after 5 minutes.

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    • Alvaro Manriquez
      Jason Brewer Hello Alvaro - I would advise you to make a support ticket by clicking the support tab above. I would also try the unit on a couple of other computers to see if there are similar issues. Pleas go ahead and make a ticket and we can dive in further.
      • Nov 3
  • 2020-10-10

    Hey all... my GO XLR seems to be having troubleshoot errors righ tout of the box.... this isnt ideal for a streamer and iwas wondering if anyone had any solutions... I have already tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it. Ive tried pretty much everything..... any solutions? there is also a red blinking light in the device itself... any help would be very much appreciated! 

    P.S. I was really hoping to not have to send it back in becuase ive already had to return another package because they got my order wrong! AGAIN any help would be so very appreciated! 

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  • 2020-09-28

    Hi i've been trying to set up my XLR Mini but whenever i connest my blue yeti it just makes a loud buzzing noise through my headphones and wont pick up the microphone. ive tried multiple cords and reinstalling softwear to fix this but nothing has worked

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    • Gage Bishop
      Nigel Turner Hi Gage, do you have another microphone that you can try just to rule it out? Or do you have another piece of equipment that you can try your microphone on to make sure that it is working fine? If so, then it does look as though you have an issue with the XLR mini and please go to the support tab at the top of the page and submit a technical request ticket and we will be able to help you further.
      • Sep 27
  • 2020-09-23

    Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about a ship date. Ordered mine through Musician's Friend a while ago and haven't gotten any sort of updates from them at all, and they have no information on the website other than "this product is backorder, reserve now." Other sites have approximate dates, but none of them are the same. It would be nice to have some idea of when to expect it.

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    • Corey StJean
      David Knighton Hello Corey StJean,
      Due to the ongoing pandemic, component suppliers have not been able to meet manufacturing demands. This has caused some production delays in the industry. We appreciate your patience during these trying times.
      • Sep 24
  • 2020-09-22


    I'm having an issue with my Go XLR where it skips the startup sequence and just goes straight to everything blue. None of the faders move nor does it light up in the usual rainbow fashion.

    Its not detected by my PC either which leads me to think its a Power or USB connectivity issue. I do know its an issue with the GO XLR and not my PC. 

    Sometimes when I add power only the 'X' lights up as well.

    Ive uploaded a video to show what happens. 



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    • Adam Vann
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Adam Vann ,are you connecting the unit directly to your computer via USB 2.0? Are you using the latest version of the GOXLR? Have you updated the GOXLR to the latest firmware? Please follow the link to access all the resources available for your unit
      • Sep 22
      • Go XLR Start Up Sequence
        Pedro Rodrigues Hi Adam can you please send me the case number so I can access what is the stage of this process?
        • Sep 24
      • Go XLR Start Up Sequence
        Adam Vann CAS-140304-H2J3G4
        • Sep 24
      • Go XLR Start Up Sequence
        Pedro Rodrigues Hi Adam, I have the case, all the interaction will be via this case. Thank you
        • Sep 24
  • 2020-09-18

    hi i recieved my go xlr mini today and after i set the app up i started to hear background white noise, i thought it might be my heaphones but i used another device and the headphones where working fine. the sound is a small buzz in the background and occationally a static noise when using some apps.


    thanks riley

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    • Riley Johnson
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Riley, please confirm that you have update the unit to the latest firmware and that you are connecting the unit to a USB 2.0 port. I hope this helps
      • Sep 30
  • 2020-09-17

    I was streaming and heard a slight static type of pop in my right earbuds. I could only hear out of the left side and only static in the right after that. I replaced my earbuds with my ATH-M50x headphones and got the same result. I rebooted the PC but the issue was still present. I then tried unplugging the GoXLR with the headphones still plugged in. When I plugged the GoXLR back in a horrid squealing noise was present in the right headset. I tried other headsets and got the same issue. Mic quality has not changed and everything else with the GoXLR seems normal.

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    • Jason Montgomery
      Nigel Turner Hi, unfortunately it looks like your GoXLR has developed a fault in the headphone circuitry and needs repairing. Possibly the headphone amp has gone faulty. Please go to the support tab at the top of the page and fill in a support ticket. Assign it as a Service Support ticket when you get the option in the drop down box. One of my colleagues will then be able to get back to you with repair details.
      • Sep 17
      • GoXLR Headphone Jack Input Stopped Working?
        Jason Montgomery OK thank you! I was afraid it was something like that. I sent in a service request.
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        • Sep 18
  • 2020-09-12

    I lost my power supply to my GoXLR ???????? and I was wondering if I would be able to purchase one from TC Helicon

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    • Shumeecio  Lark
      Nigel Turner Hi, yes you will be able to get hold of a replacement from us. If you go to the support tab at the top of the page and submit a ticket to the spares team, then one of my colleagues will be able to help you in purchasing a new one. Many thanks
      • Sep 13
    • Shumeecio  Lark
      John Matthews Hi there, if you click support at the top of the page you'll be able to fill out a spare parts request from and the team will be in touch about pricing and availability.
      • Sep 13
  • 2020-07-29


    I just unplugged my go xlr because i was changing my office set up.  I plugged it back in and it will not power on.  Can any one help... don't know what is wrong. 

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