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    Using the same numbers as my old iPad with the Xmix app (which has worked perfectly for years) - I've loaded them on my new iPad in the Xmix app. I cannot get the new iPad to sync. I need help!

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    • Bergyboy1
      Nigel67 Hi Bergyboy1. There shouldn't be any issue connecting to the the app to your iPad. I was just talking to someone yesterday who had the same issue as you described and he uninstalled the app, then re-installed it again and it started working. Sometimes if the iPad upgrades its firmware it can cause this to happen or an app that you install after the X-32 mix app may cause it to not work. Please try this. Is your iPad the latest 5th generation Air, or the 9th generation iPad? It may also be worth factory resetting the X32 and setting up the connection again. Make sure that you back up all shows, presets though to USB stick that you want to keep.
      • Jun 8
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    x-air keeps disconnecting from ipad app.  It'll connect for a minute and then disconnects.  This happens over and over.  Any thoughts?

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    • alexdarnall
      Dale_M Are you using a router or the inbuilt WiFi? It may be best if you send in a Technical ticket to us from the above support tab.
      • May 5
    • alexdarnall
      Paul_Vannatto Ooooo!! I'm now a "yahoo" ...
      • May 10
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    What is the best app to download for my Android tablet to control the x32 board?

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    • OldmanT59
      Paul_Vannatto Mixing Station Pro
      • Apr 29
    • OldmanT59
      JeffRusin Mixing station pro is a good app but when I say it’s a pain in the butt to get it set up that’s being nice. I don’t know if you can get I am 32 mix or X32-Mix on android but I would suggest that to start, you can figure it out with no instructions in minutes
      • May 10
    • OldmanT59
      Paul_Vannatto X32-Mix is only available for iPads, not androids and the last update was with firmware 3.x (nearly 3 years ago). So good luck using it with firmware 4.x. And I doubt that it will be updated in the near future.
      • May 10
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    Hi all. Just bought a flow 8, love it but it can only run from my iPhone 6s which is updated to the latest iOS update....5 year old iPad couldn't connect to there a minimum iOS/model of iPad which can be confirmed to work with the Bluetooth controlling system? iPad would download the app no problem but not connect to the desk no matter how many ways I tried! Would be far easier running it on a bigger screen rather than a tiny phone screen, thanks!

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    • OzzyC1987
      Dale_M Please see the spec (snippet attached) full document can be found at the App store here:
      • Apr 8
    • OzzyC1987
      RickStockley Unfortunately, the specs are a bit misleading. While it does state iOS 9.0 or later, it still will not work with the iPad Mini gen1, running iOS 9.3.5 (due to the BT version on the iPad, I believe). When I purchased the Flow 8, I had initially hoped it would work with my iPad. Regardless, still an awesome mixer!
      • Apr 14
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    I think I have done it before but forget how. I need to have my L and R on 2 master faders instead of one merged. How do I accomplish this?  I'm using X Air Edit on Mac and Mixing Station on Android.

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    iPad won't connect to m32.  Router is pinned correctly and I can connect to the WiFi.  But the connection page sits on the listening... and won't connect to console.  IPs are correct

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    • Hutch42
      Nigel67 Hi Hutch42. Please have a look at this video which talks you through connecting to an iPad via a wireless router. If you still cannot connect, try a factory reset on the M32 but make sure that you back up your shows, etc to a USB key as they will be deleted. Then try setting up the iPad again. The video is for the older software but the settings are all the same.
      • Jan 29
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    Triber Moderator

    The new cross-platform FLOW Mix App for iOS tablets and mobile phones offers wireless remote control for the Behringer FLOW 8 Digital Mixer. This App is using Bluetooth to connect to the hardware. 

    The FLOW Mix App gives musicians, producers, or engineers control of all mixer parameters. This includes levels, panning, eq, compression, and effects as well as snapshot memory. 

    The plain user interface is designed for comfortable operation on tablets as well as small-format smartphones. Features like Assisted Setup and the Stage-View are aimed at inexperienced users to provide intuitive access to a world of great sound. 



    • Full remote control including: 
    • Preamp Gain, 48V on MIC 1/2 
    • Main-Mix Level, Pan, Mute, Solo 
    • All Input Channels with Low-Cut Filter, 4-band EQ, and Compressor 
    • Bus-Sends to FX and MON-Out 
    • Main and Monitor Buses with 9-band EQ and Limiters 
    • Customize channels with Icon and Name
    • Use Assisted Setup to have a quick start as a beginner
    • Load and store Mixer-Snapshots in the App or on the Hardware 
    • Balance your mix from the Mixer- or Stage-View 
    • Activate or Hide certain inputs to focus on the channels you need 
    • Change routing according to your workflow 



    * App 1.6 requires FLOW 8 mixer firmware V11749 or higher 


    What’s New (Android) 

    18.Jan2022 (Version 1.6) 

    • New pre-fader routing option for Monitor 1/2 bus send 
    • New preference for indicating Mute buttons on mixer page 
    • New channel icons displayed in mixer and stage view 
    • Tap Tempo can now be adjusted on all layers in Stage View 
    • New preference for operating controls with a rotary gesture, 
      and performance of linear gesture improved 
    • Preferences and Routing pages can now be scrolled on small devices 
    • Connectivity issue with some Android 10 devices fixed 
    • Android 12 support added 
    • Fixed an issue to start a new session 

    What’s New (iOS) 

    23.Jan2022 (Version 1.6) 

    • New pre-fader routing option for Monitor 1/2 bus send 
    • New preference for indicating Mute buttons on mixer page 
    • New channel icons displayed in mixer and stage view 
    • Tap Tempo can now be adjusted on all layers in Stage View 
    • New preference for operating controls with a rotary gesture, 
      and performance of linear gesture improved 
    • Preferences and Routing pages can now be scrolled on small devices 
    • Fix for Mute/Un-Mute display issues in Stage View 
    • Fix for missing dB reading tooltips 
    • UI glitches in configuration page fixed 
    • Fixed an issue to start a new session 


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    Newcomer - Level 2

    I seem to be unable to reposition the faders in xair. Please help. 

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    • davidmaier
      Paul_Vannatto What app are you using and are you certain that you are connected to the XR18?
      • Jan 19
      • Xr 18 reposition faders
        davidmaier I am using xair in an iPad. I have two xr18s been using them for a few years. For the life of me I can't figure out how to relocate the faders. Watched a guy do it on utube I can't do it. Setup to layout edit drag and drop. Doesn't work for me.
        • Jan 19
    • davidmaier
      Paul_Vannatto I take it from your second description that you don't want to reposition a fader. Rather you want to rearrange the channel strip order. Unfortunately I don't use an iPad, but use Mixing Station on an android tablet and X-Air Edit on my laptop. So I can't be of much help.
      • Jan 19
      • Xr 18 reposition faders
        davidmaier Yes I want to rearrange the channel strip order. Thank you for trying.
        • Jan 19
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    I use an ipad on stage. I use the Qlab app for cues and the Flow 8 app to manage levels on the flow 8. Sadly it seems that the flow 8 iPad app wont go tinto split screen mode so I cannot have both apps show at the same time.

    Has anyone got a solution or option that would allow me to use them both on the ipad screen in split screen mode?

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    • gerardv

      Hi gerardv. Unfortunately the Flow Mix currently does not support split screen handling. The GUI is designed for full screen landscape orientation. A workaround to be able to use both apps at the same time would be to drag the Qlab app 'on top' of Flow Mix.

      • December 20, 2021
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    ON My XR18 I have been using My old IPad 2 It has always worked great. But lately i have been thinking about using my Laptop with windows 10 with the xr18 app i downloaded on it on stage hardwired with a cable to my router. Will there be any conflicts with both running at the same time? I'm scared i might loose saved shows or something.

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    • soundtechmike
      Paul_Vannatto No there will not be any conflicts. But anything stored on the iPad is on the iPad only. What you need to do is to load each show (from the iPad) onto the XR18, then save as snapshots. Then using the X-Air Edit on the laptop, save those snapshots to files.
      • December 17, 2021
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