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    The new cross-platform FLOW Mix App for iOS tablets and mobile phones offers wireless remote control for the Behringer FLOW 8 Digital Mixer. This App is using Bluetooth to connect to the hardware. 

    The FLOW Mix App gives musicians, producers, or engineers control of all mixer parameters. This includes levels, panning, eq, compression, and effects as well as snapshot memory. 

    The plain user interface is designed for comfortable operation on tablets as well as small-format smartphones. Features like Assisted Setup and the Stage-View are aimed at inexperienced users to provide intuitive access to a world of great sound. 



    • Full remote control including: 
    • Preamp Gain, 48V on MIC 1/2 
    • Main-Mix Level, Pan, Mute, Solo 
    • All Input Channels with Low-Cut Filter, 4-band EQ, and Compressor 
    • Bus-Sends to FX and MON-Out 
    • Main and Monitor Buses with 9-band EQ and Limiters 
    • Customize channels with Icon and Name
    • Use Assisted Setup to have a quick start as a beginner
    • Load and store Mixer-Snapshots in the App or on the Hardware 
    • Balance your mix from the Mixer- or Stage-View 
    • Activate or Hide certain inputs to focus on the channels you need 
    • Change routing according to your workflow 



    * App 1.6 requires FLOW 8 mixer firmware V11749 or higher 


    What’s New (Android) 

    18.Jan2022 (Version 1.6) 

    • New pre-fader routing option for Monitor 1/2 bus send 
    • New preference for indicating Mute buttons on mixer page 
    • New channel icons displayed in mixer and stage view 
    • Tap Tempo can now be adjusted on all layers in Stage View 
    • New preference for operating controls with a rotary gesture, 
      and performance of linear gesture improved 
    • Preferences and Routing pages can now be scrolled on small devices 
    • Connectivity issue with some Android 10 devices fixed 
    • Android 12 support added 
    • Fixed an issue to start a new session 

    What’s New (iOS) 

    23.Jan2022 (Version 1.6) 

    • New pre-fader routing option for Monitor 1/2 bus send 
    • New preference for indicating Mute buttons on mixer page 
    • New channel icons displayed in mixer and stage view 
    • Tap Tempo can now be adjusted on all layers in Stage View 
    • New preference for operating controls with a rotary gesture, 
      and performance of linear gesture improved 
    • Preferences and Routing pages can now be scrolled on small devices 
    • Fix for Mute/Un-Mute display issues in Stage View 
    • Fix for missing dB reading tooltips 
    • UI glitches in configuration page fixed 
    • Fixed an issue to start a new session 


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    I seem to be unable to reposition the faders in xair. Please help. 

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    • davidmaier
      Paul_Vannatto What app are you using and are you certain that you are connected to the XR18?
      • Jan 19
      • Xr 18 reposition faders
        davidmaier I am using xair in an iPad. I have two xr18s been using them for a few years. For the life of me I can't figure out how to relocate the faders. Watched a guy do it on utube I can't do it. Setup to layout edit drag and drop. Doesn't work for me.
        • Jan 19
    • davidmaier
      Paul_Vannatto I take it from your second description that you don't want to reposition a fader. Rather you want to rearrange the channel strip order. Unfortunately I don't use an iPad, but use Mixing Station on an android tablet and X-Air Edit on my laptop. So I can't be of much help.
      • Jan 19
      • Xr 18 reposition faders
        davidmaier Yes I want to rearrange the channel strip order. Thank you for trying.
        • Jan 19
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    I use an ipad on stage. I use the Qlab app for cues and the Flow 8 app to manage levels on the flow 8. Sadly it seems that the flow 8 iPad app wont go tinto split screen mode so I cannot have both apps show at the same time.

    Has anyone got a solution or option that would allow me to use them both on the ipad screen in split screen mode?

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    • gerardv

      Hi gerardv. Unfortunately the Flow Mix currently does not support split screen handling. The GUI is designed for full screen landscape orientation. A workaround to be able to use both apps at the same time would be to drag the Qlab app 'on top' of Flow Mix.

      • December 20, 2021
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    ON My XR18 I have been using My old IPad 2 It has always worked great. But lately i have been thinking about using my Laptop with windows 10 with the xr18 app i downloaded on it on stage hardwired with a cable to my router. Will there be any conflicts with both running at the same time? I'm scared i might loose saved shows or something.

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    • soundtechmike
      Paul_Vannatto No there will not be any conflicts. But anything stored on the iPad is on the iPad only. What you need to do is to load each show (from the iPad) onto the XR18, then save as snapshots. Then using the X-Air Edit on the laptop, save those snapshots to files.
      • December 17, 2021
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    Looking for X32-Q application for iPhone, I just see in Apple Store that is not available for 9 years ago since iOS 11, while we can install in Android devices without any problem in the last versions of Android...

    Is there any alternative for this application? We want it for iPhone devices.
    As the application is not updated for 9 years, Can you confirm that will never be updated?

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    • knil45
      Paul_Vannatto An excellent alternative is Mixing Station, a 3rd party app that is constantly updated by the developer.
      • November 26, 2021
    • knil45
      DavidThomson1 It was replaced by MX-Q a long time ago. MX-Q is far superior and available from the app store
      • December 2, 2021
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    We use iPad to connect to a M32 controler through a router. It works well for the first hour, then the connection goes on and off intermittently. if we power off then on the mixer, it works well again for another hour.

    I have tried to connect to the router with an Ethernet cable and same problem. Power of and on the router doesn't solve the problem.

    I think may be the network card is overheated? can anybody help?


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    • mikeliu88
      KevinMaxwell What router are you using? does it have Energy Star power saving in it? Is that turned off?
      • October 31, 2021
    • mikeliu88
      AaronLane I had exactly the same issue when accessing via VPN. When you say you're using a router, are you routing traffic, or are you on a flat layer 2 network? We found that if it was routing between subnets or over the VPN, these issues would occur.
      • November 2, 2021
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    Phase 4 WING CoPilot offers valuable control in different types of live or studio work, when the audio engineer is remote from the console or when tasks are split with techs on stage. It offers specific user interface modes for Performance Setup and patching, Personal Monitoring, Metering overviews as well as full SD Recorder control. The Front of House mode provides full remote access to channel processing and mixing, and it now features full graphics UI for all plugin and insert effects. 

    Note that CoPilot 1.10 is designed for WING console firmware 1.12 or higher. Please visit to download and install the latest firmware and enjoy the full potential of your WING. 

    This new WING CoPilot version 1.10 offers: 

    New Features

    • add FW version detection to support different snapshot data models, required for WING FW 1.12 or higher 
    • WING LIVE SD Recorder > improved remote control for Session and Marker list 
    • Front of House >all channel plugin effects support graphic frontplate UI editing in mini-preview and in fullscreen views 
    • Front of House > all 16 FX processors can be edited directly from the channel/bus insert using the mini-preview or the full-screen view 

    Phase 1. Performance Setup: 

    This section is specially tailored to the activities during setup and line-check. Prepare all Sources and Outputs while patching signals to I/O boxes on stage. Sources can be named, tagged, given a color or an icon. Sources also own the head-amp properties such as gain or phantom power. 

    Phase 2. Metering: 

    Additional metering can be displayed on your iPad next to your console touchscreen. It includes levels of all Sources, Channels and Outputs and an RTA that can follow the selected channel or be assigned to a fixed signal path. 

    Phase 3. Monitor Mixing: 

    The Monitor Mixing UI provides the essential parameters of personalized monitoring applications. In addition to individual channel sends, this section also provides an MCA view, where several channel sends can be adjusted by a single Mix Control Association. It also offers a lock function to reduce the risk of accidentally selecting the wrong bus. Up to 4 MCAs can be given a descriptive name for the associated group of channels, and color can be selected for additional clarity. Once the channel assignments are made, the MCA sliders can be used to increase or decrease the level of all associated channels at once. 

    Phase 4. Front of House: 

    The FOH section is designed for mixing from within the audience, essential when placing the console in a less than optimal position. Aside from a good overview of all fader layers, this section also provides access to the processing of channels, buses, mains and matrices. The new SD Recorder page allows full remote control over Recording and Playback functions. 

    Phase 5. Snapshots, Scenes, and Show Management 

    Key Features

    • Patch and Customize all Sources, Channels, and Outputs 
    • Configure all head-amp properties 
    • Patch Sources to Channels and Outputs 
    • Set up and control the Talkback 
    • Metering for single Sources, Channels, and Outputs 
    • Control Monitor-Mixes for IEMs and wedges 
    • Full FOH (front of house) mixing control 
    • Graphics UI for all effects with mini-preview and fullscreen views 
    • Full remote control of WING LIVE SD Recorder 


    * Requires a wireless router connected to the WING Personal Mixing Console 

    * WING CoPilot 1.10 requires WING console firmware V1.12 or higher

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    Has anyone used "Demo mode" with the X Air app?  You're supposed to be able to practice with the app and get comfortable with the workflows and settings without being connected to a mixer.  I'm trying to use demo mode to determine whether or not I want to drop $800 on an XR18 mixer.  While in demo mode, there are NUMEROUS bugs and inconsistencies between the manual and what I see on the app.  The sound meters are bouncing all over, but I cannot get any output sound (which means I can't test drive the effects/chains).  I've spent several hours trying to determine if demo mode is simply a waste of my time, or if I have a setting wrong that is muting the output.  My conclusion - Behringer has done a SUPERB job of convincing me not to buy their mixers!

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    • mdgrosz
      Paul_Vannatto No audio goes through any of the X-Air apps. They just control the X-Air console (using OSC commands via ethernet). Those bouncing meters in the iPad demo mode are for show only (its the only X-Air app that has a demo mode). I have an XR18, 2 X32 and a Wing and use each of them, depending on the live events requirements.
      • September 28, 2021
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    Is there some limitation on scanning for a console on the complete network scope with the IOS app v.1.2.b12? My network is a scope. Which means I have addresses available. If my iPhone has an IP of 10.10.10.X it scans and finds the console which is If my iPhone happens to have an IP address of 10.10.11.x it will not find the console. I can manually enter the IP of the console and it works fine.

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    • drumbella
      PedroRodrigues Hi drumbella,please consider that WING-Q can only scan class c addresses, otherwise the console scan would take forever. So if you have an “exotic” address, you need to do a manual connect. The "exotic" address is stored though, so that on the next scan it should work.
      • September 28, 2021
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    This is probably a simple/stupid question.   I am getting confused on how to use the TRS input connectors on the x32 Aux-In (I do understand that using TRS for balanced mono inputs such as in the X32 is different than if it was a TRS stereo input connection).  We are already using the x32 RCA Aux-In 5&6 channel/connectors for a bluetooth receiver.  We are trying to set up to bring in an output from an additional stereo audio source that does not have bluetooth capabilities.  Thus, we need to use the TRS connections on AUX-IN 1-2 or Aux-In 3-4 for this purpose but I am getting confused on which adapters to use.  We have a 1/8" TRS Stereo jack on the audio source and a cable adapter that splits the stereo into separate Red/White mono RCA connectors.  Do I need a TS/RCA adapter or a TRS/RCA adapter on each of the two x32 TRS inputs to connect that cable to the appropriate AUX IN TRS connectors or does it make any difference?

    Thanks for your help for an inexperienced sound person.

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    • jimcelc
      Paul_Vannatto You need a TS/RCA, since that cable is unbalanced. There is nothing wrong with using TS (unbalanced) cables in the TRS jacks in the X32.
      • September 25, 2021
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