• 2020-10-21

    Hello all


    Does anyone have any insight when a new version for the X&M32 Mix app will come out? Tons of things you can't do on the current app that you could do on the console.



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    • Matthew Ross
      Gary Higgins I would not hold my breath. It's always had features missing from day 1, going back years. It is an elegant and slick app for the iPad but at what cost? Slick app with missing features is not so great. It has gotten way better in the last few years, I give it that. I use Mixing Station, not as much eye candy but all the features available plus some...and very well supported, often updated.
      • Oct 21
    • Matthew Ross
      MarkNorgren I also use Mixing Station. I have found that most of the mixing I do in my band setting can be displayed out in about 2-3 layouts. We have customized these so that I have long holds on stuff that I don't want to accidentally change! I use one separate layout for all the monitors mixes. This has made sound check run much more smooth. Walking around on stage and talking with each band member is a snap. One layout is for the master mix and the final layout handles the effects I use. Note that some features from the effects layout are also on the master layout. Hope this helps my workflow.
      • Oct 23