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    Is there a trick to get an X-Touch channel arrangement to match the order I move them to on the X-32 Edit software?

    I thought I had it working, but now it's not. I make changes in X-32 Edit, and nothing changes on the X-Touch.

    I have the X-32 Rack set up in the REMOTE tab for X-Touch over Ethernet, and I can connect the X-touch to the X-32, but the channels on the X-Touch are in the input order, not in the order I move them to on the X-32 Edit software.

    At one point I made a change on the software and it transferred to the X-Touch, but I can't get it to work again.

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    • WWSBengineering
      Paul_Vannatto I just responded to your previous thread. The reason why your latest responses did not show up was because you used the notification link to go to the thread. When you post from there, it goes into a parallel universe and doesn't show up in our universe - and the developers refuse to fix the problem (or they have no clue on how to fix it).
      • Sep 20
    • WWSBengineering
      WWSBengineering Thank you, however this did not work. I unchecked all the boxes before saving a scene, then rearranged the order, saved again (unchecking everything), and when I load the first one, nothing changes. If I change color on a scribble strip and save that as a different scene, unchecking everything, it will recall the first color when loading the original, and change when I recall the new one with the color change, but again, nothing changes with the order.

      Again, this is on the X32 Edit software, not on the X-32 Rack itself.

      I also don't know how to get the channel order over to an X-Touch. The X-Touch only shows the input order, I can't seem to rearrange on the X-Touch for better user functionality.
      • Sep 20
    • WWSBengineering
      Paul_Vannatto I can't help with the X-Touch (since I don't have or use one). But I do use the X32 Rack and have extensively used the X32-Edit since 2013 (previously called X32-Console).

      Also make sure there are no safes enabled (checked) on the Mixer Safes screen. I can assure you that if all safes are unchecked, all settings (except for the first 4 screens of the Setup) will be changed. The only other possibility that can affect settings being changed is due to using a poor quality wifi between X32-Edit and X32 Rack.
      • Sep 20
    • WWSBengineering
      DaveMorrison I believe I did this years ago. The X-Touch has to be connected to the computer vis USB in MCU mode (iirc). I made a video connecting an X-touch extender to my X32 using X32-Edit as a bridge between protocols ( I think I did custom channel order with that video. These days, Mixing Station can do all sorts of cool connection tricks–Totally customizable.
      • Sep 20
      • Rearranging Channels on X-Touch with X-32 Rack and X-32 Edit Software
        WWSBengineering Thank you, Dave. The video you made appears to geared toward using MIDI, which I am not using. But I appreciate the reply!
        • Sep 21
    • WWSBengineering
      SteveLynch WWSB, On My M32C, which is basically the screenless equivalent of the X32 rack (for all intents and purposes), this is the process I use to organize My faders on the X Touch. it just works, so maybe it'll just work for you?

      I have no idea what your workflow is, so please don't take offense to me re-hashing the basics as I execute them.
      You clearly have it communicating, so I know you're not some potato head.

      There must be a reason it's not working for you, but it is for me, so let's just throw a second set of eyes on it, and do it the exact same way I do it, as there's actually a couple of different ways to go about it from what I've seen online.
      My biggest take away from all of this however, is that I swear by static IP addresses for everything.

      DHCP just seems to act irrationally. It sees the mixer, it doesn't see the mixer, it's connected, it's disconnected..... I don't know....

      DHCP is like my ex-wife. Everything seems to be going fine, then something sets it off, it goes and drinks a bottle of vodka, and then sleeps with the majority of the local "Pub league" softball team in the parking lot of the local elementary school's athletic field, before crashing it's car into the telephone pole at the entrance to our neighborhood where literally everyone will see it on it's hands and knees, throwing up on the neighbor's front lawn, as they're returning home from work, then call me to ask what happened without seeming like they're being too nosey..........

      Yeah, that's pretty much how DHCP seems to work out for mixer control. At least in My experience... Your mileage may vary.

      Because it's "mostly" working for you, I would suspect an X Touch setup error, or a mismatch in firmware.
      You want the X-Touch to be on the latest firmware that was available at the time your mixer's firmware was last updated.
      The version of X32 edit also needs to be of the same vintage.
      It's easiest to just make sure all 3 are up to date.

      Here's My setup steps for the X Touch.
      Compare them to yours just to make sure you aren't inadvertently missing a step, or setting.
      However, I know your job position intimately, so I already know that like me, you're a pretty thorough dude. You have to be to survive in a broadcast environment.

      Just humor me, and let's see if it makes any difference at all.

      1) Connect the x touch to the x32 either directly with a crossover cable, or through a known good router.
      2) Connect your computer to the X32 via direct crossover, or through that same router.
      3) Make sure you know the Lan IP, and subnet of the router.

      ***Behringer engineers told me that they recommended a USB gigabit ethernet dongle. (Just in case you're re-purposing an old stale laptop for mixer control, which might have a legacy ethernet controller. )
      I like having a removable USB NIC anyway, as I can control the mixer, and still use My internet if I want to.
      When I'm done with it, I can simply unplug it, and I don't have to go back in, and change My IP back to My home network's address range. It'll just re-appear when I plug it back in.
      Set your "fancy schmancy" USB NIC, or the computer's built-in NIC to a static IP.
      I usually use the router's IP, plus one for my laptop, so it's easy to remember..
      That way, if the router ends in "eight six dot one" My laptop will always be "eight six dot two".

      4) Go into the X32, and set the first three octets of the IP to the same address as the router, but change the last octet to "32". I just do that so I always know that My M32 mixer is

      I have noticed that the X32, M32, X-Air, and Flow, all seem to have occasional issues with DHCP, and finding the mixer even though it was just literally connected a second ago.
      I don't know about you, but on PC, I've noticed since like 3 revisions back, If I'm in DHCP mode, it can take the mixer as long as 5 minutes to re-sync. It's super annoying... The static IP solves that usually.

      5) Open X32 edit, don't just scan, tell it the router's IP manually, then connect.

      6) On the X-Touch, hold Channel 1 "select" button as you power it on. If it's already on, turn it off, then back on holding Ch. 1 select. It should now display a mode selection, and an IP address stretched across several scribble strips.

      7) Make sure that Slave IP that's displayed is one digit higher than the X32, so (or whatever your IP Range is )

      8) Set the mode on Channel 1 to XCTRL, and hit select. I've seen people say MC (Mackie Control), but that's the wrong.

      9) Assuming your IP address is set correctly, it should auto connect. If it doesn't, you can hit the button for the scribble strip that says Scan, but You might as well set it up right the first time if you didn't already, as that's an additional couple seconds of no control if you somehow hose the settings.

      10) Verify all of your functions are doing what they should.

      Then, go ahead and hit the edit button on the left of the x32 edit screen, and clear all channels, and add them in the order you desire. Name, and save it, then your X-touch should match up with the order set in your control app..

      If it does not, do a factory reset of the X-Touch, on the off chance it's Midi table somehow got changed, or corrupted.

      If it's still not better after that, I'm afraid it may just be best to take it out behind the barn, shoot it, and bury it in a shallow unmarked grave.

      I don't make the rules Bud, it is what it is! :)
      • Sep 20
      • Rearranging Channels on X-Touch with X-32 Rack and X-32 Edit Software
        WWSBengineering Steve... First, I laughed out loud at your description of DHCP. Second, thank you for such a detailed response.

        Just for reference, we have an X-AIR 18 with an X-Touch, and the X-32 Rack with it's own X-Touch.

        All 4 devices have their own static IP addresses, running to the same VLAN.

        I think there was a discrepancy in IP addresses previously. Our IP spreadsheet had the X-32 and accompanying X-Touch at one IP address, but the X-32 was actually set to a different one. I don't think the X-Touch ever got updated. So, I changed the slave IP address to be the address of the X-32 Rack, and the "my IP" to be the IP of the X-Touch. Now when I power it on and go through the steps it actually auto connects. Previously I would have to scan, and sometimes it would find the X-AIR instead.

        Either way, though, when I make changes on X-32 Edit, nothing changes on the X-Touch.

        Do you know the procedure to factory reset an X-Touch?
        • Sep 21
      • Rearranging Channels on X-Touch with X-32 Rack and X-32 Edit Software
        WWSBengineering Here are two more questions... When you make changes in X32 Edit to say the 1-32 Bank, and a different change the All Bank, how does the X-Touch know which one to take?

        Also, is there a way to see the channel order on the X-32 Rack interface?

        **If I pull the setup from the mixer, it goes to how I want it. I just can't figure out how to get the X-Touch to show the same thing.

        **EDIT - If I sync from the PC to the Mixer, then make a change on the software, then sync from the mixer to the PC, the channel order is not changed to what I had just sent to the mixer.
        • Sep 21
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    I have an X-32 Rack with an X-Touch. Our users want to be able to have the channel mapping change depending on the show.

    I thought saving scenes would accomplish this, but when I Load the scenes the channel order stays the same, but other attributes, like the colors on the scribble strips, change.

    Is there a way to save and recall scenes or shows or something where the channel order can change as well?

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    • WWSBengineering
      Paul_Vannatto The channel order is saved in scenes and are recalled accordingly, unless you have some channel safes enabled.
      • Sep 16
      • Is There a Way to Recall Channel Order?
        WWSBengineering I thought I replied to this. I don't believe I have any channel safes enabled. I'm using X32 Edit to make my changes since the interface on the X32 Rack is not very user friendly.
        • Sep 20
    • WWSBengineering
      Paul_Vannatto (rant) I really wish they would fix this forum interface so that when we use the notification link to go to the thread and post there, it shows up in the regular view. If you post from the notification link, it posts in a parallel universe- very frustrating. (rant done)

      You mentioned in your (parallel universe) post that when saving the "scene all the boxes checked (HA Config, Scribble Strip, Gate, Compressor, EQ, Sends, Main/Fader), which I figure is what is being saved". Those are SAFES, not SAVES. When you save a scene, (almost) all settings are saved. Those safes restrict what is loaded. Therefore, uncheck all safes and the channel order will be loaded.
      • Sep 20
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    If I'm using all 16 inputs can I then use the rest of the inputs to bring back audio via USB using traction?

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    I use the X32 rack as an interface for protools. During playback all i get is the snap crackle and pop, making my recordings unusable.

    All is good in protools using my focusrite interface. I wonder if it is safe to say the xusb expansion card has failed, or a larger problem with the mixer its self. any help would be appreciated

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    • drichardson
      Paul_Vannatto Is the sample rate (44K, 48K) the same with the X32 Rack and ProTools? If not, it will give the snap, crackle and pop.
      • Sep 15
    • drichardson
      drichardson Yes...this was the first thing i checked.. The previous night everything worked spot on, Nothing was changed and the next night it was no good. I hooked up my focusrite interface and there was no problem. I almost think it is the expansion card that's the problem
      • Sep 15
    • drichardson
      Dale_M Best to try with another DAW or a friends machine to see if the problem follows the mixer.
      • Sep 16
    • drichardson
      drichardson how do I get started getting repairs done if there is a defect, Ive only had this mixer since april
      • Sep 16
    • drichardson
      drichardson Thanks Paul for the response, my problem ended up being a bad usb cable. Have a great day
      • Sep 17
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    I see prices all over the map for the XR18 and some sites taking "pre-orders".

    Is this still an active product?

    If I order one from a vendor that doesn't currently have, when does Behinger plan to ship new units to USA suppliers?

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    • IMMikeMurphy
      herlyoviedoooo Good evening, support me please I have a CMD STUDIO 4A controller and the system does not detect it I get an error please help me it is very urgent
      • Sep 7
    • IMMikeMurphy
      Paul_Vannatto herlyoviedoooo, your post has nothing to do with the original post in this thread. Stop hijacking others thread - very bad forum etiquette.
      • Sep 7
    • IMMikeMurphy
      Paul_Vannatto Hey Mike, I do believe that the XR18 is still an active product. But I think you have been caught in the 'perfect storm" of the supply chain chaos that has hit the global market. Just this morning, they reported that China has locked down 33 cities (280 million people) due to their zero-Covid policy and I believe that one of those cities is near (or at) where MT has their factory. Add to that, there are hundreds of ships anchored offshore in NY, Houston, LA and San Francisco waiting their turn in the respective ports. As well, hundreds of truckers have either gone out of business or quit due to the high price of diesel. All this adds up to product not getting to dealers. Good luck.
      • Sep 8
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    Hi I am running the xair 16 and using the app on my iPad (M1 chip) but keeps crashing when i try adjusting anything the app crashes could this be the app is not functioning on the new iOS. 

    any updates will be great I have a show next week so need to try figuring something out.



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    Hello All!

    I hope everyone is doing great!

    In setting up my X32 (still very new to it) I came across an issue I would appreciate some help on.

    Scenario is as follows:

    Bass cabinet with 1/4 TRS OUT is going into DI BOX. DI BOX with 1/4 TRS OUT is going into X32 1/4 TRS AUX IN port 2.

    I have setup X32 routing as follows:

    #1) USER IN: Mapping Aux In 1-6 to Inputs 17-22 (screenshot 1)
    #2) INPUTS: Channel 17-24 > User In (17-24) (screenshot 2)

    My question is around #2. For the last gig I had NOT selected User In (17-24), but left it at the default, which was just AES50-A 1-8, I believe. Everything worked fine and I adjusted levels, EQ, etc. in the AUX FX section (screenshot 3). When looking at the mixer channels 1-32 view, there was no signal registered at Input 18, I only saw the signal in the AUX FX section on Aux 2 (as expected based on the routing selection in #1.

    After selecting User In (17-24) in #2 I now can see the bass signal register in the 1-32 mixer view on Ch 18 (screenshot 4).


    A) Is this the correct way to do AUX routing at all?
    B) If #2 is selected, I now have the option to change MIC pre input sensitivity (or EQ) either in the AUX section (Aux 2) or in the 1-32 mixer view on CH 18, or both. What is the recommended way?

    Thank you!



    Screenshot 1)

    Screenshot 2)

    Screenshot 3)

    Screenshot 4)

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    I was wondering if the X-live expansion card is compatible with the Behringer XR16?

    Thus negating the requirement of a laptop onstage when using backing tracks.





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    I am using a remote control called "Mixing Station" to control my Behringer XR18.

    The app allow you to define your own UI to your taste. I have 3 buttons on my MAIN UI that trigger Mute Groups 1-3.
    when they are selected, they illuminate to a brighter color indicating where they selected.

    I am trying to save a snapshot that will restore the STATE of those buttons. What I am saving is in the screenshot attached.
    What other snapshot parameter button needs to be selected to pick-up the Mute Groups controls?

    In these snapshots I only want to save:
    1) mutes on FX1,FX2,FX3,FX4
    2) state of the button that controls MuteGroups 1-3

    The reason I am creating these snapshots is because I want to trigger them during performances with a midi foot pedal (CC). I am a bass player and also run front of house. I need these snapshots to be minimal (just muting effects and indicating MuteGroup's state. I am continually tweaking our MIX, EQ, etc... during our shows, so I absolutely need other settings to be unaffected.

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    • dwdata2000
      Paul_Vannatto When you save a snapshot, it saves all settings. What you are looking for are snippet functionality, which the X-Air consoles do not support. Only the X32/M32 has that functionality at this point. The screenshot you are showing are the snapshot recall scope and really won't do what you want to do. To control mutegroups using midi, this is accomplished using CC chan 2 36-39 for mutegroups 1.4 respectively. See X-Air Midi documentation here:
      • Aug 12
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    I installed a Klark Dante card from an M32 in our X32 Rack. Went throught the set up on my macbook and everything seemed cool.

    When interfacing with a Yamaha Rio rack yesterday, Dante Controller saw both devices and I was able get green check marks on all 32 channels. But when we plugged in a microphone we got no signal. Any thoughts, suggestions?

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    • Tgabis57
      GaryHiggins Are you using a switch in between the 2? How do you have the Yamaha and X32 connected, cat cable connection for the X32 side? Clock status, leader etc, Does the RIO do 48K? Latest Dante Controller? How about the X32 routing itself? Card inputs for the X32 ch's?
      • Aug 4
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