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    Is this Midas PRO2 still being produced and sold? Or if other new items are out?

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    • Alexandra
      Dale_M Yes the PRO2 is still available even though it has been around for some years, however the new HD96 console may be of interest to you.
      • Aug 19
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    My sound system installation contractor says he ordered it at the end of March, 2021. He still says there is not even a tracking number. How long is this backed up? When will I get it?

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    • JinWookEddieKim
      Nigel67 Hi JinWookEddieKim. Unfortunately we do not have any visibility of when products are being shipped from the factory to our Super Partners. Only they (the Super Partner) will have this information. Please ask your installation contractor to contact the Partner and they will be able to give him an answer.
      • Aug 2