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    I have an OLD keyboard that does not have USB MIDI, but just 5-Pin DIN in/out connectors.

    How do I set up the Behringer XR18 to pass music data out on the USB cable to Pro Tools.  THe keyboard (Yamaha PSR 510) is the only MIDI device


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    I had my SD16 for 6 months now.  It suddenly appears with high-frequency noise even nothing connects to that particular channel.  After long troubleshooting, we can conclude the noise came from when we enable 48V power to the channel.  It starts from ONLY one channel, and now we spot 3 channels that have the issues.

    Can anyone advise a resolution and confirm when we enable that 48V power, is there any additional settings require on the SD16?

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    • macakolo
      Paul_Vannatto I would say you have a hardware issue and suggest you click on the Support (above) and fill in a repair form to create a ticket.
      • Jan 28
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    Is it possible to record from the XR 12?  Would like to connect to a pc with studio one 5.  What interface could be used?

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    • BobMillard
      Paul_Vannatto The USB port on the XR12 is for USB sticks only. It can record stereo (2 track) to the USB stick. To record to a computer, you would need to upgrade to the XR18
      • Jan 25
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    HI Have anyone got any advice please? 

    one of my s16 has stopped working looks like its not powering up. there is power to the unit and i have checked the fuses in the unit and on the power supply board but nothing lights up.

    if not does anyone know of a repair centre in the uk?


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    • AlanStew
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Please contact our Care/Service team. First click on the Support button at the top of the page and then click Care/Service and submit a ticket.
      • Jan 23
    • AlanStew
      Nigel67 Hi AlanStew. Please contact EMS or Ampman and they will be able to repair your unit for you. Many thanks

      30 East Street
      South End On Sea
      United Kingdom SS2 6LH
      +44 (0) 1702 613172
      [email protected]

      Ampman Audio Services
      Unit 17, The Enterprise Centre
      Cranborne Road
      Potters Bar
      EN6 3DQ
      Telephone: +44(0)1707 246 546
      Email: [email protected]
      • Jan 23
    • AlanStew

      Must be something in the air... Mine has just done exactly the same. Dead on power up.

      • Mar 5
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    Hi @ all,

    I bought an XR18 mixing console. Unfortunately, I cannot connect to my Macbook Pro via the USB output of the mixer. The mixer is absolutely not recognised by my Macbook.
    The mixer's firmware is updated to version 1.18.

    The operating system of my Mac should be Big Sur (11.6.2).

    Is this a known problem and can anyone possibly help me.

    Thank you in advance.

    Greetings Stefan

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    • Stevenfly
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. First I'd say test a different USB cable and port. Then try another computer. If none of those steps are successful you should contact our Technical Support team. Click on Support and then Technical Support to submit a ticket.
      • Jan 17
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    Kicking myself for not registering within 90 days (or it would still be under the 3yr warranty) but just short of 2 years my SD16 has nothing coming out of the outputs. Power and AES50 light comes on without issue. Inputs all work just fine but no output. I'm sure it's not a config issure as I've tried everything under the sun. The mixer is definitely sending signal as I'm able to see it on the meter and replicate the output to a local bank of 8 outputs on the x32 mixer.

    As the final troubleshooting attempt, I replaced a known working SD16 in a working setup with the one to troubleshoot, and sure enough, none of the 8 outputs on the SD16 were picking up anything. I've cracked the unit open, checked all the connections and did a quick inspection for any blown caps or damage but couldn't see anything. I then put it back together and had the same results. 

    This thing was used for a few months initially with no issue, then sat in my basement as a backup for the better part of a year and a half until I was able to get another X32 to use it with. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    • djfunk14
      Paul_Vannatto Did you check the output bank switch (near the AES50 ports) to make sure it is set to what you want (eg. 1-8)?
      • Jan 15
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    Im Currently running Two X32 Compacts and an S32 stage box in a concert hall and am very happy with the way they work although sometimes we are required to move between locations in the hall for FOH.

    So rather than unplugging and re-patching both ends im wondering if its possible to have multiple cat 6 cables through a switch to different locations and i can pick up anywhere in the room? 

    Even if it requires 2 switches One for AES50A and another for AES50B.

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    • Woody1010
      Nigel67 Hi Woody1010. Unfortunately due to the protocol used, it is not possible to run AES50 through network switches.
      • Jan 10
    • Woody1010

      Read somewhere if its done through star network and nothing else on the switch then maybe it could work but thought it was worth a check before i attempt anything but thanks for the help.

      • Jan 10
    • Woody1010
      Paul_Vannatto First of all, ethernet is never configured in a star topology. Secondly, the AES50 is a proprietary protocol that only uses (shielded) ethernet cable (physical layer). All other ethernet protocol layers are not used.
      • Jan 10
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    I recently fired up my XR18 and I get a continuously flashing power light. I cannot connect to it anymor - a "hidden network" appears on my PC but it won't recognise the usual credentials. I have tried the reset options to no avail. I can find no reference anywhere on what the flashing light means. Any assistance greatly appreciated.


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    • kiwifolkmike
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here from Music Tribe. Please contact our Technical Support directly by clicking on Support and then Technical Support to submit a ticket.
      • Jan 9
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    I had a tech company with seven X32's, two X32 racks, a CORE, and a Producer, along with four S16's along with an IOS X32 edit program.... and eventually have figured out the routing for each situation, but I still get confused and stumped on some settings.

    I find the "language" and "labeling" confusing. I find it odd that you go under AES50-A to assign LOCAL outputs, but please read on.

    To eliminate a hardware snake, we will typically set our rack with the X32 Rack near the stage. Then we place two S16s on the stage. (My band is typically a large horn band with bigger stages.)

    We want inputs in three places:

    -- at the board, 1-8 (playback, wireless mics, etc)

    -- Stagebox A, 9-24 (horns, guitar, etc)

    -- Stagebox B, 25-32 (drums, bass, keys, etc)

    On the board we want outputs 1-8 at the board, local..... no problem with that and I run my mains out of 7 and 8.

    But sometimes I need additional Mix Bus outputs for additional monitors, etc. I often have trouble assigning outputs 9-16 to the S16's (either A or B).


    A seccondary but related question is if I am using two outputs for stereo FOH and I use four buses to feed EFX, that really limits me to 12 usable sub outputs, or am I thinking wrong on this. I can't use Aux outs because they don't have the full monitoring functionality of Mix Buses.

    Finally, I have had (and still have) loads of Behringer gear from personal monitor systems, smaller mixers and dozens of direct boxes and I am very happy with the products Behringer manufactures.

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    • paulvesco
      GaryHiggins You don’t assign local outputs from aes50. You can however use local INPUTS as a source for any aes50 ch and that’s what “local” is in the aes50 routing menu, local INPUTS. Local outputs are really what you assign from the XLR out menu and are realized as the XLR physical sockets on the rear of the Rack (or any X32) Defining the sources for any output group is done from the “outputs 1-16” “ultranet” and “Aux out” routing menus. Often referred to here as the “staging” menus. You assign your sources in these 3 places. Then choose a source menu and assign it for the output group (aes50, XLR, User out etc)

      The XLR outputs of the S16’s (when connected via Cat cable from a mixer) are fixed at aes50 out 1-8, 9-16 and 17-24 depending on the config knob setting of the S16. No LED on the screen (config fully counter clockwise) the xlr’s will output aes50 1-8, +8 LED lit up becomes aes50 9-16 and +16 LED lit up becomes aes50 17-24. You need to insert your desired source group to these aes50 groups of 8. All this is done under aes50 routing. Default x32 routing uses “out 1-8 and out 9-16” for aes50 out 1-8 and 9-16 and then repeats those same source groups for aes50 17-32. To get that third output option for the S16 XLRs you need to utilize a different staging menu and use that as the source group for aes50 out 17-24 and set the config to +16. The S16 port assignments are all fixed at specific aes50 ch's but the sources for the aes50 ch's are freely assignable. The specific assignments for those groups get made in each of the 3 "staging" menus. The newer User menu adds a bit of a twist to this in that you can break away form groups of 8 and use single ch's in it.

      Yes you are limited to 12 mix buses if you use 4 for FX. I usually find 2 global fx to be plenty so that frees up 2 more for mix buses.
      • December 18, 2021
    • paulvesco
      Paul_Vannatto The iOS app is NOT an editor app. It is a mixing app and should be used as such. Use the X32-Edit app (for Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi) to make any routing changes, since it is designed for that. Granted you can use a mixing app to do routing, in a similar manner that you can use a screwdriver to hammer a nail into wood. But there is a much better tool for that purpose - same with the X32 apps.

      The routing screens are based on what the X32 sees. In other words, put your mind inside the X32 itself when making routing changes and ask yourself "What do I want coming in and where do I want it going out". The only input screens are the Inputs and User In. All other screens are outputs to something (including Aux Out, AES50 A and B, XLR Out, Card, Ultranet, User Out).

      The routing screens are further divided into block assignments (including Inputs, AES50 (A and B), Card, and XLR Out) and patching assignments (Out 1-16, Aux Out, Ultranet, User In and User Out). Patching screens are used to make up the blocks of 4/8 that the block screens require.

      There are both physical and virtual outputs. Out 1-16, User In and User Out are all virtual outputs which are not connected directly to physical outputs. All other screens are physically connected to outputs.

      Hope this explanation better explains how these routing screens work in the X32/M32 eco-system.
      • December 18, 2021
      • Routing Confusion
        GaryHiggins Just to add a tiny bit more to this. Even though the Aux out and Ultranet out routing menus DO connect to and determine actual physical output sources, they also have a virtual component when used as a routing tool. That is to say even if you do not have any devices connected to their physical output jacks, the routing assignments made in those menus still pass as a virtual source. (for say AES50A out 17-24 as an example)
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        • December 19, 2021
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    Anyone have any experience with the XR18?

    I bought a refurbished one off eBay, ironically from  Music Tribe. It had to go back for repair because channel 4 wasn't working. Received back and now my outputs seem dodgy. On bus outputs 1 + 6 seem to have a lot of noise, 2-5 just don't work?!

    Channel 17+18 don't seem to work and the headphone volume seems to make everything trip out. The main outs are very noisy too. It wasn't like this before it went for repair?! 

    Help ?






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    • Hodgy15
      Nigel67 Hi Hodgy15. I am very sorry to hear that your XR18 is still not working after being back for repair. You need to contact the person that you were previously talking to and get them to take the unit back and repair it again. Can you just confirm the fault by making a factory reset, input a signal into one of the channels and check the outputs again. Do not load a show. To perform a factory reset, find the hole in the front panel by the access point. There is a switch behind the hole. With the unit powered, push something through the hole and hold the switch in for 12 seconds. You will feel the switch activate with a click. When you release the switch, the unit will have reset. If the unit still isn't working, then send in an e-mail to the person you were previously dealing with. Again, I am very sorry for this inconvenience.
      • November 28, 2021
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