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    Good day can I use the MR18 Remote mixer with the DL16 stage box?

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    • dnfaudio1
      Paul_Vannatto No, the MR18 does not have AES50 ports, which the DL16 requires. You would need to get an X32, M32 or Wing.
      • Wed at 9:03 AM
      • MR18 And DL16?
        dnfaudio1 Thank you so very much for the info.
        • Wed at 9:06 AM
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    Hello, Our DL32 isn't powering up. Any help would be most appreciated. 

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    • MIgstar
      DB1Audio Hope I can help. Start with the basics. Make sure the power switch on the back of the DL32 is on and the front LED is lit. Does the AC outlet have power? Plug something else into the same outlet and see if it turns on. Try another IEC power cord. Did you have any issues the last time you used the DL32? Do you leave the DL32 plugged in while it's not in use? Could have been a power surge.
      • Wed at 9:04 PM
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    In theatre we have Midas pro9 generation 2, 3x stagebox DL431, 1x DL451 and DL 371, everything vas working fine until spring breake. On screen one DL 431 of 3 is in red (uncofigured ), i have a signal of mic but without gain control, also on stagebox I cannot use a select as i press it, or any of keys.


    Please help, Warranty expiered

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    I know theres no display on the front panel to access this function if it even exists. But is it possible to connect via usb to configure the phantom internal clock ?

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    I just buy a new mac book pro (M1 pro), version mac OS Monterey. It's impossible to install the M-AIR-EDIT.

    Is there an update for my computer?



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    Guys I have a gig coming up at a bank, they want me to use my mixer and mics into their installed system?

    It's a Bose and the only way into it from where I am is an hdmi input?

    i found an audio embedder that has a USB input and an HDMI output...  so my question to the group is, and it may be sound like a simple question but can I use the USB out of my M18 to the embedder to get my mix into this hdmi input?

    I was looking for xlr to hdmi but having little luck with that? Or open to suggestions?

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    • Dougbair
      Paul_Vannatto I doubt the USB to HDMI adapter will work with the USB from the MR18, since it is probably expecting video and stereo audio, whereas the MR18 USB is 18x18 multi-channel audio. I would suggest you tell the bank that you will bring your own gear (speakers, etc.) as a separate sound system.
      • Sep 12
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    How to repair 

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    • Manno83
      Nigel67 Hi Manno83. What is the problem with the S32 to begin with and I can then offer some advice. Many thanks
      • Aug 14
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    I bought this MR18 from December 2021. It's unstable.

    It's mean at switch on gain is +27db , sound is good then switch off and again at switch on gain is +27db , sound is low !!
    Also FX faders one time -15db are good. Next time switch on FX are not good at -15db but FX at 0db are good !!

    Sometimes I have no signal at all.
    Sometimes the signal is very weak and cannot be heard at the output.

    Sometimes the volume gain is high, sometimes the volume gain is low, no matter how much I increase it, it is still useless
    I also did a factory reset, but it was useless
    There is no difference between any of the inputs, microphone, aux, there is no difference
    As I said, sometimes there is no signal at all.

    The supply of parts is not my problem, it is your problem and you should fix the problem. Otherwise, I will file a legal complaint against you.
    My MR18 has 3 years warranty, so I will come to Dubai next week. Please take my device back and give me a new one.

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    • mhbidadi94
      Nigel67 Hi mhbidadi94. You will need to contact the shop that you purchased the unit from and ask them to repair the unit under warranty. If you would like to talk to our Technical Team with regards to your issue, then please raise a Technical Support ticket. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • Jul 25
      • unstable Midas MR18
        mhbidadi94 Hi Nigel67
        I mentioned my MR18 problem to the prolab store and also email [email protected]
        But still none of them gave me any correct answer about which country and which store and to which person I should return the mixer.
        • Jul 25
      • unstable Midas MR18
        Nigel67 You need to contact the store that is on your invoice for when you purchased the unit. Contact them and ask them to repair the unit under warranty.
        • Jul 25
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    I'm trying to get my Pro1 working with a DL231 but when I patch the AES50 channels to the inputs on the desk the gain pot for all of these channels dissapears from the GUI on the console. Any help would be great thanks! 

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    • Oggan
      Dale_M Hi there, are you sure they've patch the DL231 to the inputs and not to something else like the tape returns or directi in? If you have checked this and it is still not happening, try hitting the safe scene, close the show then build a new (test) show and see if the patching now works. If not, please send your showfile on a Techncial ticket to us via the above support tab.
      • Apr 28
    • Oggan

      Hi Dale. I figured it out. I needed to hit the 'config' tab in the patching window and select the DL231 as the AES50 device. The AES50 panel need to display the name of the stage box being used (Not generic 'AES50'). There are some Midas videos online with instructions on how to set up the DL231 but for some reason none of them have this important detail. Happy to have figured it out though and thanks for your reply.

      • Apr 28
      • No gain pot on Midas Pro 1 when using DL231
        Dale_M No drama.
        • Apr 28
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    good day people! need some help on your experties :) We are a church and we are moving to a separate mix for our monitors, in ears. We have midas M32, X32 rack and DL32 digital snake. How can I route my X32 outputs (slave mixer for monitor mix) to DL32? X32 rack outputs cannot accomdate our needs for in ear monitor. Is it possible?

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    • totong
      Paul_Vannatto Yes it is possible. Assuming the X32 Rack and DL32 are near the stage and the M32 is at FOH position, interconnect the units as follows: ( [A] and [B] are the AES50 ports )
      M32 [A] <-> [B] X32 Rack [A] <-> [A] DL32
      To transfer the DL32 inputs through the X32 Rack to the M32, on the X32 Rack, Routing, AES50 screen, assign the following:
      AES50 A1-8 -> AES50 B1-8
      AES50 A9-16 -> AES50 B9-16
      AES50 A17-24 -> AES50 B17-24
      AES50 A25-32 -> AES50 B25-32

      Then assuming you want to send the M32 (FOH) outputs to the DL32 1-8 and the X32 Rack IEM outputs ( Out 9-16) to the DL32 9-16 assign the following on the X32 Rack Routing, AES50 screen, assign the following:
      AES50 B1-8 -> AES50 A1-8 (from M32)
      AES50 B9-16 -> Out 9-16
      This is assuming that you want to send the first 8 outputs of the X32 Rack (Out 1-8) to the Rack's XLR outputs (assigned on Routing, XLR Out).
      • Apr 19
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