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    Hi, please help me find a quality road case for my Behringer Europower PMP 1680S mixer/amp. Thank you, JimmyZ

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    • JimmyZ123
      Dale_M Hi I am afraid we do not make these cases, you may be better asking on a Facebook user group to see if anyone else has managed to obtain one or have one made.
      • Wed at 11:21 PM
    • JimmyZ123

      Thank u, Dale

      • Thu at 10:39 AM
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    Necesito a alguien que me venda el power supply soy de Puerto Rico

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    • IvanRosaMarcano
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. For spare parts help please visit our Support page and submit a Spare Parts ticket.
      • Sep 8
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      I have the Behringer Xenyx Q802 mixer and I seem to be having problems with my noise floor.

      I have a constant hmmm in all my recordings and feeds through the mixer.

      Even if I unplug everything that goes into the mixer, and turn down all my knobs to zero except the main mix which I turn up, I seem to get a lot of unwanted noise into my audacity program.

      How do I get rid of the unwanted noise?  I have tried this with my PC, Notebook even using a headphone out line into a portable recording device and they all still have the same hum.

      It's not terribly loud but as a voice actor I can't afford to have ANY of that noise in my recordings.

       Are my expectations simply too high for a device like this or is there something wrong with my ground? Wires? Or a faulty mixer?

       Should I purchase an idefender? What more trouble shooting can I try?

       Since the notebook and portable recording device were not connected to power sources, it shouldn't be a ground problem?

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    • jasonsportslee
      RexBeckett Hi Jason, actually it could be a ground problem - as in lack of one. If there is no ground connection anywhere in the system, cables and equipment can pick-up fields from nearby power cables and other equipment. This is particularly an issue for low-level signals and/or unbalanced connections.

      It's easy to check this: Connect a piece of equipment that has a definite ground to one of the mixer inputs or outputs. I usually try a monitor that has a metal back-plate and a three-pin power cable. If this reduces the hum, the system needs a ground connection.
      • Aug 23
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    Need a new antenna for a behringer xr18 mixer. Where can I order one?

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