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    I don't know who to contact, how to contact anyone, or where to look. I've been looking all over the website about getting a possible refund on a product and I would like help. I tried replying to ticket emails and I tried filing new tickets. If there is someone I can get in touch with to give more details that would be great. 

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    • edecker83
      NicJonesMT Hi Edecker83.
      If it is a hardware unit you are ltrying to refund you would need to directly contact the store you purchased the unit from.
      If this is regarding a plugin, please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Aug 14
      • Refund
        edecker83 So it's a complicated situation. I purchased the GoXLR, it broke within three months (have no idea how, the technical support gave me no reasons as to how), I sent it back to get it fixed, and have been waiting for six months to get any contact from anyone about and I am no longer interested in the product. Do I have to keep waiting to get this product back just to get a refund. I understand it's on backorder, but I'm not interested in the product. I just want my money back and don't want to deal with this headache anymore
        • Aug 20
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    I have an old unit and was using it for a solo acoustic gig but acoustic gig to monitor my vocals and I appear to have blown the speaker in it. Any idea how to even open the casing to access the speaker?

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    • mesamark3
      PedroRodrigues Hi mesamark3, please consider that unfortunately we do not endorse any type of self repair process and in these cases we advise to contact one of our Partners, Reseller or Shops to request assistance for your unit, for this please follow the link below Thank you
      • Aug 10