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    The other day, I was update x32 firmwave to 4.06.
    At first it is working well, recently something problem.
    When I turn on the x32, it is bootloop about 15 minute and then working.
    So, I retry update, however it is same situdation.
    help me please, What can I do?

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    • EST1114
      Dale_M Hi there we would suggest powering off and putting your USB in with the 4.06 firmware hold down View and power on to see if the software will reflash the console, if it does not please go to the Support tab and submit a Technical ticket.
      • Mon at 11:10 PM
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    please send it to [email protected]

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    Any body knows if Xr18 will be compatible with Macbook M1? This computer seems very good but will it work?

    I use Q-lab to send audio through USB and midisignals to change effects. Would be good if I could see the mixer on the computer screen aswell. 

    Thanks Daniel

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    • danielyngwe
      Paul_Vannatto Yes others with the M1 have reported success with the XR18. If you want to see the XR18 controls on the computer, download and run the X-Air Edit.
      • Oct 4
    • danielyngwe
      DavidThomson1 I run an M1 with X18 with no issues at all. I use either the x-air edit app or mixing station with no problems at all
      • Oct 5
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    I can't install the X32-Edit software on my iMac (OS Big Sur). Following error message pops up "X32-Edit" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.

    That's what I'm doing here with the question when there will be a solution.

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    • Doedel
      Nigel67 Hi Doedel. This is the Mac application firewall. Please go to the link below and scroll down to 'Allowing specific applications' and follow the instructions to allow the Edit app.
      • Sep 27
      • Can't install X32-Edit on a Mac
        Doedel Hi Nigel, thank you very much for your answer. I followed the instructions given in the link and all works fine now!!
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        • Sep 27
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    Greetings I'm having trouble with recording with my xenyx 1204 fx (with USB interface) which software do you recommend using? I'm using Adobe audition but I can use others.

    Can you please post a set up scheme for my ins and outs




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    The Wing Snipshot Toolbox has just been updated to 1.03 with the following new features

    • Converter is now bi-directional - X32 scene to Wing snapshot, or Wing snapshot to X32 scene
    • A basic Wing snapshot parser
    • Added setup options

    As always, suggestions, bug reports and questions are welcome


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    When I load a file into X32 Edit from my laptop, it'd be very helpful if the file name was displayed somewhere in the app - perhaps in the title bar, such as most other apps do.

    No idea how to suggest that to Behringer, but if the idea resonates with anyone who can do so, I'd appreciate it.

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      Paul_Vannatto If X32-Edit is connected to the X32, when you load a scene, the scene number and name will display on the right side, just above the Undo and Go buttons. The app's title bar shows the console's name and IP address
      • Sep 7
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    Mac with Big Sur and cannot open x32 edit.  Help if you can! 

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    • JackAlisea
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi JackAlisea, are you getting any form of error message when trying to open the application? If so could you please provide a screenshot of it?
      • Sep 3
    • JackAlisea
      JackAlisea I have tried to up load pic but its not uploading.
      • Sep 4
    • JackAlisea

      Hi JackAlisea, would you be able to try and send it via a PM or with Google Drive or Dropbox download link?

      • Sep 4
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    WING Firmware Update - Summer Special 2021 Version 1.12.4 - (30 August 2021)

    The console 1.12 firmware update offers some functional improvements, new effects and new features.

    NOTE: the changes in this firmware are supported with WING CoPilot mobile app version 1.9.

    It is sensible to periodically check for new firmware updates. New features and bug fixes will be released regularly. Our development team is eager to react to customer suggestions and to amaze you with improvements and new features. Visit the WING product page on to download the latest firmware, install the update and enjoy the full potential of your WING.

    This new WING Firmware version contains:

    New Processing/Effects

    • all aux channels now using input channel EQ (6 Bd, models)

    • all aux channels feature new combo dynamics (expander/leveler)

    • new channel dynamics plugin PIA2250

    • new channel dynamics plugin LTA100 tube leveler

    • MIX control added to WARMTH plugin

    • new FX selection sub page featuring all the channel effects

    • 5 new FX plugin Channel Strips: Even, Soul, Vintage, Bus, Mastering

      New Features

    • Channel delay (input channels, post processing) increased to 500ms/150mtrs for AV applications

    • Increased drive range for warmth plugin

    • Improved indication of pre/post send taps

    • Channel pan/width now post tap (8) to make send tap selection more consistent

    • Additional info message when using post fader send tap

    • Improved channel strip overview (including fader position/level)

    • Source edit auto select improved when source solo is active

      © Music Tribe Global Brands Ltd. All rights reserved.
      All information in this document is subject to change without any further notice.

    New Features

    • Touch panel test with logfile

    • Activate source solo with SOLO button in source solo channel

    • Allow screenshots of popover pages (CLR_SOLO closes page on release)

    • Routing pages swapped to improve workflow for new users

    • Configurable main link (off, 1/2, 1-3, 1-4)

    • Autocorrect file/directory names that could lead to problems with some operating systems

    • Help when setting DCA names (to control monitor levels)

    • Bus/Main/Matrix EQ with speaker processor crossover filter types on lo/hi band

    • Monitor source mix (add source signal to solo signal)

    • EQ band solo trim preference for monitoring

    • StageConnect indicator now also showing bus error state (off/green/red)

    • Support for alternative DAC for aux outputs added

      Bug Fixes

    • Fixed VPH icon not updated correctly

    • Cleanup source solo routing entries on routing page

    • Fixed mute override when in sends on fader mode

    • Fixed pitch correction fx issue, note on/off switches now correctly stored

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    • GaryHiggins
      KlausMock Nice update but maybe it would be helpful to provide a more in depth documentation of that features as well. At the moment every user must practice „trial&error“ to find out what the feature should do. At least a little bit more verbose release note will help.
      • Sep 3
      • Wing version 1.12.4
        GaryHiggins In the Wing private Facebook user groups, you can ask about anything. 4 people will respond, 2 will tell you exactly how it all works but be totally wrong, 1 will call you an idiot for being so stupid not to know it already and the last person will actually have your answer...but not till after 20 other people discuss the other 3 replies in minute detail :-) (I just wanted interested parties to know there WAS an update) I do agree with you, these updates are as close to a manual as it gets. It would be great if the extra time was taken to detail each feature and function. Honestly there is so much with the Wing I don't have a handle on yet it will take me a while to digest the new update, and many features before it even. Part of the joy I guess...
        • Sep 4
      • Wing version 1.12.4
        KlausMock First of all, facebook is one of the least social, or should I say unsocial, platform which should be used as a main communication channel of a company. This community forum here should be the main channel of Behringer. I do not use facebook, instagramm or twitter since they are only interested in selling private information of me. Second, A&H, for instance, is very poor in creating update packages for their products, but what they do, is to create updated documentation every time when they release a feature update for one product. Even if I like to have new features, more information about that features are important to use that features, otherwise that feature is pointless for much users.
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        • Sep 4
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    Is there a way to update the firmware on the Behringer X-Touch I try following the follow on Behringers YouTube page but I am having some troule

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    • tazzboy
      tazzboy I have a windows 10 computer on PC
      • Aug 24
    • tazzboy
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi tazzboy, does your computer have AMD Ryzen 4xxx or 5xxx processor at all? If so you will need to carry out the update on a PC that does not have these processors or a MAC.
      The 1.21 is designed to fix USB compatibility issues with AMD Ryzen 4xxx and 5xxx processor series under WIN 10.

      If you are not using a PC with these processors could you please provide further information on the issues you are experiencing?
      • Aug 24
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