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    Trying to control my x32 from my mac mini, need help with software as the newest app can't be verified by apple.  Is there a legacy version download available?

    Thanks in advance, Luke

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    • Levelman
      DaveMorrison Hold down the Control key when starting the software (from the finder) the first time and allow it to run.
      • Sep 18
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    I have an XR18 and I would like to use the AUX channel to send background music to the main via USB before the band's performances. It's possible ? If so, what should I do.

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    • MedCla57
      CraigFowler Plug in your computer to the USB-B socket on the console. Presumably the audio from your computer comes out of USB1/2. Select the aux channel in the main interface, go to the input tab, make sure the input is set to USB, and select the appropriate USB return (probably USB 1/2.)
      • Sep 14
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    I can set the low-pass filter in XAir Edit from my laptop, but I use an iPad during a gig.  Where is that setting on the iPad version?  I cannot find it anywhere but need to be able to modify the laptop preset, if necessary.  Thanks!

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    im having troubles to set up my mixer to a pc i have a cubi hardrive 64bit and windows 11.I can see codec in my sounds so i tick them but no sounds 

    i went into Asio4all for driver update still nothing,can anyone tell me ho to install my x12o4usb behringer 

    i use it to sing online in karoeke 

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    Hello, my name is Junior and I work as a sound engineer at First Baptist Church in Curitiba.

    We are having problems with our x32 mixer, we made the edits on the computer and saved it on the pendrive and loaded it into the mixer. But some functions that were in edit don't load in the mixer, we don't know why this happens. And this happens when we save the scene in the mixer on the pen drive, when we open it in pc edit does not load what was done.

    Another problem is that when we finish the service we save the scene in the mixer, turn it off and leave. Arriving the next day we load the scene that was theoretically saved yesterday did not save anything and we have to do almost everything from scratch. I would like to know if anyone else has these same problems.

    And can you tell me when the new update comes out?

    Thank you very much

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    • Jrjunao
      Paul_Vannatto Sounds like you have some safes enabled. Safes restrict certain settings from loading when a scene is loaded.

      Regarding the scene saving issue, what firmware are you using? If you haven't updated to the current version (4.06), I would recommend you do so.
      • Jul 31
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    So, I have some tracks I wanna play back through the console. I've used the usb stick for backing tracks and a click for the last several years. Works great.. however recently things have shifted, and I need way more control over individual levels and eq. More elements.. and as you know.. stage to stage room to room changes.. so I need the versatility. Instead of usb thumb drive I wanna use lap top to play back.. also wanna be able to put what's in the laptop on my SD card, so if I have laptop failure, I can just use SD cards. Problem is.. I have XLIVE. Card installed.. console and xlive firmware up to date.. and installed the driver for the xlive for the lap too. I can get the computer/laptop  see the card as an interface.. but that's it.. I can't get nothing to play through , play back.. no meters no nothing.. very frustrating. Someone please help.. 


    also.. for this that might ask why I'm not using reaper or ableton live ect.. short answer is.. I've been recording for more than 20 years with nuendo.. since V 1.1, Cubase is really familiar for me.. and I wanna use that. I don't want to learn another DAW. I've tried reaper.. HATE. The layout.. hate the mixer part.. just not a good fit for me.. with that said. Please please please.. someone chime in and help me get this thing rocking! 


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    • BenOwens
      BenOwens I guess I should have mentioned that I wanna be able to use laptop with usb cable rather than a stand alone interface.
      • Jul 19
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    So I have been using the x32, for all intensive and simplistic purposes, as my interface to multitrack record live sessions into ableton on the old intel MacBooks for a bit now, and have never encountered this issue until trying to use the new apple silicon m1 chips. I think this is a common issue but can't find any other articles/discussions talking about this one more in detail, and if there are any solutions. 

    Simply, i'm using the usb2.0 out into the m1 MacBook, through an uni usb-usbc hub. Ableton will recognize the x32 audio device for input/output, but I can't get any signal to come through any individual audio track. I can take the usb cable that is connecting the x32 and the MacBook, connect it to an old intel MacBook, select the x32 as my audio input device in ableton, and immediately will get signal coming through each audio track

    I am running ableton live 10, which should be compatible with the m1 having installed Rosetta. But I have also tried using live 11 from a buddy's m1 MacBook and we had the same problem. Firmware on the x32 is 4.06.

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    Merhaba .Flow8 de kullanıcı sorunları devam ediyor ve bu sorunları işletim sistemi yenileme yöntemi ile gidermenizi bekliyorum.Fx bölümünde Mute butonları efekti değil komple kanalı kapatıyor.oysa main de kanalı fx bölümünde bağlı olduğu fx i kapatmalı.Fx1 de iken mute fx1 i devre dışı bırakıp o efekti mute yapmalı.Fx2 de iken bağlı olduğu efekti mute yapmalıdır. 

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    I wish I could use the ausx outputs 1-6 and my presonus studio mixer as a bus, I can't configure them, has anyone succeeded?

    thank you

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    • Frank681
      Paul_Vannatto One of the reasons why no one has responded to your post is that your description makes no sense. Could you explain in further details exactly what you are trying to accomplish with your X18?
      • Jul 5
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    Bonjour je voudrais savoir les paramètres a régler pour fl studio pour l'associer à une behringer wing et aussi les paramètres de la console à régler.

    Bonne journée

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