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    Hey, crazy question for the Midas firmware team:

    Would you ever consider adding a fully unlocked mode for the fader setup, similar to what other mixer manufacturers do, where we can just treat each fader as a channel and assign whatever we want to it, be it an input, output, matrix, dca, fx send or return.... rather than being locked down to the fader layer setup? This woudl be similar to what you can do now with third party apps on a tablet (wink Mixing Station) but I love my physical sliders!

    Many people install these in a single location which as a set number of inputs and outputs, so you could then create a fader layer with all the channels you need in a single layer, rather than having to switch up layers just to see all you inputs (mic, aux, fx, etc...)

    I know, of course you can just assign single chanels to DCAs and use that, but to get the the EQ or compressor settings of that channel, you have to go looking first. Or sombody turns the output down in the background, and you turn up your DCA but still have no output, off you are again, looking for that output...

    Or am I setting up my mixer wrong? ;) Open for discussion!

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    • klaasvt
      Paul_Vannatto Unfortunately the M32/X32 fader layers are fixed by design and cannot be changed. Please understand that the M32/X32 design is 10+ years old now. But you could upgrade to the Wing which has exactly that feature you are desiring.
      • Jan 8
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    I own a recording studio and bought a new Midas Venice F32 desk in 2013, it has always been and still is a great desk, however we now have a problem and need a solution asap. To keep up with techno we changed our old Mac Pro for a 2013 Mac Pro, the trash can design, its a seriously great computer. It is running O/S Catalia which is 64 bit. 

    We haver tried everywhere to get a driver that will convince the Locic X Pro, running 64 bit on computer to run with a 32 bit desk, there has been no updated drivers for the wonderful Midas product since Beghringer took over. Please can someone there create this driver, we have found many dissasatisfied customers all trying to get this sorted. There are a number of 'wrong' fixes, we are running one but it makes the computer crash quite often, in the middle of a session is most embarring.

    Hoping you can help,

    Ken Lintern 13 Sound Studios

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    • KLINT13
      Dale_M Hi there, I am sorry but there has been no driver development on this console for many years, this has nothing to do with Behringer taking over as only the first few console were UK built and 90% of the others were China build which was supported up to El Capitan and Windows 8. Our best advice has always been to park the console with a MAC/PC as there is no further expansion or support on this console.
      • September 18, 2021
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    Hello all, apologies if this has been covered but im new to the forum.  Which version of the Midas Edit software is everyone rocking? Last few freelance gigs I've done have been in M32 land but getting a firmware compatibility issue. Consoles have been patched to 4.06, software version I'm using is PC 4.3 so I'm guessing a dial back on the software is needed...? Can't seem to find any legacy versions on the web... Any help from the hive mind would be greatly appreciated.

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    On the M32-Q app the channel names seem to be hidden after the buttons (see included screenshot),

    any suggestions to resolve this ?

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    • BartVervenne
      Nigel67 Hi Bart. Is this the apple or android version please? If it is the apple version, we no longer support the M32-Q app as it has been replaced by the MX-Q app. If android, then I can report this to the design team as a software bug. Many thanks
      • August 13, 2021
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    Am I missing something or can I not control the fader flip function within M32-Edit?

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    • JesusFreak
      Paul_Vannatto Select the desired bus on the right and the faders become the sends to that bus. No need for SOF button.
      • August 4, 2021
        JesusFreak Oy vey! If it had been a snake, it would have bit me. Thanks Paul.
        • August 4, 2021
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    Hello all.

    At first I thought this problem was a product of deploying V4.3 onto a new Win10 box.  I have now upgraded M32-Edit from 4.2 to 4.3 on an established PC and this new problem has been repeated.

    Specifically.  In v4.2, when clicking Save or Load the Windows explorer window would open to the last folder accessed by this application.  Now in v4.3 clicking Save or Load causes the Windows explorer window to open to the root User default folder location - very time.  This forces the user to click-dive to find the appropriate folder to load or save.  When you come back to load or save again, you need to repeat the exercise.  VERY FRUSTRATING!

    Now that I've proven this is an M32-Edit problem, and not a Windows problem, I need to drop this directly on MG and ask that when you offer new features (sarcasm intended), don't make others inoperable.  AND - PLEASE RESTORE WINDOWS EXPLORER FOLDER MEMORY.

    Thank you.  Dwayne A.

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    • DwayneAasberg
      DavidKnighton Hell Dwayne,
      Thank you for the feedback. I will try to recreate this issue and bring it up to our software team for evaluation.
      • July 26, 2021
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    Im trying to test some midi commands for muting mute groups over midi. As i dont have the M32 at home i'm trying to test everything in the edit software. But i cant get m32 edit to responde to anything.


    im following this sheet


    i'm sending from ableton live to "network session" cc80 on channel 2 to turne ON/OFF mute group 1, but it does not work.

    i have also tried with a midi foot controller, but m32 edit i not responding to anything.


    so does midi only work if i have the console ? 



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    • MadsHyldahl
      Paul_Vannatto The M32-Edit is a client app that requires the OSC server that is built into the M32. Midi commands received by the M32 is converted to the OSC equivalent and changes the appropriate setting. When that happens, the M32 senses the changes and adjusts its screens accordingly. Therefore you need an M32 or X32 connected to both the M32-Edit and the computer (with Ableton).
      • July 24, 2021
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    Is there a way to change where the VU-metering picks of in the audio chain ?

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    • BerndVanPraet
      ChaseMcKnight Hi @BerndVanPraet if you navigate to the Metering preferences ( Preferences / DSP Configuration / Metering) you have the option of changing output channel meters between Pre Fader & Post Fader.
      • July 19, 2021
    • BerndVanPraet

      ok, the question I got from a tech was, the meters above the faders, are this showing PRE fader, after the whole chain of ' gain - dyn - eq - insert.

      • July 19, 2021
    • BerndVanPraet
      ChaseMcKnight Hi @BerndVanPraet , the surface meters above the faders default to Pre Fader for Input Channels and Post Fader for Output Channels. Yes, that's correct; it’s metering the signal post-processing but pre fader.
      • July 19, 2021