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    I recently just noticed after turning on my pc that the icons on the goxlr don't appear anymore. also the second and fourth one in the row seem to be dimmer in lighting. 

    I've been trying to figure out why they aren't working.

    Before I noticed that they weren't working, pressing the mute buttons didn't bring the faders down or anything, a pop up message in windows came up saying something about "usb...".

    I restarted my pc, but that didn't fix the issue either. i unplugged / replugged the usb cable from the goxlr and everything started to work again. This is where i noticed the icons weren't working

    i believe prior to this a message on the goxlr app said update failed?, yet there aren't any updates when i go and check

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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    i have just rebooted PC, (Restartet everything)

    And now, GOxlrMini doesn't work, when i try connect. To my PC

    idk what im doink wronk, when its pluggin and configurating, its creating DriverError, i tried everything, also searched on google no help, try restartet my PC, no work. 

    Unplugged and plugged USB didnt work.

    Updated, DRIVER, tryid to find error, with Window Error Finder.

    No help...

    Can somebody help me out 



    Best Regards. Adam  



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    • Lind
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here.

      Have you tried to manually update the driver? The issues you've described are usually related to driver configuration and the resolution is to manually install the driver. I've attached a copy of the driver. Please do a manual install and test your device again. Please run the installation twice, the first uninstalls the driver and the second reinstalls it.

      Has your GoXLR or computer also gone through any recent updates? If so, Windows may have disabled your inputs/outputs. Update to the latest driver or reinstall the driver. I've attached a file for the download. Go to Playback/Recording Devices, and re-enable the device.

      Go XLR basic troubleshooting:
      Try a different USB port/cable. Works best on 2.0 or 3.1 ports. 3.0 gets glitchy
      Update BIOS
      Check sound privacy settings
      Manually install/update driver

      If the audio cut outs are stutter-like, generally speaking - audio stutters happen from:
      - Using a USB 3.0 port instead of a USB 2.0.
      - Being plugged into a USB extender/hub.
      - Being plugged into a part of the computer that is already maxing out its bandwidth.
      - Having out of date BIOS.
      - Having a bad USB cable.
      - Being plugged into the wrong type of connection.
      • Jan 12
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    How do i fix this ?

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      fabiobruno In my case, my GoXLR mini keeps updating the firmware and it never ends. I do not know how to do.
      • November 21, 2021
      • GoXLR Mini
        PedroRodrigues Hi fabiobruno, Thank you for your post, I would suggest to first confirm if you are using ipv6 on your pc as this can causes the issues of trying to get updates as you mentioned.
        Please see the image below Please uncheck ipv6 on that section of network settings.
        Please test again.
        • November 21, 2021
      PedroRodrigues Hi, ACCRISTALSKY, this may be caused due to the GOXLR loosing USB connection to the pc.

      In these cases, we would suggest to try the following items to fix:

      1.) Try all USB ports (even ports with other devices currently plugged in)
      2.) Upgrade your USB drivers for your motherboard
      3.) Upgrade your motherboards bios (See manual on how to do this)
      4.) Try another USB cable for the GOXLR
      5.) Are you using the original GOXLR cable? Are you running a usb extension?
      6.) Try the GOXLR on another pc

      For last we would also suggest downloading and install the newest version of the App version by following the link below:

      If you continue to have issues on the new version, we have seen this with users that get an IPV6 IP from their ISP.

      Disabling that in windows would fix it.
      • November 21, 2021
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    Hello I just recently purchased a shure MV7X and my GOXLR.
    When I launch the GOXLR app, the mic set up screen doesn’t receive signal from my microphone. I have tested my usb, mic, XLR cable all on a different interface and confirm they’re all working. Does anyone have a similar issue? I’m aware the MV7X is extremely new, but I can’t figure out why my GOXLR won’t even pick up any noise from my mic. Any help would be gladly appreciated. Thanks

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    i got my GOXLR mini today and am having a problem with audio, i plugged it into my laptop and had 0 problems so I assume its a problem with my computer but I dont know exactly what, I did a lot so far like updating and reinstalling drivers, tinkering with windows settings etc. does anyone know a way to help?

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    • Zlyno556
      Dale_M We would advise trying the unit with another USB cable, if it's still the same try another/friends PC/MAC and if the fault follows it go to the support tab above and send us a Technical ticket so we can assist.
      • August 30, 2021
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    When I lower the chat slider it also lowers my mic on discord and also the sound of people in discord. Is it supposed to work that way or is it not supposed to effect the mic?

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