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  • 2020-07-07
    I own the Behringer K10S Audiophile Studio Subwoofer, and the on/off switch is located at the back and bottom rear of the unit. "Is it ok to just leave it on Vs. having to always have to bend over and manually pull the unit from under my desk to use it"?
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  • 2020-06-16
    Can a P1 IEM amp run off a 12V plugpack?
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    • Philmoore174
      Rex Beckett The P1 can run from a 9V 100mA centre-negative power supply. I would not connect a 12V supply.
      • Jun 16
    • Philmoore174
      Paulo Pereira Probably yes, but don't take my word for granted. Most of these circuits are based on op-amps and regulators that usually are rated up to 30 or so volts, but again, it's your risk. make sure you use a center negative plug, that's important.
      • Jul 2