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    Is there any wireless Lavalier Mic that is compatable with the Behringer 

    PPA500BT Portable PA System?

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    Hi I lost my yellow card for my cmd studio 4a and I would like to get deckadance2 on my new computer is there a way I can do that

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    Hi Tribe,

    Can anyone help and provide some guidance please? 

    I would like to use my old 1210s and get my teenagers into music creativity by setting up a DVS system with Serato but unsure which audio interface I need. I was recommended Focusrite Scarlett some time ago but have just seen a couple YouTube videos on topic mentioning Behringer but it is unclear which product would best suit?

    1. UMC202HD
    2. UMC204HD
    3. UMC404HD

    In addition but relating to the same topic, I will also need to convert some old vinyl to digital audio files and plan to use Audacity. We have also just bought a copy of Ableton Live as plan to do some Production in due course (have a midi keyboard too).

    Any other recommendations, thoughts and options welcome. 

    Many thanks

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    • haveyouany03
      PedroRodrigues Hi haveyouany03, considering the first part of your question I would suggest a UMC 404HD that would offer you more options for the set up you have described and would also work with most DAW.
      When it comes to the process of converting old vinyl to digital audio files and specifically just for this purpose I would suggest the UCA222
      Advising this unit is due to the fact that the UMC units do not offer a direct RCA input, using the UCA222 you would allow you to connect the Vinyl Player directly to the UCA222 avoiding the use of any type of cable adaptors that will create signal degradation.
      Please follow the links for the product pages of each respective unit.



      I hope this helps

      Thank you
      • November 3, 2021
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    Hi guys , I'm pretty new to setting things up and I just wanted to ask for some advice on the best way to set up my system so I can get the best sound.


    My system consists of 

    2x Behringer Eurolive B315D powered speakers 

    1x Behringer VP1800s passive sub

    Behringer Djx750 mixer

    Behringer EP2000 amp - to Power sub

    Behringer super x pro cx2310 crossover 

    not sure about any specific settings I should have the crossover / amp on .

    I have my speakers connected into the crossover via xlr cables into the high ports which make the speakers sound so crap without the sub on. My sub is not sounding as good as it can with the lows !

    please help As I have a event to do this week.Thankyou 


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    Best friends,
    I have a CMD STUDIO 2A and it is not responding. all my control buttons have 1 color (orange). what can i do to have the factory setting. and the 2nd problem is that the software of that controller is not working with my "CMD STUDIO 2A" controller, what could be wrong. please your help

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    • GioKarto
      Dale_M Hi there we’re sorry for your experience, please submit a Technical ticket from the Support tab above so we can assist you.
      • August 19, 2021
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    Vibration at bottom of speaker just one second is perfectly correct. It is ultra compact 500watt 8 channel portable pa sistem

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    • MilanPodolsky
      zurike Please I want to know how to use behringer x 2222usb mixer on my dawn fl studio I try to connect for recording it not working I also try to download the driver still not working Please I need explanation
      • August 8, 2021
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    I bought an Infinium X1 crossfader (serial number S200900032954) as a replacement for my DDM4000 mixer (serial number S1500259167, date code 1503).

    The installation instructions look straight forward, though getting the three-cable plug into the spare socket the DDM4000 has for a replacement crossfader is a bit fiddly.
    However, once installed it does not work: It lights up, but moving the crossfader has no influence on the audio signal between the selected channels of the mixer.
    There is one post here from about a year ago which desribes the same problem but it unfortunately received no answer.

    I submitted a support ticket to Behringer three days ago but have not heard back from them.

    There are many post on various online forums describing this exact problem (and also reporting that the non-functioning crossfader is getting very hot when connected "as is"). People claim that you need to cut the two outside wires of the three-wire cable and switch them around before connecting the Infinium X1 with the DDM4000.
    Surely, I do not have to do a DIY soldering job to connect a genuine Behringer spare part with a Behringer mixer?!?!?!
    What is the problem here? Has the socket on the DDM4000 been soldered on the wrong way around in the factory or is the plug at the end of the wire of the X1 soldered on the wrong way around?

    What is the solution, please?


    PS: The marketing blurb for the X1 says "Complete installation instructions and a dedicated toolkit are provided for your convenience."
    The installation instruction contain a picture (see attached) which says "Possible only with DDM4000" which is difficult to interpret. I think it's meant to show that the DDM4000 has a spare socket to connect the cable, but I am open to hear other interpretations.
    Also, the "dedicated toolkit" is a flathead screwdriver, when in fact all screws you need to losen and tighten for the job on the Behringer equipment are Phillips. The documentation even shows all screws and the screwdriver to be Phillips, not a single flathead as the included screwdriver.... Bizarre.
    Is this whole product a bit of a cock-up?

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    • Yemsky
      Nigel67 Hi Yemsky. I am sorry, but I do not have this information to hand, but have asked our Service Team if they can provide details.. As soon as I have the information, I will pass it over to you.
      • July 13, 2021
      • Infinium X1 replacement crossfader in DDM4000 mixer
        kevinruairi Hi there Nigel. I have the same issue as Yemsky. My 3-pin crossfader on my DDM4000 stopped working. I bought an Infinium X1 from Thomann, and installed it in the right hand side of the mixr, with zero effect. The X1 gave no responses at all. And it doesn't seem possible to purchase the generic version of this crossfader any more for replacement.

        Can you please let me know what my options are for getting this X1 repaired, as Yemsky seems to have done below? I do not have access to a soldering gun, and wouldn't have the skills to do this either. I can send to Ampman Audio Services for repair if required.

        Thanks and hope to hear back from you soon.

        Kind regards, Kevin
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        • October 8, 2021
    • Yemsky
      Yemsky OK, so I finally have my DDM4000 back with a working Infinium X1.
      Initially, a second X1 from Amazon had the same issue but after this was escalated by Behringer support as a warranty case to their service provider Ampman Audio Services they re-wired the cross fader and it solved the problem.
      The documentation (according to Behringer and AAS) of the wiring is not conclusive but it appears that there is a batch of incorrectly wired Infinium X1 out in retail / eTail. If you are good with the soldering gun you might dare do it yourself, but it was a good service experience, free of charge, though it took exactly one month from initial purchase to getting back a working mixer.
      • August 10, 2021
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    Hallo zusammen.
    Ich möchte gerne Schallplatten live während meiner Radiosendung abspielen. Angeschlossen habe ich meinen Dual DTJ301 USB an Port 11/12 am Mischpult.
    Gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Schallplatten auf den Stream zu bringen, ohne das Mikrofon auf "on" zu lassen? Ich sende mit dem Streamingprogramm Sam Broadcaster Pro Version 2021.2 und Windows 7

    Danke für eure Antworten

    Hello all.
    I would like to play records live during my radio show. I have my Dual DTJ301 USB connected to port 11/12 on the mixer.
    Is there any way to get the records to stream without leaving the mic on "on"? I am streaming with the streaming program Sam Broadcaster Pro version 2021.2 and Windows 7.

    Thanks for your answers

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    • Maikmusik
      DavidKnighton Hello Maikmusik,
      With almost all of our small format analog mixers, the USB signal is sent from the MAIN L/R bus. Simply MUTE any channels you don't want in the mix during your live record show.
      • May 31, 2021
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    I stream,  or should I say I used to stream using OBS, technics1200s and a Numark USB200 mixer.  I then upgraded my equipment and bought a DDM4000 which has no USB.  I've now brought a MIDI interface but being the non expert that I am,  I can't seem to get the set up right.  I simply want to get OBS recognising the turntables.  It recognises the MIC, so I must be doing something wrong with the cables.  Anyone who knows the equipment,  any Ideas on whats needed for the connection??

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    I'm trying to find info before purchase. I've been tasked with doing the music for a party, & decided to get a DJ TT with phono out to play popular music spanning 60 years from my record collection. I was going to leave it at that, but decided CD's would be good too, but don't want to invest in a DJ CD unit, and all my CD's (as well 78 rpm & audiohile LP's) are recorded to 16x44.1 or 24x48 flac files. I can only really access them through a Sony VAIO laptop running Linux Mint or a Raspberry Pi (with a DAC). It looks like the process of playback would be simplified by routing both through a mixer, and this looks like it might do the job. I can justify the purchase as part of a setup for making videos about recording & reprocessing pre-loved vinyl & shellac from prior to 1970.

    So, can anybody tell me if the DJX900USB will work with a flac files &/or a laptop running linux?

    I can hook the linux laptop up to a Native Instruments Audio Unit OK, and it appears to work fine for recording and replay (but the NI has no phono stage, and I'm trying to eliminate the need for a separate preamp, & make transitions smoother.

    I assume the phono input on the Behringer mixer implements the RIAA equalisation curve?

    I'm assuming the mixer coverts the analog signal into digital via a DAC, then outputs the digital signal to analog for line out? If so, I'd rather take the flac output direct via USB rather than using an external DAC to convert the files to analog line out on linus, then feed that into the line in on the mixer, avoiding two steps in the conversion process.

    What are the specs of the internal DACs & ADCs on the Mixer?

    If this unit isn't going to provide the functionality I need, is there an alternative?

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    • MishMich
      DavidKnighton Hello MishMich,
      The documentation for the device says stereo IN/OUT at 48KHz. I imagine this will work fine with most computer applications. The one part that is concerning though is the lack of driver. Normally we put a driver for Windows OS. Mac OS never needs drivers, and likewise, LINUX probably doesn't either, but I am no LINUX expert here. Raspberry Pi I would not be certain about either. Most of our USB audio devices/interfaces operate using the same chipset, and that chipset is USB Class Compliant. We also use the generic ASIO4ALL driver for majority of our 2- track USB. Hope this information helps.
      • April 23, 2021
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