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    Bought my mixer before covid19 hit ...had been planning on putting on a night in a friend's bar - but yes, lockdown happened.

    Mixer (DK626) purchased from GAK in Brighton UK (I'll have to check my banking for exact purchase date) went into storage (a spare room in my home).

    Today I unboxed the mixer for the very first time, set it up to my decks and sound system and wow,disappointing...

    Channel 3 "goes to sleep" if there is a few seconds gap in signal (when the needle leaves the groove) sound, no lights on the display, nothing. Mixer has to be switched off and back on again to "wake Channel 3 up" and get any sound.

    First play. How did this get past your quality control?

    Really worried that I'll get no help from you because I did not register within 90 days of of purchase. I was not prompted to do so by the seller nor was there any big lettering anywhere on the box telling me to do so.

    What will happen?

    A chance for you to help someone out and prove your customer service is better than your quality control? I hope so

    Please don't let me down guys - my income has been completely crushed by lockdown and I was just starting to claw my way back into the world.


    Yours in good faith,


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    i have contacted your people several times without any replies about the issues im having after downloading the relevant software for this controller including many other cmd series controllers i wish to use for my project their all brand new with deckadance tickets in their plastic bags. I am so frustrated spent hours days trying to resolve these problems with the downloads which are all linked none work what ever I do. Error after error etc code this code that insufficient resources etc I am so pissed please help me I am not pc literate. When I connect controllers to laptop windows 10 Asus Ryzen 7 lights come on nothing else. Ive followed youtube instructions but now im defeated please help me if there is another software to manage these devices thank you. PS please call me if possible I am desperate. I am a disabled man wishing to start a live broadcast internet music stream broadcast which I want to show the light effects sounds with the cmd series and I am now shattered disappointed so will someone please try and resolve my issues asap Thank You. [email protected]

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    • TR8ZEEE
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Please click on the support link above and submit a tech support ticket. Someone can contact you directly to help get you sorted.
      • Apr 22
    • TR8ZEEE

      Done hope they click on this link will ty

      • Apr 22
    • TR8ZEEE

      • Apr 22
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    Hello there!!

    I'm new to this forum and asking for some help please.

    I have bought a new Behringer DJX900USB DJ Mixer and connected to two fairly old Gemini 500XL II Direct Drive turntables, using good quality cables and the phone inputs (and grounded). When trying to set the gain levels etc, the master level output LED lights do not light up. The EQ channels gain meters light up fine, and I have adjusted so they just readh 0db.

    Sound levels seem fine, although a little distorted at high volumes.

    Is the mixer faulty or is it the old turntables output is low? Or have I missed something?

    Any other info you need to diagnose the problem, let me know and I will post it up.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi, does someone know if there is an replacement usb module for the dx2000 usb mixer 

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    • Ingmar2000
      WilliamR Hello, William from music tribe here. Please click on the support link above and create a parts case and someone will contact you as soon as possible.
      • Apr 6
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    Hello!  Does there happen to be a part number or route to purchase a replacement fader for the MM-1 4 channel midi mixer?  I've not opened it up yet to see if it looks to be (semi) user replaceable with a plug or possibly able to be soldered in by a novice, but thought I'd ask here.  Hopefully it's not all one piece and a bigger problem than just popping in a new fader.

    This is one of the vertical faders, not the cross fader.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    • djbills
      NicJonesMT Hi DJBills
      You have 2 options. Both require you to click support at the top of the page.

      1 - Technical Support.
      If you chose to submit a technical support ticket, please ensure that you have provided a detailed description of the issue. We can then go through some trouble shooting with you and pass your case over to the service team if required.

      2 - Spare Parts.
      You can submit a spare parts request. Let the team know which fader you are having issues with and the team will then be able to advise on pricing and availability.
      • Apr 4
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    I can't display the VU-meter of channel 2 when I put headphones on channel 2.
    Only the levels of channel 1 are displayed.
    How to adjust the gain of channel 2 when channel 1 is playing ?
    Thank you
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    Is there any wireless Lavalier Mic that is compatable with the Behringer 

    PPA500BT Portable PA System?

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    Hi I lost my yellow card for my cmd studio 4a and I would like to get deckadance2 on my new computer is there a way I can do that

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    Hi Tribe,

    Can anyone help and provide some guidance please? 

    I would like to use my old 1210s and get my teenagers into music creativity by setting up a DVS system with Serato but unsure which audio interface I need. I was recommended Focusrite Scarlett some time ago but have just seen a couple YouTube videos on topic mentioning Behringer but it is unclear which product would best suit?

    1. UMC202HD
    2. UMC204HD
    3. UMC404HD

    In addition but relating to the same topic, I will also need to convert some old vinyl to digital audio files and plan to use Audacity. We have also just bought a copy of Ableton Live as plan to do some Production in due course (have a midi keyboard too).

    Any other recommendations, thoughts and options welcome. 

    Many thanks

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    • haveyouany03
      PedroRodrigues Hi haveyouany03, considering the first part of your question I would suggest a UMC 404HD that would offer you more options for the set up you have described and would also work with most DAW.
      When it comes to the process of converting old vinyl to digital audio files and specifically just for this purpose I would suggest the UCA222
      Advising this unit is due to the fact that the UMC units do not offer a direct RCA input, using the UCA222 you would allow you to connect the Vinyl Player directly to the UCA222 avoiding the use of any type of cable adaptors that will create signal degradation.
      Please follow the links for the product pages of each respective unit.



      I hope this helps

      Thank you
      • November 3, 2021
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    Hi guys , I'm pretty new to setting things up and I just wanted to ask for some advice on the best way to set up my system so I can get the best sound.


    My system consists of 

    2x Behringer Eurolive B315D powered speakers 

    1x Behringer VP1800s passive sub

    Behringer Djx750 mixer

    Behringer EP2000 amp - to Power sub

    Behringer super x pro cx2310 crossover 

    not sure about any specific settings I should have the crossover / amp on .

    I have my speakers connected into the crossover via xlr cables into the high ports which make the speakers sound so crap without the sub on. My sub is not sounding as good as it can with the lows !

    please help As I have a event to do this week.Thankyou 


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