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    Thanks Nic-jones.

    Ok ,where to start , i just bought a td-3 analog bass line , and i try to connect with it , a korg volca kick and audio interface u-phoria umc 204hd and my td-3 .

    I try to make the lot to sync together on ableton  , but i can find the way to make  the sound of the td-3 come in out in my midi channel on ableton. maybe my plugin is wrong or else . maybe i have the wrong cable or maybe need a mixer . Some help woulb be welcome . thank you

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    • Blackisdark
      dapaul You can use Midi out of TD-3 and connect to the Volca. Set both to different channels. Connect TD-3 via MIDI in or USB and set the sync setting in the midi setting for the td-3 in Ableton Live to send the midi clock. Then both units will start and respond to the clock.
      • January 21, 2021
    • Blackisdark
      Blackisdark ok , but after plugin , why the sound from td3 can't be lowered in ableton only from interface in put it down . knowing i can use my controller tto change volume.if someone could tell me how many cable and wich cable i need and a draft of how to plug them
      • January 27, 2021
    • Blackisdark
      NicJonesMT Hi Blackisdark, sorry for the delay but I have only just found this post!
      Did you manage to sort your issue?
      If not could you please submit a tech support ticket (Click support at the top of the page then scroll down to Tech Support). When you submit your ticket could you please provide a Video that shows exactly how you have all your devices connected and configured in Ableton. I can then advise you further and hopefully get you up and running!
      • January 28, 2021
      •  sync,plugin and connection td-3 , umc204hd and korg
        Blackisdark I cant load a video
        • January 29, 2021
      •  sync,plugin and connection td-3 , umc204hd and korg
        Blackisdark i can't upload a video.anyway , would be better if you make me a draft
        • January 29, 2021
      •  sync,plugin and connection td-3 , umc204hd and korg
        NicJonesMT Thanks for replying.
        Please submit a ticket above, and we can try and get this sorted for you.
        • February 2, 2021
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    Hello everyone,

    I have a Behringer BCD2000 and I have to install on a Windows 10 64bit laptop.

    Now the BCD2000 drivers are for Windows Xp 32 bit.

    Do you know where I can find BCD2000 drivers for 64 bit?


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    • alessiolazz
      john0121 Hi Alessio, apologies but the BCD2000 is supported to be compatible with 32 bit operating systems.
      • December 6, 2020
      • BCD 2000 compatibility problems with windows 10
        Akai Hi.will be compatible with windows 10 32 bit?
        • November 3, 2021
  • Imfone
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    How reset this thing? I really hate this thing right now and wish I had bought the korg nubass instead. This site is the worst to maneuver and this company hands off approach to customer is the worst.

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    So my wife bought me the CMD Studio 4a for our anniversary. I went to download the Decadance LE Software, but Cakewalk is no longer accepting new accounts, so I'm out of luck there. What can I get that's reasonably priced, since Virtual DJ costs more than the controller? I'm still new to this technology since I'm from the old school. Turntables & vinyl.
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      GERARD90 hola oye yo tengo el mismo problema ya lo solucionaste el mio lo conecto a mi pc y me aparece error en el controlador
      • July 28, 2020