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  • 2020-11-24

    Since various magazines and Arturia have publicly called us out over the launch of our Swing MIDI Controller, we would like to respond and share some facts around the principles of competition and clear up some misconceptions.

    Competition is a highly effective tool to drive innovation by empowering Customers to make their best choices and force manufacturers to constantly reinvent themselves. Innovation means progress and this happens on many levels, whether it relates to customer experience, functionality or cost efficiencies etc.
    There are 4 established marketing strategies: market leader, market challenger, market follower and market nichers. Here is a great article:

    The competition law was designed to avoid companies creating a market monopoly and stifle innovation, which would be detrimental to the rights of the Customers to expect better offerings. The law was specifically designed to encourage everyone to fiercely compete, even when it means over the same functionality and design, provided intellectual property such as utility (functional) and design patents as well as trademarks etc. are respected.

    How many Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul clones are out there in the guitar world and how many SM58 clones are available? How many cars or mobile phones look alike? It is not surprising that Gibson recently lost a substantial legal case trying to prevent others from making V-shape guitars or Fender, who lost all trademark cases related to their Stratocaster design.
    The reason is simple: the law encourages competition and provides maximum freedom for companies to engage head-on, all for the benefit of the Customer.

    We are spending large amounts of resources on innovation, which is reflected in products such as X32, XR18, Flow, DDM4000, etc. This made us the global market leader for analog and digital mixers and over the years we have built an extensive patent portfolio:
    However, we also clearly choose to follow successful brands and products, while adding more features and/or competing on price. Much of our innovation is invisible to the Customer as it relates to our highly advanced and automated design and manufacturing processes and for that we are spending hundreds of millions of US$.
    For this reason, we have become strategic partners with Microsoft, Siemens, Adobe and many other Tier 1 companies as we are pushing for extreme digitization and automation.

    The follower marketing strategy is a very common business model in any industry, which is enabled by law to encourage competition. With our new Swing MIDI Controller, we followed an established concept, but of course wrote our own firmware with added functionality. However, these unique features will only come to life when we launch our free DAW.

    The free Music Tribe DAW will form the heart of an incredible eco-system, where all our controllers, synthesizers and drum machines etc. will integrate seamlessly, thus dramatically improve connectivity and workflow. This will make it incredibly easy for our Customers to create, edit and share their music.
    Only our upcoming controllers will feature total integration with our synthesizers, drum machines, digital mixers and other Music Tribe equipment, while also offering standard functionality with all 3rd party products.

    For anyone familiar with the industry landscape, Arturia has been cloned for years (Worlde MiniMidi, etc.), while the company has also been “borrowing” from others with their VST replicas of legendary hardware synths, open-source code from Mutable Instruments, the “Expressive Touche” controller or the registration of known “DX7” and “Synthi” marks. Equally, our own analog Xenyx mixers and many other products have been widely cloned.
    ¬We will absolutely continue to deliver innovative products but also follow our competitors as we expect our products to be cloned - fair play.

    We are very cautious when it comes to our follower approach and employ expert intellectual property firms to ensure our products stay within the boundaries of the law; we are committed to never intentionally infringe on other companies’ intellectual property.

    Many years ago, we were entangled in bitter lawsuits with Mackie and Pioneer, which we all won. But we also recently lost a case against Yamaha in China related to a simple fader knob design that involved a design patent we were unfortunately not aware of. We changed the design, we will pay the fees and move on. Notably, Yamaha themselves were sued by Dr. Dre over their headphone designs ( or entangled in other legal matters (, which clearly shows how competitive business is. The heated Apple versus Samsung disputes are a prime example.

    It is our Purpose and Mission to empower Customers who don’t have deep pockets and provide them with the best possible equipment at fair prices. We do understand that we are a fierce competitor and at times controversial as we’re relentlessly push the envelope.

    We would like to thank all our Customers who have supported us over the past 30 years. We are absolutely committed to continue to deliver the best possible products at the lowest possible cost.

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    • Behringer
      Nathan Wilson I dont understand why people are so touchy these days about all this! If there wasnt the competition like we get from yourselves/Behringer we would all be sitting in our studio's either with equipment that has probably crippled our finances, or no equipment priced out by companies like Roland/Korg etc who have done so for years. Its only more recent times where competition is fierce that it pushes the prices down for these companies to fight it out for our money.
      Comments i have seen where people have said " I was going to buy the MonoPoly but after this im not" is absurd. Good luck finding a Mono/Poly at the price point you can buy the Behringer one! - well, maybe if it was just a shell they might.

      Keep going!
      • Tue at 4:49 AM
      • Competition. The Facts.
        Laszlo Varju Roland, Moog deserves his fate, but Korg is a traditional cheap brand, and they producing their classics or something nearly in upgraded version. They producing MS-20, but Behringer made a fake version not for a reasonable price. There are the Minilogue, what is the modern but stil analogue version of MonoPoly, but more CHEAPER then Uli's copy.
        • Wed at 1:26 AM
    • Behringer
      Ben Clarke Well, I guess they have a fair point. I wasn't sure whether I supported the cloning of a current piece of hardware so blatantly but they have reminded me how often this happens and how it fairly contributes to competition.
      • Tue at 5:29 AM
    • Behringer
      Eric Chambone You can thank me with a new UMC1820 that already has issues after a couple months use.
      • Tue at 7:34 AM
      • Competition. The Facts.
        Behringer Hey Eric, so sorry to hear that you have issues with your interface. Have you already opened a support ticket to get that sorted out?
        • Tue at 7:39 AM
      • Competition. The Facts.
        Eric Chambone Nope. Goes back to the store and will buy from another brand that´s more reliable. Great interface if it weren´t for those poor components.
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        • Tue at 8:12 AM
      • Competition. The Facts.
        Tom Vogel You did the right thing. Eric. Behringer does not deserve our dollars right now.
        • Tue at 6:33 PM
      • Competition. The Facts.
        Nathan Wilson Had my UMC1820 for the last year and had zero issues. Even expanded with their ADAT and the UMC1820 runs smooth with all 16 channels simultaneously.
        • Tue at 11:42 PM
      • Competition. The Facts.
        Tom Vogel Hey Behringer, you suck right now. Your You tube page for the product says it all. Thousands of negative comments and shit you deserve. Fix this crap and take the product off market you A holes. Pathetic Response this is!
        • Wed at 7:14 AM
    • Behringer
      John Schussler The question most are asking isn’t “is it legal,” it’s “is it necessary?” You could have designed a very similar product without making it an exact copy and still had a successful offering. Cloning so directly comes off as lazy. Why didn’t you modify the physical design in any way? You have the capability....
      • Tue at 8:14 AM
      • Competition. The Facts.
        M p Who cares, copying a product is much cheaper than actually developing one. Also, this could be an entry for Behringer in a new sub-market so they prolly don't wanna spend too much. Moreover, keystep 32 costs the same amount of money, so this is not competitively priced and the market will show whether this will be a successful product or not. To me, lazy, is when you can't put a good encoder knob on your product (Arturia Beatstep Pro) and you sell it at high price. We have a free market, you only hear about products that are better sold to you, or with better marketing and not necesarilly "unique". I really do not care about whether Behringer copies products or not, these are tools for creativity and not football teams so no one should be a fanboy really, they're asking for your money and you hope they give you the best value for it back and thats about it. Keep going Behringer and any other company that clones stuff..
        • Tue at 9:11 AM
      • Competition. The Facts.
        John Schussler "Who cares"

        Lots of people care, hence the controversy.
        • Tue at 10:41 AM
    • Behringer
      Travis Spore Wow! That is some twisted thinking. Returning the couple things I just purchased--they just became "defective" weird right? And cancelled the modules I had on pre-order. What a disgusting way to do business.
      • Tue at 10:39 AM
  • New


    This is probably a simple answer but can I load my own drum samples from Splice into the Beheinger RD-8?

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  • New


    We’re very excited to introduce SWING, the first of many exciting new MIDI controllers/sequencers to come - all with cool features and at incredible prices.

    What makes us different? All our controllers are designed to automatically integrate with our future Music Tribe DAW which we target to launch next year and will be completely FREE of charge.

    Of course the SWING will also seamlessly work with any other DAW or MIDI equipment and it comes with a great ControlTribe app, which will be downloadable in the coming week. Price? 99 USD or 89 Euro. Shipping from our factory next week.

    What's the plan? Together with you, we’re committed to shake up the whole MIDI controller and sequencer market and for that purpose, we love to have your input what controllers and sequencers you’d like us to make.
    We hear you:-)

    #Behringer #SWING #32Keys #USB #MIDI #ControllerKeyboard

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  • New

    Dear Musictribe,

    Could u please make the x-touch editor available again? I cant seem to find it anywhere, all the links on the internet directing to the download lead me to the product page but there is no editor available. The encoders on my x-touch mini are working just fine but the buttons dont respond in studio one so i think i should make some adjustments in the editor. Holding the mc button to switch to mc doesnt seem to work either.
    Does anyone have some advice on this? Or if anyone has an alternative link to download the editor,
    it would be much appreciated! 

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  • New

    My power supply died and I'm looking to replace it where is a good place to purchase one?




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      Rex Beckett Hi Rod, I suggest that you open a Care ticket for this. At the top of this page, click Support then scroll down and select Parts. Make sure that you enter all required (*) data before clicking Submit. The Care team will respond by email.
      • Nov 18
  • 2020-10-24

    Whenever i press the "Layer A" or "Layer B" button, while already being on that particular layer, the positions of all knobs is being reset. This happens on any DAW and any computer from the very beginning.

    Movie showing the behaviour below:

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    • m g
      John Matthews Hi m g, thanks for the video. I'll send it along to our software team for investigation.
      • Oct 26
      • X-Touch Mini Bug
        m g Thank you.

        Just to add: The midi values of the encoders are also reset, so turning one afterwards makes the knob in the DAW "jump". It makes it unusable for a live situation.

        A workaround i found in Ableton Live is to disconnect and reconnect the controller so Live resends all the encoder positions.
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        • Oct 26
      • X-Touch Mini Bug
        m g Any feedback John?
        • Nov 9
      • X-Touch Mini Bug
        John Matthews Sorry, I'll chase this up today.
        • Nov 10
      • X-Touch Mini Bug
        John Matthews Would you be able to submit a tech support case via the support button please, it will make our correspondence easier should the dev team need more info. If you could put the subject as FAO John Matthews I'll be sure to pick it up. Thanks
        • Nov 10
  • 2020-10-20

    How do I update the firmware on a Behringer 49?

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  • 2020-10-03

    Hello, is there a way to get the x-touch editor software online? I bought my xtouch extender used and it didnt come with any cd or anything. What I want to do is change some of the buttons from toggle to momentary.

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    • Zane Blanchard
      Jordan Nash Hi Zane. The Editor software is available on the product pages for the Compact and Mini, but this won’t help you with the Extender or X-Touch Universal. The Extender and full size X-Touch are designed to work exactly like their Mackie equivalents and are not editable except for firmware updates (through a SysEx utility). You’ll have to do any remapping in your DAW or NLE software.
      Another option is to get add the Compact if you need the customization. This will give you 8 more faders and a whole bunch of encoder knobs and buttons. Personally, I recently got a used full-size X-Touch to go along with my Extender and stopped using my Mini on my workstation.
      • Oct 3
      • X-Touch EDITOR
        Zane Blanchard And unfortunately the x-touch compact is just too big for the space limitations of my personal setup.
        • Oct 4
    • Zane Blanchard
      Zane Blanchard So is it even possible to make the buttons temporary with a software like Bome Midi Translator? Understanding you may not have knowledge of that but does the controller itself have that capability somewhere?
      • Oct 4
  • 2020-09-28

    Hi,  has any one experiecned this?  Using my Crave in Ableton and when I connect it via usb and hit a key, either on the Crave itself or using my launchkey mini, I get a squealing feedback type sound almost immediatly after the note.  I have to then switch the Crave off and on again to get rid of this insane noise.   This doesnt happen when I go via the midi in, which is ovioulsy what I will do from now on.  So it's usable but confusing and annoying!  Any ideas?



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    • Maeve Devine
      David Knighton Hello Maeve Devine,
      Would you be able to capture this problem on video? I think this would be a great way pass on to our developers. Post a download link to your video in a reply post and we'll investigate. If it's something we need to work on, then it'll take some time before an update is released.
      • Sep 28
      • Behringer Crave squealing feedback  type sound when usb is connected.
        Maeve Devine Hi David. Cheers for the reply. Yes I can do that. I'll get on it asap. Cheers. M
        • Sep 29
      • Behringer Crave squealing feedback  type sound when usb is connected.
        Maeve Devine Ok here's a video. I've got it running through a Stienberg sound card and a mixer before the speakers in this, but I repeated the process right after with the Crave line Out going direct to a little practice amp / speaker and it was just the same. This is literally my first synth so its entirely possible that I'm making some rookie error (which I'll pleased about if that is the case) but I have no clue why this is happening. PS, I'm using this with Ableton (Live 10 trial version) and it seems to be working ok when I connect it with just a midi cable.... Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated. I really love the sounds I've coaxed out of this thing so far and I'm looking forward to getting more familiar with it once this problem is resolved. Thanks M
        • Sep 29
    • Maeve Devine
    • Maeve Devine
      David Knighton Hello Maeve, Thanks for providing the link. I can clearly hear something is not right when the USB is plugged in.
      Does is matter whether or not the SynthTool is open/running on the computer?
      What happens if all apps are closed, does it respond the same way?
      If a firmware update is available for the Crave, I would recommend running it via SynthTool to see if changes anything. You can find the SynthTool version 2.4.1 under SOFTWARE on the Crave product page here." target="_blank" title="" target="_blank" title="">">">
      Let me know if this changes anything. If not, I'll raise a software /bug report with the developers.
      • Sep 30
      • Behringer Crave squealing feedback  type sound when usb is connected.
        Maeve Devine Hi David. I did as you suggested and it seems that the issue has been resolved. I'm wondering if maybe I was getting feedback from something I'd routed wrong in the rest of my signal chain. Who knows?! Any way, my Crave is behaving itself again. Thank you for your time. Best wishes.
        • Oct 1
  • 2020-09-14

    Self explanatory - I'm looking to get a new mac and need to know if the X-touch will work with Catalina - there is no clear statement about support, but the device works without me installing any drivers on High Sierra. If it's a class compliant MIDI device I'd find it odd if it didn't still work.

    Can any current users report if they have it running already?

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    • Nathan Shepperd
      Kyle Johnson Hello, Kyle with Music Tribe here. Yes, the X-TOUCH is compatible with Mac OS Catalina 10.15
      • Sep 14
    • Nathan Shepperd
      Chris Janton Works fine here - I have been using X-Touch, XR18, X-Air Edit, and Logic Pro X quite nicely on Catalina. No drivers required
      • Sep 16
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