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    My motor 61 has a preset pitch bend range of +- 2 semitones. I would like to change it to 12 (a full octave). Manual doesn't help. Can anybody help?

    Thank you in advance

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    Hi I am looking for a detailed user manual for the crouch. I can find the QSG and the MIDI documentation, but nothing more detailed on the use of the controller. Am I missing something?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hello everybody,

    I hope all of you are doing good. Well, I just don't know what else to do with this pedal. I configure everything but I can't midi map with Ableton. I am on Mac and using a MIDI to USB cable, but it doens't work. I saw many videos and everybody are using generic MIDI to USB cable and I don't think is the cable because someone test the pedal on Windows and I saw the IN and OUT signals working, so I don't know else to do.

    Is there an specific MIDI to USB cable in order to work on Mac?

    Basically, I just need the pedal for looping. I hope someone can help.

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    • Manumus1c
      NicJonesMT Hi Manumus1c.
      If you are using Windows Download MIDIOX, Mac Sysex Librarian, and connect the FCB to your computer (Ensure no other apps are open). Once you have done this you can then monitor if the FCB is sending MIDI information to your computer via your USB to MIDI cable. This will then let you know if it is a configuration issue with Ableton, The interface or the FCB not sending messages, and from there we can advise further. If you click support at the top of the page and scroll down to the Tech support option, and provide the results of the above we can then advise you further.
      Please be aware as we don't manufacture these cables we can't really recommend which one you should buy.
      • June 6, 2021
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    I am considering moving to the awesome unbelievable B3-X plugin!!.
    Tried to control it via CC MIDI command and I have encountered some difficulties:
    I am using the Behringer MOTOR49 MIDI controller.

    1. Set the MIDI controller to MIDI CH1
    2. Set the Modulation Wheel to CC1 (Leslie Speed).
    3. Tried to set Modulation Wheel Min Max values to "0" & "1".
    4. Tried to set Modulation Wheel Min Max values to "0" & "127".
    5. Tried to set Drum Ped to "0" & "1"

    In all cases, Leslie speed went High speed but couldn't be set back to Low speed
    The latch was not set (in B3-X MIDI setup window).
    Similarly tried to set Drawbars to MIDI Controller's faders also by using Learn Mode - No success.

    I could see in my DAW (FL Studio 20.0) Debug window that commands are being received.

    Any idea what am I doing wrong?

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    • Eth123
      NicJonesMT Hi Eth123.
      Please submit a technical support ticket and we can then look into this.
      Please ensure that you provide either a short video that shows how your have your system setup, or some screenshots that show this.
      • May 30, 2021
    • Eth123

      Hi NicJonesMT I wonder if you got my reply -and questions. is there something missing? appreciate your support. Thanks

      • June 1, 2021
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    Is there an authorized repair facility for out of warranty TC Voicelive Touch 2  in the Los Angeles CA area? Trying to send midi to Logic Pro X, signal not appearing. Same setup with Behringer UC 440 works fine. Anyone had this problem?

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    • deckerrexx
      NicJonesMT Hi Deckerrexx
      If you click support at the top of the page and submit a Service request, a member of the US service team will be able to advise you further.
      • May 14, 2021
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    Buongiorno ho bisogno di fare un reset alle impostazioni di fabbrica della tastiera behringer umx61

    Ho seguito le istruzioni del manuale ma sicuramente sbaglio qualcosa.

    Mi può aiutare qualcuno? Grazie 

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    Any news about Bcr32?

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    • Stuker
      DavidKnighton Hello Stuker,
      No official updates yet on the BCR32. We announced the product in Jan. 2021, and that was merely 4 months ago. It will take a bit longer than a few months to bring the product to market, as it needs to go through several phases of development, manufacturing, and testing before the first units start shipping.
      • May 5, 2021
      • BCR 32
        Stuker After 1 year and 2 months.. any news?
        • Mar 4
    • Stuker
      mozart999uk Any news on the dimensions?
      • Feb 24
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    If that is the case, how is it possible to control more than one MIDI device?

    If you put more than one MIDI device on the same MIDI channel, and they share controller parameters (which they will), then you cannot control them independently. 

    Can someone please clarify. Surely this cannot be the case.

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    Still haven't received my tracktion activation code yet. My tickets keep being closed but nobody contacts me or sends my code. 

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    • fusseltier
      KyleJohnson Hello, if you can please send me a message with one of your case numbers I will look into this issue for you.
      • April 12, 2021
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    I've registered twice and still haven't received my tracktion activation code. 

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