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  • 2020-09-28

    Hi,  has any one experiecned this?  Using my Crave in Ableton and when I connect it via usb and hit a key, either on the Crave itself or using my launchkey mini, I get a squealing feedback type sound almost immediatly after the note.  I have to then switch the Crave off and on again to get rid of this insane noise.   This doesnt happen when I go via the midi in, which is ovioulsy what I will do from now on.  So it's usable but confusing and annoying!  Any ideas?



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    • Maeve Devine
      David Knighton Hello Maeve Devine,
      Would you be able to capture this problem on video? I think this would be a great way pass on to our developers. Post a download link to your video in a reply post and we'll investigate. If it's something we need to work on, then it'll take some time before an update is released.
      • Sep 28
      • Behringer Crave squealing feedback  type sound when usb is connected.
        Maeve Devine Hi David. Cheers for the reply. Yes I can do that. I'll get on it asap. Cheers. M
        • Sep 29
      • Behringer Crave squealing feedback  type sound when usb is connected.
        Maeve Devine Ok here's a video. I've got it running through a Stienberg sound card and a mixer before the speakers in this, but I repeated the process right after with the Crave line Out going direct to a little practice amp / speaker and it was just the same. This is literally my first synth so its entirely possible that I'm making some rookie error (which I'll pleased about if that is the case) but I have no clue why this is happening. PS, I'm using this with Ableton (Live 10 trial version) and it seems to be working ok when I connect it with just a midi cable.... Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated. I really love the sounds I've coaxed out of this thing so far and I'm looking forward to getting more familiar with it once this problem is resolved. Thanks M
        • Sep 29
    • Maeve Devine
    • Maeve Devine
      David Knighton Hello Maeve, Thanks for providing the link. I can clearly hear something is not right when the USB is plugged in.
      Does is matter whether or not the SynthTool is open/running on the computer?
      What happens if all apps are closed, does it respond the same way?
      If a firmware update is available for the Crave, I would recommend running it via SynthTool to see if changes anything. You can find the SynthTool version 2.4.1 under SOFTWARE on the Crave product page here." target="_blank" title="" target="_blank" title="">">">
      Let me know if this changes anything. If not, I'll raise a software /bug report with the developers.
      • Sep 30
      • Behringer Crave squealing feedback  type sound when usb is connected.
        Maeve Devine Hi David. I did as you suggested and it seems that the issue has been resolved. I'm wondering if maybe I was getting feedback from something I'd routed wrong in the rest of my signal chain. Who knows?! Any way, my Crave is behaving itself again. Thank you for your time. Best wishes.
        • Oct 1
  • 2020-08-07

    Any had this problem or know how to troubleshoot it?


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    • David Romano
      Kyle Johnson Hi Dromano, Kyle from Music Tribe here. A couple of things to check 1. Try a different USB Cable 2. Make sure you are connected directly over USB to your Mac, not using a USB Hub or Adapter 3. Try with and without the UMC404HD Power supply connected 4. If you have access, test the UMC404HD with a different computer to confirm the interface is functioning correctly
      • Aug 7
      • my mac's sound system can't see my Behringer UMC404HD inteface
        David Romano Thanks, Kyle: I tried the UMC404HD with another Mac (2018, High Sierra), the same USB cable connected directly to the laptop, and with no power supply connected, and the interface was instead visible. The only difference in the configuration was the laptop, which is a 2012 Mac running El Capitan. What's strange is that the Behringer was visible until we changed the RAM from 4GB to 16GB, so I wonder whether more memory meant less power to the Behringer (which was never visible when the power supply was connected.)
        • Aug 7
  • 2020-07-22



    In our band, other than bass, guitar, and accoustic drum, we also have an audio interface, 1 drumpad, and 1 midi KB, since the drumpad and midi kb need sound samples from computer, what's the proper connection order among them(XR18, audio interface, drumpad, and midi kb,they all have midi I/O and usb)?


    thank you

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    • rohb804
      Alexander Lane You can use the XR18 as the audio interface with the USB connection, and set pass though for midi to the computer too. (see attached image)

      In doing this, you can remove the audio interface from the setup :)

      For the keyboard and drum pad, set drum pad to midi channel 10 and keyboard to another.

      Do the MIDI devices have Midi THRU?

      If so you can daisy chain both into the XR18 input, otherwise, grab a MIDI Thru box to chain them together.

      You will then be able to select the relevant midi channel on each track in your DAW on the PC.
      • Jul 22
  • 2020-07-03
    I am using the following setup x18 mixer with the X-Air app on the Ipad Ipad running Camelot Pro MODX8 Native INstruments A61 Set up 4 port hub plugged into the IPAD A61 and MODX8 plugged into the hub Midi CAble (5 pin) from MODX out to X18 Midi in. Microphone into X18 I have 2 main snapshots 1 - vocal mic is sent to main output 2 - vocal mic is removed from the main mix and re routed to the MODX AD input 1 via Bus 1 which then treats this as the source for a vocoder Camelot Pro is doing a really good job on controlling the programme changes to the modx and also acting as a bridge for the A61 to also control specific channels. Camelot pro also allows for midi programme changes, which I know the x18 can accept. The reason for the request is that i am I do not want the vocoder on all songs, however when not used as a vocoder I need the same mic to act as a standard vocal mic. I could potentially have 2 mics and remove the vocoder source from the mix however the Idea would be to have the single mic covering both jobs and when the song is chosen in camelot pro, the programme change would change to the relevant snapshot./ Can anyone help.
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    • ROb Walling
      Rex Beckett Midi Program Change 1-64 on channel 1 will load X18 Snapshots 1-64. You need to enable DIN RX on Setup -> Audio/Midi.
      • Jul 3