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    Hi, does anybody know if you can set different midi channel numbers for different presets. If you can, how do you do it.

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    Need some help, midi from the rd8 to rd6 & Td3 was working but now it's not triggering anything from the rd6 or Td3. 
    Any suggestions be much appreciated 

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    • Vigvig
      Ntrsn Hello . Your question is not very clear . Do you mean midi note triggering or clock sync ?
      • October 11, 2021
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    Hi gang,


    ive lost midi from RD8 to RD6 toTD3

    can anyone help?

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    Hi gang,


    ive lost midi between the machines and can't seem to fix it. Can anyone give me some tips?

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    Hi! Can anyone advise? My TD3 resonance knob needs replacing, it's out of warranty.

    Does anybody know what part nunber it is, or where i can find it? The potentiometer

    When turning quickly, it makes a loud crackling sound. Less bad if turned very slowly. A spray of contact cleaner helps fix the problem for about 15 minutes, then the crackle returns. 


    Thanks in advance!

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    • stormfield
      DavidKnighton Hello stormfield,
      it sounds like your potentiometer could use a lubricant instead of cleaner. Some cleaners claim to lubricate as well, but don't believe the hype. At any rate, you will need to submit a SPARE PARTS request to see if you can order the correct pot. The part number is I03-00002-21350. It is a mono 50 K-Ohm B taper. Click the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page, then scroll down and click the SPARE PARTS tile to submit a request. We have 200 pieces available currently in USA.
      • March 2, 2021
    • stormfield
      stormfield Hi Dave, thanks for the quick reply. re: the potentiometer lubricant - what brand/name of spray would you recommend for this? I could try that before going the component route
      • March 2, 2021
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    I just bought a td-3 and have spent the last 5 hrs trying to get it to recognize midi via 5 pin din. I have ableton, and don't have any issues using it with the td-3. I have a model cycles as well and the td-3 syncs nicely using the "trig" clock input from the model cycles midi out but will not recognize the 5 pin midi in from the model cycles. I have tried changing every midi setting in the model cycles to send midi. I have changed the the clock input to receive midi on the td-3 and tried using both the same midi channel and different ones on the td-3. It will not recognize midi 5 pin din either from my audio interface via ableton, or via the model cycles. What am I missing, or do I have a defective Td-3?

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    • Ovnet1
      DavidKnighton Hi Ovnet1,
      Are you using the SynthTribe tool with TD3 to change these settings? As far as I know, that is the only way to change between using MIDI Din and the patch I/O.
      • February 17, 2021
      • Behringer TD-3, Elektron model cycles sync
        Ovnet1 Yes, I have the SynthTribe tool and have used both it, and the manual way to switch between clock sources and PPQN. I'm at a loss honestly. I'm going to test it with a couple other pieces of gear to see if I can get it to recognize the Midi, if that doesn't work I suppose I'm going to chalk it up as defective and send it back and get a new one, unless someone comes up with something I haven't tried.
        • February 17, 2021
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    Any idea exactly what I need to do in order to set these up ? 

    been trying for a week now and it's still not working properly. 

    the force should usually sync midi devises but it's only synced with the sequencer and not the oscillation or the envelope. 

    I'm a newbie to setting up midi equipment. M


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    Hi there-

    I'm attempting to use a bass plugged directly through my Behringer UMC204HD into my laptop (W10 PC). However, I'm not getting any indication of input signal on the UMC device (no green light on 'SIG'). I've also tried plugging into channel 2 with the same result hooking up a condenser mic on both channels with no apparent signal either. I also connected the hardware to a powered USB port, but still no luck. I also have a Behringer UMC404HD, and that is producing the same results. I was wondering if signal was still passing, and attempted to record in my DAW (Studio One), but no signal was recorded. I can confirm that the PC sees the device(s).

    Setup for instrument: Bass-1/4" cable to Input 1/2, INST pressed in, tried both pressed in/out for Pad, Gain between 50-100% (I've tried using my guitars, as well as multiple cables too)

    Setup for mic: Mic-XLR to Input 1/2, Pad pressed/depressed, Phantom power on, Gain between 50-100%

    Drivers have been installed from Behringer's website.

    I rarely use the UMC device, and have only plugged it in a few times over the past few days repeating the steps I described above. When I've used it on a mac, it works perfectly. Any thoughts on what might be going on and how I might troubleshoot further? Thanks in advance.

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    • ericcmoss
      Nigel67 Hi Eric, have you tried the UMC on your MAC since finding that it wasn't working with Windows. As long as the unit is getting power through the USB (does the power light come on?) then you should be able to play your instrument and see signal on the meter. If you press the Direct Monitoring switch, you should be able to hear the instrument through your headphones. Try your MAC, and also on your Windows 10 computer, plug directly into a USB socket (try them all) as some USB hubs can cause issues.
      • January 5, 2021
      • UMC204HD/404HD - No input signal appearing
        ericcmoss Hi Nigel- I don't have a mac personally, but can confirm it's worked on my collaborator's mac. I've been able to get the UMC to work in the past (about 5 months ago) on my PC, which makes this issue more puzzling. However, what I'm really trying to determine is if the UMC requires either a certain amount of power (e.g. from USB) or the correct software configuration for signal to show up on the UMC meter.
        • January 6, 2021
      • UMC204HD/404HD - No input signal appearing
        Nigel67 The maximum power consumption mentioned in the Quick Start Guide is 2.5 watts. I do not have any exact figure, but there will be quite a bit of headroom included in the 2.5 watts. You didn't mention whether the power LED is lighting on the unit. If you are using phantom power, is the red LED lit above the power LED? Maybe the first place to start, is turn the phantom power off, and try putting audio from a phone / ipod into one of the inputs and seeing if that lights the signal LEDs. The unit here, when I plug the USB cable in, the signal leds switch on for a few seconds and then go off. Do you get any signal LEDs when you plug the usb in. Have you tried any of the other USB sockets on your computer? Do you have a mixture of USB 3 and USB 2 connectors. Try the USB 2.
        • January 7, 2021
      • UMC204HD/404HD - No input signal appearing
        Octa101077 hi Nigel, my UMC404HD suddenly can't be read by my PC. even though the led light remains on (not the phantom led). I've tried switching the usb channel but it's still the same. I tried it with my Win10 laptop, it's still the same. how should i be?
        • January 14, 2021
      • UMC204HD/404HD - No input signal appearing
        Nigel67 Has your computer performed a Windows 10 patch upgrade since it last worked, or have you installed any other units or software? If you go into Bluetooth and other devices on your computer, is the ASIO driver showing up in Audio Devices? If not, then I would suggest uninstalling the ASIO driver and re-installing it. Are you using a USB hub. If so try plugging directly into the computer USB. Also try other USB ports. If the ASIO driver is showing up in Audio devices, then it could be an issue with your DAW. May need to re-install
        • January 15, 2021
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    Hi All,

    I have recentley pruchsed a TD3 but cann ot seem to get it come through Logic Pro.

    I am using Komplete Audio 6 & have the TD3 plugged in via USB & the going from the out port on the TD3  with a TRS cable & then into input 3 on Audio 6.

    When i open a software instrument on Logic it plays the pattern from the TD3 on that track but i cannot get the TD3 to play on its own track.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    A little bit more on how to take two patterns and merge them together to form one, I see a few videos but they do not touch on this.

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    • ralphiedee
      PedroRodrigues Hi ralphiedee, If you want to edit any patterns stored on the Behringer TD-3 using the Behringer Synth Tool app, select the Pattern group, Pattern section, and Pattern where the pattern is stored, then click Recall.
      There are two components to a pattern: the rhythm and changing the pitch’s attributes (accent, transposition, etc.). You can create up to 250 user patterns, but only 16 can be used at a time: 8 on Pattern Section A and 8 on Pattern Section B.
      To enter the pattern rhythm
      Use the Mode knob and select Write.
      Press the pattern group (A or B) and select the pattern number (1-8) you want your pattern to reside.
      Hold function + press step to select the number of steps you want the pattern to be (i.e., hold the function button, then press the step button four times to create a four-step pattern).
      You can have up to 16 steps per pattern.
      Press Pitch to enter pitch mode.
      Use the silver and black keys to enter the pitch.
      Press the time mode button, then use the transpose up to enter 16th notes, and transpose down to enter triplets to enter the rhythm.
      It will automatically exit time mode once the amount of steps has been reached (i.e., after entering the fourth step, you will automatically exit time mode)
      All rhythms are based on 16th notes.
      Edit pattern pitches

      If you need to change a pitch in your pattern, you will need to go into pitch mode and go through each step manually.

      Press PITCH MODE to return to the start of the pattern.
      Press WRITE/NEXT to play the notes one at a time.
      Press BACK to go back to the last note played.
      Enter the new note.
      Hold either TRANSPOSE button and then press the note.
      Press WRITE/NEXT until all notes have been played.
      Press FUNCTION to exit.
      Change the pitch attributes

      Press the Pitch mode button.,
      Press the press Write/Next to go through the steps.
      Press and hold the Write/Next button, and press the silver Transpose, Accent, and Slide to apply the parameter to the selected step.
      Once you’re finished, turn the Mode knob to Pattern Play.
      Pattern tips

      Press Start/stop and Clear at the same time to create a random pattern.
      While a pattern is playing, press the Clear button to turn on the metronome. Once the metronome begins playing, you can just tap your rhythm in.

      Create tracks using patterns
      Once you’ve created your patterns, you can then assign them to tracks. There are a total of seven tracks you can create.
      Use the Track Pattern group knob to select the track your pattern(s) will be played. There are seven tracks to choose from.
      Turn the mode wheel up to Track Write, then press Bar Reset.
      Press start and select the first pattern you want in your track.
      Press the next pattern you want on your track, then press Write/Next.
      Once you’re finished creating your track, press Clear, Write/Next, then Start/Stop.
      Turn the Mode knob to Track Play to hear the arrangement.
      I hope this helps
      • December 10, 2020
    • ralphiedee
      ralphiedee Yes this helps but the last piece to the puzzle for me would be to know if I could play a pattern off my keyboard, record the midi notes in Ableton then be able to copy those notes into the 303 using the sync tool so I could then add the accents or slides and transposing if any. Now al I can do is to put both screens up and copy by eye. ???
      • December 10, 2020
      • Behringer 303 sync tool 2.4.0 questions
        PedroRodrigues Hi ralphiedee please be aware that you will be able to play a pattern off your keyboard and record the midi notes in Ableton, but you need to implement that on the Abelton side. Regarding the ability to copy those notes into the 303 using the sync tool that will not be possible. Thank you
        • December 11, 2020
    • ralphiedee
      ralphiedee I figured that thx
      • December 11, 2020
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