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  • 2020-09-17

    Firmware 1.1.55

    Editor 4.2.0

    Serial# S200500096D9M

    Mac Pro running 10.14.6

    12 core 64 GB Ram

    The Duplicate function has worked a couple of times for a few minutes, then won’t work at all most of the time. It’s completely unpredictable, but mostly doesn’t work. See my thoughts below on this crippled function.

    I have calibrated my Yamaha FC7 pedal several times. I actually got it to work for about 2 minutes before it spontaneously stopped working. When it was working the software scaling for the exp pedal did absolutely nothing, also the short time it worked the values went from 1-100 in the first tiny 10-20% of pedal travel, making it useless, even if it did work. Sometimes in the editor the dot with the circle is stuck at the top position and can’t be moved, sometimes it can, but it doesn’t end up having any effect at all in any case. I have used an exp pedal for years with various Strymon, Helix, Eventide etc units and now I can’t use one at all. Super disappointing.

    On multiple  occasions a pedal slot would spontaneously change parameters when I was doing nothing but playing guitar. E.G. - a fast flanger warble spontaneously slowed way down to a slow flange. This has happened on different pedals and always while I’m not touching any controls, just playing guitar. this has happened 4 or 5 times and every time while I’m not touching any control, switch, pedal, etc - just playing.

    Once when adding a compressor to an empty slot the Plethora freaked out with all the lights flashing and acted like it was booting up over and over. It took 3 power cycles to get it to stop. Yes, I’m using the factory supplied AC adapter.


    Mimiq seems completely unsupported. The Plethora is always more wonky with Mimiq involved and the software doesn’t recognize it at all. 

    Thoughts on the half-baked Duplicate function:

    The Duplicate function would be infinitely more usable if you could select the board slot you’re duplicating to - in other words a simple copy and paste function. Say I want to copy board 22 to slot 54 - the way it is now, I have to Duplicate on the Plethora (works maybe 30-40% of the time) which places the copy in whatever slot happens to be open, then switch to the software to drag it to where i want it to be. I also have to delete or move a board to “make room” for the copied board. So many steps to do something that should be trivial. All that would have to be done, would be to make the board switch active to select the slot to duplicate to, or overwrite.

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    •  Phil Brown
      Phil Brown I forgot to mention if USB is connected, then MIDI (5 pin) doesn't work. Spent about 2 hours troubleshooting before I finally guessed the solution.
      • Thu at 5:54 AM
  • 2020-09-15

    Hi - do we know when Polytune Clip will be available again in the UK - I know there were some supplier probelms back in July?

    I need a new tuner and would rather wait to get what appears to be the best than settle for a lesser device if they will be available soon :-)

    Will there be both black and white models avaialble when they are back on sale?

    Many thanks!

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    • MaxWhite
      MaxWhite I see some shops are indicating over 3 months expected wait, and others 4 or 5 weeks.
      • Tue at 2:45 AM
  • 2020-09-15

    Are there any plans to allow external footswitches to be utilized? I connected my little 2 button switch i use with the Line 6 HX Stomp, (on that unit I use one button for tuner and one for tap tempo) just for fun, into the expression jack. Didn't show up in Toneprint editor as an assignable option of course :/
    ANYHOO, I presume this is something everyone would want.

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    • immyjay666
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi immyjay666 Please be aware that you can use the INSERT (SEND/RETURN) to incorporate external effects pedals or rack units into the PLETHORA X5 internal signal chain by using unbalanced cables with ¼" TS connectors.
      You can also use the EXP to connect external expression pedals with a ¼” TRS connector.
      I hope this helps.
      • Tue at 12:35 AM
      • PLETHORA X5 external switches
        immyjay666 Thanks for reply, Pedro! Yes I know about the effects loop, but I am asking about using external footswitches.
        On Line 6 and Fractal products (as well as most digital modelling devices and effect processors) you can connect a footswitch where you would normally connect an expression pedal, and you can assign the footswitch buttons to functions on the unit. Scroll boards/presets up or down, activate tuner, tap tempo, engage a specific effect, etc etc.
        • Tue at 4:44 PM
      • PLETHORA X5 external switches
    • immyjay666
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi immyjay666, thank you for your reply,please be aware that with the PLETHORA X5 its not possible to connect external effect pedals but you can connect expression pedals to the unit.
      • Wed at 1:36 AM
      • PLETHORA X5 external switches
        immyjay666 yes sir, thanks Pedro. But that's not what I am asking. Not effect pedals. I am asking about External footswitches...which are in effect, a kind of expression pedal but with momentary switches that would be assigned to two ends of a "range" (similar to the sweep on an expression pedal). Most digital units, even older ones like Digitech GSP1101, can utilize external footswitches.
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        • Wed at 6:26 AM
    • immyjay666
      Nigel Turner Plethora X5 does not currently support any external footswitches, however the design team are discussing the possibility of adding this option. It is only in the discussion phase so please do not expect anything soon.
      • Thu at 6:01 AM
  • 2020-09-14

    Hello All, 

    The last official word was the 1.2 update was due later in the summer. Any update on when it will be released? Summer is officially over :)


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    • Zack Ruez
      Tc Mike hi Zack, the forthcoming 1.2 is currently in Beta and well on it's way. We will announce the release here once it is ready and the final feature set is confirmed.
      • Mon at 1:51 PM
    • Zack Ruez
      Zack Ruez That is a very ambiguous and open answer you gave there Mike. Ha Ha. You sound like a politician! :) Just kidding. Thanks for the Reply
      • Tue at 1:00 PM
    • Zack Ruez
      PastaMan Summer's not technically over yet....still have another week! :)
      • Tue at 1:51 PM
      • Plethora X5 1.2 Firmware Update
        Zack Ruez Ha ha. Depending where you are in the world!
        • Tue at 2:26 PM
    • Zack Ruez
      Tc Mike i think it is save to say, it will be technically autumn. :-) P.s. if you cannot wait and and want to try the latest 1.2 beta firmware, let me know and i hook you up...
      • Wed at 12:59 AM
  • 2020-09-14

    Hi, I have a polytune 2 mini that I got on the used market, it seems to work ok but when you click the footswitch it says BATT every 30 seconds or so, should I be worried?

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    • MrZurkon
      Nigel Turner Hi, have never come across this fault before. As there is no battery inside, I am wondering whether the power supply is on the edge of working and not. I can only think that the software was copied over from its big brother and the batt message was not removed. Do you have another psu that you can try. it needs to be 9volts 100mA or more centre negative. Let me know how you get on.
      • Mon at 10:01 AM
      • Polytune2 mini BATT warning?
        MrZurkon Hi Nigel, thanks, I changed the power cable out and that seems to have cleared it.
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        • Mon at 10:56 AM
  • 2020-09-13

    Hello, I have various TC Electronic FX pedals and was wondering whether TonePrint feature can be loaded to guitars with microphone or piezo pickups instead of the magnetic ones?

    I'm almost certain that piezo won't do, but how about the microphone?

    My guitars have both piezo as well as built-in microphone pickups.

    Thanx and cheers

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    • Tolouie
      Nigel Turner Hi Tolouie, unfortunately the Toneprint feature does not work with microphone or piezo pick ups. Another option would be to connect the mobile headphone output (may need an adaptor) into the pedal input and beam it that way. Hope this helps.
      • Thu at 6:07 AM
      • can TonePrint feature be used on guitars with microphone and piezo pickups?
        Tolouie Thank you indeed dear Nigel. Stay safe. Cheers
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        • Thu at 6:44 AM
      • can TonePrint feature be used on guitars with microphone and piezo pickups?
        Tolouie In fact the headphone out option is very handy at times I don't have my laptop with me. Thanks again
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        • Thu at 6:47 AM
  • 2020-09-12

    Hi, The output transformer in my Bugera G5 Infenium is damaged. Wher can I buy a new one.

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    • Reinier
      Nigel Turner Hi, please go to the support tab at the top of the page and submit a ticket to the spares team. One of my colleagues will then be able to get back to you with pricing and availability.
      • Sep 13
  • 2020-09-12

    Since Plethora X5 is pedal based, it does not have presets. 
    However we could link some pedals on some of the boards.

    Let's say we want an organ sound. We want to activate compressor, vibrato as well as octave pedals.
    We could choose one of the pedals as link master let's say octaver. If we press the octave pedal, then vibrato and compressor would turn on as well.

    What do you think?

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    • Yavuz AKYAZICI
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Yavuz AKYAZICI I’m not sure if is this what you are referring to and I will forward you Feature request to our R&D team but please be aware that the Drive pedals are at the heart of building your own tone, more than any other type of pedal, they are integral to which kind of Guitarist/Musician, as such, you the choice to integrate your own favorite pedals into the signal chain, with that in mind Plethora’s FX insert loop lets you add your preferred flavor of gain anywhere on the board you like, as an example you can use the insert for 4-cable method setup with your amplifier, letting you choose which effects go in front of your amp’s input and which effects live in your amp’s effects loop.
      • Mon at 12:03 AM
      • Plethora X5 new feature request
        Yavuz AKYAZICI Hi.. I know about the effects loop and you can indeed turn on many external pedals by turning on the fx loop. However, I was suggesting the ability to link 2 or 3 internal software pedals within plethora itself. Let's say you link a FB Delay 2, Vibrato & Octave subnup together for that organ sound you are going for. You want to use all 3 together for that sound. You need to turn on all 3 together and turn off all 3 together with one footswitch. I was talking about this kind of linking. I hope it makes sense. Thanks
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        • Mon at 4:56 AM
      • Plethora X5 new feature request
        Pedro Rodrigues Hi Yavuz It does ....Thank you very much
        • Mon at 6:25 AM
      • Plethora X5 new feature request
        the3nooges Yeah, I had asked for this same feature a week or so ago. Assign one of the 5 virtual pedals to control groups of others within a given board. Example: Pedal 3 turns on 4 and 5, while turning off 1 and 2. Etc, etc etc.
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        • Mon at 7:01 AM
      • Plethora X5 new feature request
        Pedro Rodrigues Hi the3nooges I member
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        • Mon at 10:14 AM
    • Yavuz AKYAZICI
      the3nooges Awsesome, thx! Hey, any inside scoop on when the .52 firmware gets released?
      • Mon at 10:55 AM
    • Yavuz AKYAZICI
      Tc Mike Hi Yavuz, Plethora support Midi CC for bypassing the effect slots on/off, so you could use a programmable midi foot controller to send a string of toggle commands for the Fx slots that you'd like to be active. ( Midi CC 102-106)
      • Mon at 1:59 PM
      • Plethora X5 new feature request
        Yavuz AKYAZICI Good to know.. I might use my other pedals to try this. If this could be available within plethora in the future, it would be awesome..
        • Tue at 6:31 AM
  • 2020-09-11

    Where can I find the manual for TonePrint 4.3.02?

    On line I have only found the version 2.0, on thr TC Electronic site I hane't found anything, does the manual for TonePrint 4.3.02 exist?

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    • Franco1953
      William Reichling Hello Franco, There is currently only one written manual. Most of the information in the manual is still relevant as far as editing features go. The tone print app is continually evolving with the release of new pedals and technology. There are a lot of useful youtube videos available about the functionality of version 4.
      • Sep 11
    • Franco1953
      • TC Electronic TonePrint 4.3.02
        Franco1953 Hello William, thanks for pointing out the video tutorials, I watched them both carefully but they didn't give me all the answers.
        I had an old version of the software with which I had created a custom TonePrint for my Arena Reverb and one for my FlashBack2.
        In the last few months I have bought other pedals and in these days I thought of checking the old ones and creating new custom TonePrints for all the pedals.
        The old executable crashed regularly, probably due to Windows 10 updates in the meantime, so I downloaded the new version 4.3.02.
        I have no idea where the old executable saved the TonePrints I had made and,
        not being able to load my custom TonePrints from the pedal to the PC I lost the work I had done for Arena Reverb and Flashback2.
        I now own seven pedals: Arena Reverb, FlashBack 2, Corona Chorus, Shaker Vibrato, Pipeline Tap Tremolo, Helix phaser, Hall of Fame 2 Reverb, and I've created a TonePrint for each.
        In order not to waste again the hours of work involved in defining the settings, I have found no other way than to make a series of print screens containing everything I might need one day to recreate the TonePrints with another PC or a new updated software.

        In the tutorial videos I have not found answers to these questions so I ask them to the Music Tribe:

        1. Where does it save the user's TonePrints? How can I do if I want to make a safety backup?
        2. Assuming that the software does not crash, if I change the PC, just copy the exe from the old PC to the new PC to recover my TonePrints?
        3. Since it is not possible to pass TonePrint from the pedal to the PC, why does the software not allow you to save a text file with all parameter values?

        I thank the Music Tribe in advance for their kind attention and wish everyone good music.
        • Sep 12
  • 2020-09-09

    My airplay ULG10 has stopped transmitting a signal even though both units turn on and since according to the lights. Have only used it 5 times.....????....any help would be greatly appreciated.  Can't seem to contact behringer directly.


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    •  Michael Jordan
      William Reichling Hello Michael, If you go to the support tab above and create a service ticket someone will contact you to trouble shoot this for you.
      • Sep 9
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