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  • 2020-02-18

    EQ700 is a wonderful eq pedal which is a must for a guitarist who has developed some ear for differentiating different 'tones'. 

    Please check the video for details.

    I hope to help sincerely. Please give thumbs up. 


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  • 2019-08-31

    Hi friends.

    I use all Behringer pedal setup with a MIC500Ultragain USB as my pre-amp.

    My pedal order is TO800>>HM300>>UM300>>DR400>>CS300>>NR300.

    My NR300 is always connected in looped mode. So technically, I connect my guitar output to pre-amp then to Noise gate. Please give a listen and send comments for the attached music.

    Thanks. Keep rolling!

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  • 2019-08-31

    Hi friends.

    From many pedals of Behringer if you pick UM300 and play from very low settings to higher ones, you will wish this is a must for any level of guitar player. If you are new player on tight budget, siply go for it. But patience is the key here. Always start playing with the lowest settings of all buttons. Get the desired volume level first, then start adding distortion as needed. 3 band eq is present. In addtion, you can set the Mid frequncy value exactly to match a song you like or to your own music. So this eliminated the need of more OD or disortion pedals and can give smooth to high gain volumes. Basically, it is designed as a High gain pedal, but can sound Low also with proper settings.

    Please share your thoughts. Keep rolling!

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  • 2019-08-31

    Well friends. Behringer makes these 2 pedals HM300 and HD300. Before buying think of the following:

    Your music flavour = rock, hard rock

    Go for HD300 and you can play anything from Hendrix to Sabbath to Twisted Sister to Motley Crue and some Megadeth or Slayer or Metallica also. But most of the times the Distortion and Gain Boost need to be kept beyond 12 O'clock for better results. If you do not have a Noise Gate (NR300), quite noise is generated in the end.

    Your music flavour = metal, thrash, hard rock

    Go for HM300 and keep the MID and BASS before 12 O'clock and play anything by any metal band and your own music. Even at high settings of Distortion and LEVEL, very less noise is induced. Turning up the MID and BASS also higher will definitely invite noise and using Noise Gate (NR300) would be helpful.

    Your music flavour = stoner, doom, alternative

    Go for both of these and make a combination of sounds from various settings. You can get the LOW frequencies boosted from HD300 and start with all settings low. Increase needed setting on each pedal in steps till you get the desired DULL sound.

    Thanks for listening. Share your thoughts for these 2 pedals also.

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  • 2019-08-31

    Hi everyone. I play guitar a little bit and have published 3 music albums on YouTube. Please check my new music album at website or by clicking directly on the link or from
    Please subscribe to my channel to keep it running and send your valuable comments. Make me a better guitar player than I am.

    I am interested in sharing my pedal order for a rock or hard rock or metal sound. If anyone is interested, please listen to my entire album, especially songs 6 onwards where my guitar sounds like the vocals and then suggest me any changes or additions or ask for my basic setup.

    Thanks. Keep rolling!
    - Shashank Sherkar aka Shash

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  • 2019-08-31

    Hi. I bought TM300 since I cannot invest in costly valve amps right now. By theory, this pedal should be our last pedal even after noise gate (I use NR300) into amp. But this sounded quite strange at at all modes and amp button positions. However, if placed in the start after my MIC500TubeUltragain into next pedal chain, the pedal gives good results. Does anyone has any suggestions? I can share my pedal chain image if needed so. Thanks. Please listen to my music on YouTube at

    Updated as on 01/11/2019

    TM300 can be used a standalone combo amp excluding speaker. Please stay tuned for my update on this matter with video review.

    And start giving some thubs up at least.

    It takes precious time and efforts to share real experiences with demo or preview videos. Also, please listen to at lest 2 songs from the video link given, comment in YouTube.


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  • 2019-07-09

    This pedal just rocks! But nothing is perfect. It has in two disadvantages for some:

    - huge
    - no battery compartment

    The input stage has a noise gate, where you can set the threshold but not the decay. Not perfect but comes in quite handy.

    You have two knobs for gain and master. The master volume works in a very clean way. The gain knob gives you the gain of a tube stage. From a tiny bit of crunch, a little more saturation to full distortion is there everything.

    The tone control consists of three knobs. Some folks hear some mid scooping, but I don't. You can easily take treble and bass down, if you want even more mids.

    The build quality is very decent. It has a sturdy metal case and the potis feel smooth.

    Best of all the flexibility of the sound. You can use them as booster to drive a tube amp into saturation or dial the tone of it's own real tubestage. And everything in between.

    And you can change the tube. I fine with mine, but you can find on youtube folks changing the tubes, getting something really impressive:

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  • 2019-07-09

    My only "problem" with this device, it reduces the noise only about 32 db. For that problem I got me a TC Electronics Sentry. But for all the folks, who are not stacking one gain stage on the other, this device will do the job.

    It is still in my signal chain, but in the end, where the Sentry already took care of that gainstages.

    The plastic case shouts out loud: CHEAP! But you find on youtube videos where folks try to destroy their oh so cheap behringer pedals and have to go to drastic measures to destroy the case. They take the normal abuse with any problems. Yes, you can run over the original boss pedal with a car and it will still work, but how often do you run over your pedals with a car?

    You have to modes: One completly mutes the signal, when you step on the switch. The other one works as noise gate, where you set threshold and decay. The threshold just is the needed volume, when the pedal opens the gate. The decay is the duration how long the gate stays open, when the level is under the threshold.

    If you need a simple mute switch or noise gate this pedal is simply a bargain you can't ignore.

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    • Alex Hartmann
      Shashank Sherkar

      I agree friend. But if you use this noise gate in looped mode, it gives the best results provided all other pedals are also from Behringer. I play Megadeth songs at tiny 7 O' clock settings on HM300 with TO800 (all 12 O'Clock) through this NR300 into my generic amp which goes into a AMD PC. Listen to me at by clicking directly on the link
      Please subscribe to my channel to keep it running and send your valuable comments. Make me a better guitar player than I am.

      Please share whether you are using the pedal in looped mode or not.

      Thanks. Keep rolling!
      - Shashank Sherkar aka Shash

      • August 31, 2019
  • 2019-07-07

    I got that Behringer SF300 fuzz pedal for a bass in combination with an octaver.

    This fuzz just does the job. I would have loved an additional blend knob, but the original Boss FZ-2 did not have one so the SF300 does not have one either.

    Steve Reis from "Does It Doom?" compared here both pedals and they are damn close:
    This is a very nice pedal, but it has (as the original) no subtlety. You can't dial in just a little bit effect, as you can do on some overdrives. When this thing is on, you get instant fuzz effect.

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