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    I received my Behringer Bi-Phase the other day.

    I purchased it from an official Behringer distributor in Vietnam - - sent to my home in the United Kingdom.

    Tried to register the product several times but there is no option of 'Bi-Phase' listed in the drop down menus.

    Is there a chance this will be rectified very soon, please?

    Kind Regards,

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    • TelboyD
      Dale_M Can I ask that you use another product so you can submit the form but advise us that you have a Bi-Phase -we can manually register the correct product our end. Once you have submitted please advise me here of the case number.
      • Jul 10
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    Hi! I bought the transmitter wireless a few months ago. I use it weekly. However, in the last few shows, I've noticed something that's been bothering me. During the show, I use it at specific times. So I don't leave it on all the time. I only call at specific times. Sometimes, there is no periodic frequency of when this happens, when connecting the receiver together with the transmitter, the receiver does not respond. Both in the "on" switch. While the transmitter initially flashes to pair, the receiver remains in a bypass-like mode. The green indicator LEDs do not light up and nothing works. As much as I try to go back and forth with the on/off switch, nothing works. When this happens, I need to connect the USB cable with the power supply. This way it turns on the lights in charging mode. Then I unplug the USB cable and try to turn it on. Only this way it will work normally again. As I said, there is no frequency of when this happens or how many times when using it this happens. In some shows, the same problem happened 2 times. Does anyone own or see something similar? Thanks.

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    • samucaroli
      WilliamR Hello Sam, William from music tribe here. I have reached out to you in the case you have opened.
      • Jul 1
      • Behringer Airplay Guitar AG10 - Does not connect/off/pair?
        samucaroli do you already have a solution?
        • Jul 4
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     Both pedals just stopped. Power supply works fine with other pedals. I really liked the TO808, VB400 I'm not bothered about. Won't be buying again after dieing before they make 6 months ?

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    • Simoon
      Dale_M Sorry to hear this, if you have your proof of purchase please contact us from the Support tab and raise a Technical ticket so we can assist with the warranty.
      • May 16
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    Hey there,

    Would be great for all guitar players to have an alternative, and a cheap one, to a freeze pedal like the EHX freeze.

    Behringer can do it!

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    Please get this message to the CE-1 Chorus pedal remake team. So I know exactly what a CE-1 in original condition should sound like, exactly. I know what to do with it, and could record some playing of it for you for possible guidance when you release demos. I'm not interested in trying to do the demo, but to offer you my opinion on how closely it sounds, functions, and reacts compared to the original. You should take me up on it, as there aren't many my age who had experience with the original in good condition. I got it free in 1980 when I was 20, from an older player. You can message me on FB at I hope you take me up on it. Thank you!

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    • shawnbehr1
      Dale_M Many thanks for your offer I will pass your comments over to the design team.
      • Apr 30
      • I'd like to help you test the CE-1. I am a guitarist who owned the original for thirty years.
        shawnbehr1 well, I haven't heard anything, about testing or release... Any news? Thank you.
        • Jun 25
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    is the 9v ac pwr cord on an older DR-600 still compatible with all Behringer pedals?

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    • Harlow1st
      NicJonesMT Hi Harlow1st.
      It should be yes. Before connecting though ensure that you check the Voltage, Amps and Polarity that the other pedals need to power up. If the specs dont match with the cable you have then don't use it.
      • Apr 4
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    Purchased this V-amp LX1 in 2009, the presets would not store...I tested the battery and it was dead so I replaced it with the same kind (CR2032) but still, any changes in presets will not store...please advise:)


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    Hi, I have been trying to get in touch with someone at your company in regards to becoming a reseller of Behringer and TC Electronics products. Why is it so difficult to talk to someone?

    I've emailed the retailsolutions people a couple times, and I have made several tickets to other areas, and I'm told that my information will be passed along, but still no contact. 

    Do you have a phone number to a sales department you can share? 

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    • rockfordsound
      PedroRodrigues Hi rockfordsound, thank you for your post, Can you please provide the case number via PM so I can assist on this matter. Thank you
      • Feb 4
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    Hi all,

    i have just purchased a HA-40R, but i need a compatible food switch pedal (to switch between Clean channel to Overdrive channel).

    Can you help me?

    Thanks in adv


    Daniele Bardi

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    • danielebardi
      Dale_M Hi there, I cannot see a Behringer footswitch for this but looking at Muziker who sell these amps, they reccomend users often buy this one:
      • Jan 20
    • danielebardi
      Clean I bought a regular footswitch for my HA-40R, but it automatically switches off the reverb when plugged in. Is that a problem more people encountered, or is it dependent on the switch pedal?
      • Feb 21
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    Hello all, 

    i am trying so hard to find a large replacement knob for the main dial on my old BTR2000. I've tried messaging on here and haven't gotten anything back. Any information would be appreciated; thanks!

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    • thachiefkeif
      WilliamR Hello, please click on the Support link above and create a parts ticket and someone will contact you directly as soon as possible.
      • Jan 12
      • Knob for BTR2000
        thachiefkeif William, thank you for your response. I have been waiting around a year now to have some sort of correspondence with this… I have now set two different tickets and the first one was ‘resolved’ even though I didn’t end up ever being contacted about how to get said knob. I guess the dude figured out what item number it was but that’s as far as it ever got. How will I be contacted about my ticket, and when can I expect this? I am literally just trying to get a piece of tiny plastic so I can sell this thing.
        • Jan 13
      • Knob for BTR2000
        thachiefkeif Hey still haven’t heard back and my ticket hasn’t been answered. Just checking in…
        • Feb 4
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