• 2020-08-04

    10 band programable EQ would be fantastic. (With maybe 12db of boost) Like the Source Audio Programmable EQ or BOSS EQ-200.

    That way we can bring our own drive and still modify the sound on the fly with the Plethora for scoops and leads etc........ (Phonebooth sounds, who knows)

    Thank You

    Also...... Viscus Vibe and Phaser are much/much needed, please make them happen soon.


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    • warddoug
      Nigel Turner Hi warddoug, many thanks for your enhancement request. I will forward this on to the design team for future releases of firmware.
      • Tue at 12:02 AM
    • warddoug
      nadampski Definitely 100% certainly totally absolutely indubitably please please please YES to this!!!! My Chapman Stick has no tone-cut so this would be wúnderbar!
      • Tue at 5:59 AM
    • warddoug
      Nigel Turner I have passed the information on, so can only wait and see what happens
      • Wed at 8:33 AM
  • 2020-08-04


    I own an X5 and was using it in stereo through 2 Quilter Labs Tone Block 200 amps.The MIMIQ when run after preamp pedal (ISP THETA Pre) in the loop, absulutely wrecks the tone of the original signal. Both Left and Right stereo are very harsh. Without MIMIQ still sounded great, clicked MIMIQ on and YIKES!!! Ear Splitter. (No matter what settings on MIMIQ) Before FX loop it still sounded OK (MIMIQ) But that kinda defeats the prupose of the MIMIQ sending different signals (Original and AI enhanced) left and right.

    This was one of the big reasons I chose the Plethora X5 in the first place.

    I used to use an actual MIMIQ pedal to stereo split my guitar and run into 2 amps. I absolutely love the double tracking AI as it doubles guitar nicely. So I understand how it's supposed to sound/work.



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    • warddoug
      Nigel Turner I will pass on your comments to the design team and ask them for some feedback. It is holiday time in Denmark so it may not be straight away. Please bear with me.
      • Tue at 12:05 AM
      • Plethora X5 MIMIQ Issues
        Nigel Turner A colleague from the design team said that he would send you an e-mail regarding this
        • Tue at 7:04 AM
  • 2020-08-02

    Has the possibility of a tone print fuzz been discussed for the plethora? As a fuzz lover, I'd love to have this ability.

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  • 2020-07-27


    is it possible to power the Spark Boost (4 knobs) with 12VDC supply without damaging the unit?

    I want to pair it with a preamp that is 12VDC powered and I would avoid to use two power supply.




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    • iacovitti
      William Reichling Hello, I don't recommend using anything Higher than DC 9 volt Negative tip. Anything higher could damage the pedal.
      • Jul 28
    • iacovitti
      Paul Scott Hey, your Spark Booster will work at 12V but as previously stated, we don't recommend using anything above 9V.
      • Jul 29
  • 2020-07-24

    cambiando il mio Mac vorrei ricaricare il plugin Polytune per Logic Pro ma non ricordo la procedura

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  • 2020-07-24

    I am in a four piece band where the lead singer can't sing an play guitar at the same time, which means that he only plays guitar when he doesn't sing, e.g. during intros and when we play solos. Therefor I have been using harmonizers for a long time to emulate a second guitar player who is playing 3rd harmoncs when we do parts with guitar harmonies (like Thin Lizzy etc.) and other devices (incl Mimiq) to emulate doubling of rhythm guitars. 

    To control all this has been using a slightly complicated MIDI controlled switching system and my rig has developed into somehting you would associate with David Gilmour... and I have been looking for a multi effect unit to simlify my rig consierably but without compromizing too much on the sound. Unfortunatly I couldn't find anything good enough until Plethora X5 was released.

    There are tons of good advanced digital effects processors in the market, but what I think sets Plethora X5 apart is how well it can help you to emulate a second guitar player in the band, thanks to the quality of the Harmonizer and the Mimiq doubler, which is exactly what I need.

    But most people who use stereo guitars need to switch between stereo and just the main amp (i.e. one amp) for smaller mono sounds. In our case, that would be when the other guitar player plays, but also in songs which sounds better with just one guitar, or where Mimiq doesn't sound right.

    But unfortunatly there is no way of getting mono out of Plethoras ourputs when both outputs are connected, which makes everything really complicated for us who are using Plethora in stereo with two amps wide apart in the backline. This means that I can only use PX5 for stereo sounds and then I need to use my existing switch in my old mono effects (which I wanted to eliminate to reduce ths size of the rig) when playing in mono (i.e. with one amp).

    A simple additional mono summing stomp box in Plethora X5 with a stereo/mono switch and output level would solve all stereo/mono switching problems and would fit more player who use stereo out to double amps. That would be a good enough sollution even though stereo/mono setting on each stompbox would be more convenient. 

    Even players who don't emulate twin guitars sometimes need to switch from huges stereo sounds with modulation, reverb and delays to smaller mono sounds to create contrasts in a song. 

    Is there anyone else here who uses Plenthora X5 in stereo or am I the only one...?

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  • 2020-07-19
    Hi. Enjoying the Plethora X5, but unsure on the best way to set up with a Diezel VH4-2 pedal which is going into the effects return (power amp) of my amp. The Diezel pedal has an output direct to amp input when the pedal is off. I’d like the Plethora delays/reverb etc to be after the Diezel so that it is affecting the distorted signal, but I’d also like to be able to use the tuner/modulation effects of the Diezel pedal is off. How would you best set up the Plethora with a distortion pedal in the effects loop (so going into effect loop return/power amp)?
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    • theimageofall
      Tc Mike Hi,

      i haven't got the DIEZEL pedal to try it with, but from the inputs and outputs i'd try something like that:

      Guitar > X5 INPUT





      The X5 effects before the diezel pedal can be used on both clean and distortion with this setup as they come before the VH4 input.

      Another alternative would be to use a Y cable with all MONO jacks from both of the VH4-2’s outputs to the X5 return and setup in normal 4CM (4 cable method)

      But you won’t get the clean preamp from the amp that way!

      Basically the VH4 is putting your amp’s preamp into it’s own loop and then A/B ing it with the pedal’s own high gain preamp.

      Try it and let us know how it works for you.

      Best regards from the TC guitar team,


      P.s. we have soon a 1.2 firmware update Beta available. Let me know if you'd like to test-driv it prior to release.
      • Jul 20
      • Plethora X5 and Preamp pedal in FX Loop
        theimageofall Hi Mike.

        Great reply thanks. I’ll test it.

        Happy to beta test firmware as well.

        • Jul 20
    • theimageofall
      Tc Mike since PM feature is not working yet and i cannot so your reg e-mail address, please write me a mail to [email protected] and i send you the beta firmware once available. if you'd like to use the TonePrint app on iOs or android please include your registered apple id/Google mail, so we can enlist you as a tester. Best regards from the Tc guitar team!
      • Jul 21
  • 2020-07-14
    Can't download patches and no sound when switched on
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    • Davidhay
      Tc Mike hi David,
      click Support -> Care -> Create a Care Ticket and select Type: Service Request. Make sure that you enter all required (*) data before clicking Submit. The Care team will respond by email. Please make sure to include an eror description and if possible the steps to reproduce, firmware version of your guitar pedal and the computer platform and app version you are using to transfer toneprints to your pedal. if . Include wether you are trying to beam toneprints via mobile app through pickup or wether you use USB connection . Is the HoF minbi recognized by the TP app with its serialnumber displayed in the "SETTINGS" tab of the app?
      Best regards, Mike
      • Jul 14
  • 2020-07-12

    Hello all,


    I'm a french new Plethora X5 user for 3 days now. Cool device. I'm an old school guy ;-) and play with two pedalboards (one in fornt of the amp, the other in the FX loop) that I want to shrink into one. So I've choosen the plethora cause it's a "pedalboard type" device and because there is no overdrive or distorsion pedal involved (don't need any cause I have already plenty of growl machines). I have been able to recreate my FX loop pedal board in the Plethora so far except for the boost pedal but I planned to keep mine so...


    1) Like many other guitar player and as classic seventies rock guitar player, I really miss a phaser (Helix) and a univibe type (Viscous Vibe) pedal. I've red that they were planned to be embeded in the 1.2 firmware. So do you have any idea of the 1.2 firmware release date?


    2) like some other players I would be delighted if the edit pots could in the Play mode be assigned to a parameter choosen by the user. It would allow us to change speed or volume or depth or whatever directly from the Play mode without the need of an expression pedal.


    3) When it comes too editing you have two solutions:

    a) deal with the "not enough" 3 knobs in edit mode

    b) deal with the "waaay too much" parameters in the editor software.

    Two Notes Audio Engineering has introduced an "Arcade mode" in their Torpedo Software. It's a simplified display of their editor that allows the average guitar player to set up the very same parameters but with less confusing stuff. It's very handy and of course you can switch to advanced mode whenever you want/need and go back and forth between the 2 modes on the fly as you work on the very same preset. Only the display is less or more populated. It would a be good addition to the current user experience in my opinion.


    4) It woul be great to have very basic toneprints. I understand that some toneprints are there to demonstrate the fx capabilities, that some others fullfill the needs of the artists who has set those up, but I miss those 3 buttons type, like, speed/depth/volume for trem or time/feedback/volume for the delay. Of course I know I can achieve such toneprints myself but it would be so cool to have them at hand as grab n' go fx.


    So hope this will help. Best regards

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    • jfredd
      Tc Mike Hi Jfred,
      thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. 1.2 firmware is on track and will be available later this summer with a Beta being just around the corner. Drop me an e-mail if you'd like to participate and test drive 1.2 update prior to official release ([email protected])
      P.s. You can re-purpose the Pipeline Tap-tremolo as a booster. As it can gain the output level by up to 9dB, just assign the output level parameter to MASH switch and set Modulation depth of Tremolo to 0%f or a dynamic boost function or just set all Mash curve points to same boost level for classic boost function.
      best regards
      • Jul 13
      • New plethora owner feedback and requests
        jfredd Hello TCMike, thx for the useful tip. I think I will stick to my boost though cause I can adjust it instantly with its roller pot http://www.thrilltone.fr/en/product/silex-2/.
        I definitely want to test drive your update and will email you.
        • Jul 13
    • jfredd
      Tc Mike thx, got your mail and aanswered you... talk soon
      • Jul 14
  • 2020-07-11
    I was just watching the andertons video regarding the Ditto+ extended looping function, and they mentioned there was a bit of an issue with a gap between loops due to the loop stopping when you foot went off the pedal instead of when you clicked it - I was wondering if this was a hardware or software issue
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    • aryaab
      Tc Mike it was an Ui issue with the Overdub recording in Xtend mode being triggered on the foot switch release, so that if you leave your foot on the pedal for too long it would give the experienc that the recording was started too late. This has been already adressed in the 1.0.10 firmware update (Overdub recording in Xtend mode starts at foot switch down-press), that will be available online once the Ditto Plus hits the shops in a few weeks. P.s We already send it to the Anderton guys to try it and they approved it. :-)
      • Jul 13