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    I felt that my Comp pedal has extreme high volume output when it's activeted. I've tried to make confiq in software but with no results. Anybody that fell the same?


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    • thiswood
      PedroRodrigues Hi thiswood, thank you for your post,the Spectra Comp Bass operates as compressor reducing the dynamic range of a signal it will help you to “even out” signal level variations by reducing signal peaks dynamically.
      Reducing the dynamic range gives you more headroom that you can use to increase the overall signal level.
      The result is a more consistent signal that is easier to work with both for the guitar player and the sound engineer. Compression can be used either subtly or as a pronounced effect.
      More specifically the Spectra Comp Bass is a multiband compressor, it Splits an audio signal into several frequency bands before compressing tremendously helps fi ght undesired “breathing”/pumping.
      Think of a multiband compressor as multiple compressor targeting and processing low, mid and high frequency ranges independently and efficiently.
      You must use the Sustain knob to set the amount of compression that should be applied to the signal.
      This corresponds to the Threshold parameter/ knob you will find in most studio compressors.
      -You can set the Sustain parameter to high values to lower the compression threshold. A low threshold means that compression kicks in more often, reducing the dynamic range of the signal. In combination with high Level settings, this will give you a consistent signal with lots of squeeze, squash and nearly endless sustain.
      - You can set the Sustain knob to a low setting for a high threshold,meaning compression will kick in less often. This will give you just a hint of compression when the signal exceeds the threshold. This is perfect for clean rhythms.
      It is important to understand that the Spectra Comp Bass compressor automatically employs make-up gain.
      As a compressor reduces the dynamic range of the processed signal by attenuating peaks, gain is applied to compensate for the reduced signal level.
      As you increase the Sustain, more compression and more make-up gain is applied, in other words: The signal becomes louder.
      Please note that higher Sustain settings will increase noise, as the noise floor is inevitably amplified along with the signal.
      • Nov 14
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    Question: How does the buffer in the original Flashback delay pedal compare to the Bonafide Buffer pedal?


    The Bonfide buffer has a 1M ohm input and 100 ohm output. What are these specs for the original Flashback delay pedal? Also... Specs for the original Flashback delay pedal when it is set to buffered bypass mode?

    I am reconfiguing my pedalboard and am wanting to change things up a bit.




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    • CLC1957
      Dale_M Hi Chaz I'm not sure if you could find the page for the original Flashback Delay but here is the link to the manual, specs are at the end of this document
      • Nov 11
      • Original Flashback Delay Buffer
        WilliamR Hi Chaz, just to add to this. Regarding the Bonafide Buffer and the buffer in e.g. Flashback Delay (original and v.2).

        When in buffered bypass the Tone Print pedals have input impedance and output impedance similar to the Bonafide Buffer.

        Output impedance of 100 Ohm and input impedance above 1M Ohm.

        These numbers are the same when product is 'on' or in buffered bypass.

        So it's safe to use the buffer in these products the same way you'd use the Bonafide buffer.

        With a lot of pedals (especially a lot of True bypass pedals) it can be a good idea to have a buffer on the input side (e.g. Bonafide) and a buffer at the end of the chain (last pedal in chain could be a reverb or a delay, when not using the 4 cable method)
        • Nov 12
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    I'm in the process of updating my multi-effect for guitar. I currently use the G-System but it was one of the first versions. No updates to the firmware since (I think) 2012 - it is a great unit but its outdated in my humble point of view.

    Then you came up with the Plethora which seemed amazing, until I realized it doesn't work as a true multi-effects (no "preset" or gapless "snapshots" like most of its competitors) and the last update was about 1 year ago if I'm not mistaken (December 2020)!

    So... is there something in the pipeline? Will there be something like a new generation G-System or a upgraded Plethora with snapshots/presets? I love TC effects and I can wait a bit if something like this is on the plans... or I would have to move on to other brands to get an up-to-date unit. I know you can't reveal R&D but will at least be a updated, modern, THIS GENERATION multi-effect (a G-System II or something...)?


    Many thanks in advance.

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    • gilmourstrat
      PedroRodrigues Hi gilmourstrat, thank you for your post, unfortunately at this moment we cannot provide any information about future releases but I can assure you that, like in the pass, we always have something on the pipeline, TCE constantly,tries to push the boundaries and released new tools and innovative solutions for our customer, this time will not be different. Please bare with us an keep an eye on our social media for any release news. Thank you
      • Nov 10
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    I'm struggling to find a definitive answer on this...

    The big Polytune has a bass mode, and works well for both chromatic and polyphonic tuning on a 5 string bass.

    The Minis seem to lack a bass mode, so I'm wondering how (if at all) they work with a 5 string bass in Polyphonic mode.

    Any guidance much apprecaited.


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    • foldyman
      PedroRodrigues Hi foldyman, thank you for your post, you are correct the Polytune 3 mini does not have a dedicated bass mode but offers polyphonic mode and will work on 5 string bass.
      The unit offers a Piano tuning range that will be compatible with your tuning requires
      The unit will work with 4 and 5 String bass.
      Thank you
      • Nov 9
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    Is it possible to run the X5 in dual mono instead of stereo? I feel like I saw something somewhere that if you put a mono effect after a stereo effect it will do that. What effect should I put at the end to do this? I assume if the effect is run 100%dry it won't mess up the sound?

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    • mrgeckocgs
      PedroRodrigues Hi mrgeckocgs, thank you for your post, unfortunately the Plethora X5 does not allow a dual Mono due to the unit is equipped with SENSY jack that will only operate in Mono or in a Stereo profile. I think t may interesting to you to check the video on the link below that will offer a few options on how to integrate your unit on your Guitar Rig Thank you
      • Nov 8
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    Hello, im the owner of Plethora x5. I have problem with MIdi gap during preset change. Do you have any solution for this problem? 

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    • mlewartowicz
      PedroRodrigues Hi mlewartowicz, thank you for your post I would suggest confirming that you are running the latest Firmware version, for that please follow the link below:

      The latest Firmware offers Expanded MIDI features

      MIDI channel select – Select which MIDI Channel your Plethora receives and listens to

      MIDI PC You can directly recall any BOARD on PLETHORA by sending it a PC (Program Change) message with the corresponding number

      MIDI CC Updated CC control mapping for following items
      - PEDAL 1 – 5 (Engage/Bypass)
      - HOT KNOBZ (Also allows remote control of parameter knobs in EDIT MODE)
      -Looper Controls
      MIDI CC MAPPNG For a complete mapping table of all MIDI CC controllable features, navigate to

      Regarding your question I would suggest checking a video that our beta testers has posted addressing this matter by following the link below:

      Thank you
      • Nov 8
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    Hi, my bh250 owner amp has stopped working. All the other features (TonePrint, DI, eq and tuner) function, but I have nothing out of the Speakon connector. I unplugged it and removed the cover, then looked under the heat sink at the power chip. Oh my god! There is charting on the underside of the aluminium heat sink that looks like the components next to it have exploded. The heat compound has dried up, and it looks like this is what caused the problem. Is there any way to get a replacement board?

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    Hi! I have a Shaker pedal, and I've misplaced the oversized screw that secures the bottom of the enclosure. Is there any way to order a replacement? Thanks!

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    • Dylandylan
      Nigel67 Hi Dylandylan. Please send a ticket to our spares team and they will be able to advise availability and pricing. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare Parts tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • Nov 1
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    I turn it on and it lights up a weird set of lights and does not play. It's stuck in this mode. Clip light, TubeDrive Light, E and A tuner lights, Flat tuner light and Power light are all lit solid. No sound.

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    • LukeAnderson
      Nigel67 Hi LukeAnderson. Please fill out a Technical Support ticket and we will be able to assist you in getting your unit repaired. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • Oct 31
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    Hi all,

    I would like to ask a question about a problem I ran into with my Plethora X5 which I just got and had a pedal board made around it.

    Basically, I hooked up my plethora X5 into my rig like in the image attached.

    1. Guitar -> Overdrive 1 -> Overdrive 2 -> BigShot AB/Y switch (in Y mode) -> Input into both amps
    2. Amp 1 -> FX Send -> Input 1 Plethora X5
    3. Amp 2 -> FX Send -> Input 2 Plethora X5
    4. Used some effects on Plethora X5
    5. Plethora X5 Output 1 - > FX Return amp 1
    6. Plethora X5 Output 2 -> FX Return amp 2


    This seems to be a logical setup to me but when I hooked it up, I noticed that if I increased/decreased the volume on any one of the amplifiers, that resulted in the volume being decreased/increased on the other amp. Basically, the amps were affecting each other - which is weird.
    Would anyone have a clue as to why this is happening?
    Is it perhaps some setting that I have to set on Plethora X5? Some stereo input setting maybe? Or what?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    - Adrian.
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    • amercieca
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here, could you click on the support link and submit a tech support ticket. I feel this will need some lengthy troubleshooting to figure out. Feel free to put it to my attention William Reichling.
      • Oct 29
    • amercieca
      WilliamR Could you also submit a video example of this behavior with the face of the plethora clearly showing for us to review?
      • Oct 29
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