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    Anyone know which usb cable will fit this device?

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    I very much like the Plethora X5.

    I have set up a 'Custom Mode' on my Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3 to manipulate the various CC settings available under Plethora X5 Settings>Global>MIDI>CC Table, and this works brilliantly, as documented, though I share the view of another thread here about the Looper controls.

    However, an undocumented feature is sending Program Change (PC) messages and seeing the Plethora switch to the relevantly numbered Board. Is there a way to avoid this behaviour, or do I just need to set the Plethora and Launchpad to communicate on a less commonly used MIDI Channel?

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    • Simon_Ford
      WilliamR MIDI channel select -
      Select which MIDI Channel your Plethora receives and listens to
      • MIDI PC –

      You can directly recall any BOARD on PLETHORA by sending it a PC (Program
      Change) message with the corresponding number
      • MIDI CC -
      Udated CC control mapping for following items
      - PEDAL 1 – 5 (Engage/Bypass)
      - HOT KNOBZ (Also allows remote control of parameter knobs in EDIT MODE)
      - Looper Controls
      • MIDI CC MAPPNG – For a complete mapping table of all MIDI CC controllable
      features, navigate to
      The foot switches of your Plethora can now be remote controlled via Midi using CC to BYPASS and
      ENGAGE the pedals on your board.
      CC 102 = FS1
      CC 103 = FS2
      CC 104 = FS3
      CC 105 = FS4
      CC 106 = FS5
      CC Values
      0-63 = Bypass
      64-127 = Engage
      • Jan 28
      • Plethora X5 Undocumented MIDI responses
        Simon_Ford WilliamR, thank you for your response.
        • Jan 28
      • Plethora X5 Undocumented MIDI responses
        Simon_Ford I have the Plethora in the same MIDI chain as an external sound module. What took me by surprise was that sending a PC to change the instrument in the sound module also caused the Plethora board to change.
        • Jan 28
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    No complaints here about the Plethora. I find that it sounds great and is extremely easy to use. I have been very happy with it so far. I would say this post is more of a request for the product than anything, and since I don't participate in the social media land where i am sure most of that happens, I am going to post here in the hopes that someone will see it and maybe that some will agree with me. 


    Request #1 -

    I think the unit could really use a global tap funciton that carries over to each effect and each board. Having to try and tap two different delays and get the exact time in the middle of playing can be very dificult especially when moving from one song right into another. 

    Request #2 -

    Midi Clock. We are getting a ton of other great midi features that i am currenlty using, however, no Midi clock. This is a little disappointing. It would be super handy to be able to not even have to worry about tapping at all and just being able to either hook up to my other guitar players board and get Midi clock from him or to go direct to the interface running our tracks and getting tempo from that. 

    Does anyone know if there are plans for either of these?

    Those are my two requests for the next update. Keep the awesome pedals rolling out and I will keep using them. 

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    • chuckdynasty
      WilliamR Hello Chuckdynasty, This would be the forum to submit your feature requests. I have passed these requests to the development team for consideration.
      • Jan 26
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    The main reason why I bought tc pedal, was the ability to see dynamic response graphs (based on internet images). But the current software version doesnot show them, only knob range. Where can I find the old software version showing GAIN and DYNAMIC RESPONSE graphs? It's not on tc site anymore

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    I've got a used TC Dreamscape and it has nice sounding toneprint. I want to load another one but not lose current. Is there a way to know/get/read what toneprint is currently loaded via any app?

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    • begmas2000
      PedroRodrigues Hi,begmas2000 please consider that when a TonePrint-enabled pedal is connected
      to your computer and you click the small “i” icon
      in the lower left corner of the TonePrint Editor
      window, a dialog box will show the following information:
      – Device serial number
      – Device firmware build number
      – TonePrint Editor software version number
      – TonePrint Editor software build number.
      • Jan 27
    • begmas2000
      begmas2000 Hi thanks, but that does not say what exact tone print is loaded on the pedal right now?
      • Jan 27
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    I just tried to update the firmware on my Flashback II, and install the MASH update for tap tempo. The firmware update failed 3 times, then finally said success after only 60%. The tap tempo works, but now the volume on my rig is cut by 75% when the pedal is on, and when it's off, all sound drops. The dip switches are set to Kill-dry off.

    This completely sucks. I have a gig tonight, and the software update just bricked my delay. masOS, followed all TC's instructions, bla bla bla.

    Cannot find any support connection. Anyone got any ideas?

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    • xtopherj
      PedroRodrigues Hi xtopherj. please follow the steps below for the full process to update your unit.
      Please also consider that in order for the new Tap mode to work you need to first disable the MASH switch functionality in the Toneprint app that is available for Mac, PC, iOS and Android.
      • Connect pedal to app and follow instructions on screen (select a Toneprint slot).
      • Navigate to the Templates section.
      • Select any of the editable templates and click the pencil icon to edit and access parameters.
      • Now click on the “Product Settings” tab where you can enable an external tap switch and turn MASH functionality on/off.
      • Click on the MASH switch to toggle it off (switch displays red x).
      • Note that the pedal’s MASH LED starts blinking indicating the current delay tempo.
      • Your settings will be remembered by the pedal until you change them again in the app. Tap Tempo operation
      • Now that we have enabled the Tap tempo mode we can activate it by pressing and holding the footswitch.
      • Bypass LED will turn green and we can tap the delay tempo (averages over two taps).
      • If you do nothing tempo mode will time out after a while without changing the current tempo
      • Tip 1: If you keep the footswitch pressed after activating tempo mode it won’t time out and stay in tempo input mode, so you can “arm” it in advance without worrying about timing out.
      • Tip 2: If you keep the foot switch pressed down after tapping tempo, mode will stay active.
      So in case you need to correct the delay tempo, you can just continue tapping without the need to activate it again to correct input.

      Preparing the firmware update

      •Download the newest firmware from the “Support” page for your TC pedal.
      There are updaters for Microsoft Windows (these are ZIP archives containing
      the firmware installer) and for OS X (these are disk image files containing the
      firmware installer).
      •Unplug all cables (including the power supply) from your TC pedal.
      •Connect the pedal to your computer using a USB cable.
      •Press and hold the footswitch on your TC pedal. If your TC pedal has more
      than one footswitch, press and hold the leftmost footswitch.
      • Insert the DC power supply plug.
      •The LED on your pedal should turn green. If your TC pedal has more than
      one LED, the leftmost LED should turn green. This indicates that the pedal is
      ready to receive the software update.
      •Release the footswitch.
      •Your TC pedal will now be recognized as an updatable device.

      Applying the firmware update

      •Quit all MIDI-related applications (e.g. your DAW) on your computer and
      launch the firmware updater you have downloaded in step 1.
      •In the firmware updater app, select your TC pedal from the drop-down list
      under the “STEP 1” heading.
      •When the “Update” button under the “STEP 2” heading turns green, click it.
      •The updated firmware will now be transferred to your TC pedal. Wait for
      the progress bar to reach 100%. When the update procedure is complete,
      the pedal will automatically restart.
      • Jan 25
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    i have 2 of the tc electronic clip on tuners, which work great.

    the screws and fasteners have fallen out of both of them while playing gigs and I was unable to find them. How can I obtain replace fasteners for these?

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    • BigTBZ
      john0121 Hi, you can fill out a spare parts request via the Support button at the top of the page. A member of the team will then be able to advise on pricing and availability.
      • Jan 24
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    Hello there,

    Just bought a ditto X2 pedal, I've used it for a few session yesterday and it worked properly.
    But today after having updated the firmware, it won't start :'(
    None of the leds would light up whatever I do.

    I've tried to do the update procedure again, but same issue happened.

    Has anyone ever encountered this issue before?

    (I've seen that someone managed to make it work again by trying the update procedure with another computer, but I don't have such other computer).

    Thanks in advance

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    • aurelman
      WilliamR Hello, Did you happen to use a USB hub when you did the firmware update? It is recommended to plug directly into the USB port. and try again.
      • Jan 20
      • Ditto Looper x2 won't start after firmaware update
        aurelman Hello, thank you first for your answer.

        I didn't use any usb hub. The X2 was plugged directly into the USB port (and I also removed any other USB devices that was plugged in any other port of the PC).

        Also, the factory reset doesn't make anything (no leds blinking ...)
        • Jan 21
    • aurelman
      aurelman Finally found a solution!

      It looks like the issue is Windows 10.

      I managed to get the firmware installed and the pedal running after with a windows 8 machine.
      Actually, it was a WIndows 8 virtual machine installed on my windows 10 PC (Since I don't have any other WIndows PC)
      I did the firmware update process within this WIndows 8 virtual machine.

      Not an easy setup for non tech people though!

      Here is my contribution in case it can help other people !
      • Jan 21
      • Ditto Looper x2 won't start after firmaware update
        TC-Mike thanks Aurelman, we look into this .
        • Feb 1
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    When will the Mojomojo pedal be available again? All current sources say the Mojomojo overdrive pedal is backordered and has been for several months (as of January 19, 2021).

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    • lbegnaud
      WilliamR Hello Ibegnaud, The Mojo Mojo should be arriving sometime in April if there aren't any unforeseen delays.
      • Jan 19
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    Hi guys,
    I'd love to have Midi Clock sync with the Flashback 2. Unfortunately I don't have enough space for the X4.
    Couldn't this be implemented on the stereo input jack (where also tap tempo pedals can be used)?
    That is all, which is lacking for me on this awesome compact pedal.

    Kind regards

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    • SpaceAgeHero
      WilliamR Hello, William from music tribe here. I will pass this suggestion on to the engineering team.
      • Jan 19
      • Flashback 2 Midi Support for Stereo Input Jack?
        SpaceAgeHero Hi William, any news?
        • Feb 18
      • Flashback 2 Midi Support for Stereo Input Jack?
        WilliamR Regretfully, There isn't a way to implement midi into the stereo jack of the Flashback 2.
        • Feb 19
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