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    I have a gigging amp that's down, and need help.  I sent a support request 6/4, got an email saying Jeffery Ford had tried unsuccessfully to contact me, and I replied again 6/8 advising I would watch for calls from your area code, and asking you to leave a message and direct contact number.  I haven't heard a reply. 

    An amp was dropped and broke a component.  I'm looking for the amp PCB (or suitable replacement) for a BX1800.  While awaiting your reply, I'm using a Peavey.  I have another gig this weekend, and am hoping to fix this amp soon. 

    Can you tell me how to get the part?  I need this as soon as possible, to complete the repair.

    As before, IF you call and miss me, I will be glad to return your call; just leave a call-back number or a direct email to Behringer support staff.

    Thanks you for whatever help you can provide to get this amp back in working order.   


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    • mdhsabh
      Nigel67 Hi mdhsabh. I will pass on a message to Jeffery and ask him to give you a call. With regards to getting hold of a replacement part, I will make a copy of your original case and send it across to the spares team so that they can quote you pricing and availability.
      • June 14, 2021
    • mdhsabh

      • June 23, 2021