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  • 2020-10-19
    hi. i am considering an rh750 bass amp in combination with a bc208 for my "home studio" setup. do the feet of the rh750 fit exactly into the square niche on the top of the bc208? thanks, matthew
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  • 2020-10-15

    I tried to get support information since weeks now, but the online support is an absolutely disgrace.
    Its extremely slow, hard to use and its impossible to communicate there.
    I got an email about a case which obviously needs some information from me, I have no clue what it could be.

    Whats going on there?

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  • 2020-10-08

    Hello I'm new here 

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  • I can't get any new effects into my BG250. I've followed instructions and tutorials but nothing happens. Do I need the foot switch to store new effects in my amp? 

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    • Lars-Bjarte  Osland
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Lars please follow these steps to transfer Toneprints from your Phone or tablet to your amp without the need of a computer.
      1) Download the TC Electronic Toneprint app from your app store.
      2) Open the App and go to Library > Toneprint Bass Amps. In here you will find all compatible Toneprints with your TC bass amp.
      3) Once you have selected your toneprint, set the volume on your phone or tablet to around 60 - 80%. Any quieter or louder can sometimes cause the tone to distort and not transfer correctly.
      4) Hold the speaker of your phone no more than 2cm away from the strings, directly above the pickup. Ensure that you have the pickup level at max.
      5) Press Beam to Amp in the Toneprint amp and you should hear the soothing tones of the Toneprint being transferred. The indicator light next to Toneprint dial should flash green to show it is being transferred.
      6) You are all done. Increase the Toneprint level and you should hear the setting of the Toneprint.
      If you are using an amp with multiple Toneprint slots, such as the BH550, ensure that you select which slot you want to send the Toneprint to.
      • Oct 5
  • 2020-10-03

    Hello, I have purchased a Bugera 15BXDA bass amp and have some questions about the lights. 

    I use a lot of fuzz and distortion on my bass and the the red clip light keeps flashing. Can that damage my amp and what can I do to remedy that issue?

    Also, the orange light that circles the volume knob turns red. Why does it do that and what can I do to address that issue?


    Thank you

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    • Martin Fell
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Martin, please see below as you will have a image with the full information about what the lights on your unit and what they mean. If effectively your unit is not behaving as it should please follow the link below to submit a assistance request for your unit
      • Oct 8
    • Martin Fell
      Martin Fell Yes I have that paper. But you have not answered my questions. Will the clipping make long term damage to my amp?
      • Oct 8
    • Martin Fell
      Martin Fell Also, what does it mean when the orange light around the volume knob turns red? That is not in they manual.
      • Oct 8
  • 2020-10-01



    i am using a RH-450 Basshead which has some problems with the RC-4 remote.

    Is there a service manual for the RC-4 available, so i can do some trouble shooting?



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    • Thomas Carlitz
      Kyle Johnson Hello Thomas, Kyle here with Music Tribe. For service inquiries, please submit a Support ticket by clicking the Support link at the top of this page.
      • Oct 1
  • 2020-10-01

    Tried out a BQ500 with a TC 115 cab last week and really liked it.

    I have an Ashdown 115 300w cab rated at 8 ohms and I wondered which BQ would be best rated to power it. I play small pubs and halls and rarely DI.

    Keen also to understand how the BQ and RH series rate against the BQ series.

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    • Simon Day
      William Reichling Hello Simon, Since your Ashdown cab is rated at 8 ohms, the BQ500 would work fine. The BQ500 would run the full 500 Watts @ 4 ohms, so if you wanted to get another 8-ohm cab later, you would be able to run the full 500 watts for larger venues.
      • Oct 2
  • 2020-10-01

    I need a replacement front facia for my RH 750. Could you tell me how much they are and where I could purchase one.




    John Jarrett

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    • John Jarrett
      John Matthews Hi John, if you click the Support button at the top of the page you can fill out a spare parts request and the team will be in touch regarding price and availability.
      • Oct 1
  • 2020-09-28

    I have just purchased a BH250 to carry around and play when in hotels rooms and also in small sessions. As I need to play along to bits and pieces I get sent from fellow musicians its quite handy that the amp comes with a aux-in to connect e.g. with a phone. However I just noticed that while the aux-in is heard on speakers, its not functioning when headphones are plugged in, so you cant listen to the track on the headphones. Is this intentional? If yes. this does not make sense at least to me.

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    • Frank Mueller
      Claus Bay Hi Frank ... You should be able to hear the AUX source through the headphone output! Connecting headphones will only mute the speaker output.
      • Sep 28
  • 2020-09-27


    I recently contacted the after sale and spare part service, to change the knobs of my bass amp RH450 which are cracked.

    Few years ago, I had this issue with cracked knobs and TC Electonics quickly replied to me and send me new knobs (saying these was new design). Unfortunately these new ones broke again.

    I sent message to music tribe. And I get an automatic message saying that the team will « endeavor to respond to me as soon as possible ». With a case number CAS-134743-J8K9N5. A good start.

    Nevertheless, 3 weeks later, I didn’t yet received any reply, knowing I already sent a kind reminder. I'm starting to be a little bit angry.

    Could someone at music tribe or TC Electronic please reply to me about this knobs issue ? How to change them please ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    • Fabrice Lombard
      Nigel Turner Hi Fabrice. I am very sorry that it is taking so long for us to reply to you. I will check your case number and find out why it has taken so long and ask one of my colleagues to reply to you.
      • Sep 27
      • Change of broken knobs of RH450
        Fabrice Lombard Hi Nigel, thanks for this reply. I've received the quotation from one of your colleagues. Hope this matter of fragile knobs will definitely be fixed. Really disapointing for such a good amp... Regards !
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        • Sep 28
    • Fabrice Lombard
      John Jarrett I am also looking for a new set of knobs (for a RH 750) and have previously had a lot of difficulty finding the information. Could you tell me where to get the knobs and how much they were. cheers John
      • Oct 1
      • Change of broken knobs of RH450
        Nigel Turner Hi John, I am sorry, but I do not work in the spares department and do not have this information. However, if you submit a spares request ticket by going to the Support tab at the top of the page, then one of my colleagues in the spares team will be able to supply you with the correct information.
        • Oct 5
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