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    I own a BH800 and I'm very satisfied about it.
    Today I wanted to load a TonePrint on the "slot 2" of the amp, the one where there is the chorus by factory.
    Some years ago I had the TonePrint app and I remember that I loaded successfully some effects just to play with them.
    I installed the app on my phone (Samsung S21+), chose a Toneprint but I noticed that it seems that the app only supports pedals.
    I don't have it so I tried to load the toneprint taking my phone close to one of my bass pickups...I noticed that the "slot 2" green led blinked once while the toneprint was uploading but at the end of the process the toneprint present was the still the chorus.
    So I wonder if the app is valid just for pedals.
    How if I would like to load a toneprint without a pedal?
    The firmware is updated to the latest available and tried to update it again but the "toneprint issue" didn't change.
    Thank you, regards.










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    • washburnit
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi washburnit, in the Library section of the Toneprint app there is a folder titled "TonePrint Bass Amp" could you please try loading one of the TonePrints from this section and confirms if it works?
      This folder contains all of the TonePrints compatible with the bass amps.
      • Jun 3
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    Hello, I have an RS210 bass cabinet that I purchased new in April 2019, which has been probably my best cabinet i have ever owned. Unfortunately, it sustained a bit of damage as it got knocked around in my trunk in a recent car accident.  The wood is separating a bit at the top seams and there is also a crack at the top. Its hard to tell if it goes all the way thru. Not sure how to go about repairing it in short if trying to pipe wood glue in the crack and hope for the best. Can I even purchase an empty cabinet and just swap the electronics? Pics attached.  Any help or advice is appreciated. 

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    • Philthy
      NicJonesMT Hi Philthy.
      Sorry to hear you recently had an accident and hope you are ok!
      Your best option would be to contact one of our service partners. They would be able to advise you on pricing and availability of the cabinet. You can find them at the following link:
      • May 27
      • Help - RS210 bass cabinet wood cracked
        Philthy Hi Nic, so I reached out to a service center near me. They asked me to fill out a form in which they told me they have to check with MusicTribe to see if they can supply the cabinet; which is what I already did by asking on this forum. Hmmmm, sounds like going in a circle. So, anyway, I filled out the form and they're asking me for the part number of the empty cabinet. I am not sure how to even obtain that. I provided the model number and very clearly described what I was looking for. Any ideas of how to get the part number?
        • Jun 1
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    I have tried beaming it from my iPhone 13 > Ibanez BTB745 pickups (full blast, soloed neck and bridge). I haven't gotten it to work even once. So then I tried the toneprint application on my M1 MacBook Air. The application did not seem even to recognize the amp when plugged in via USB, so no transfers there either. 

    I have the stock toneprints - overdrive and chorus - and I cannot change them by any means at all. Help!

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    • scottfeldstein
      NicJonesMT Hi there.
      In the TP app, set to view the library by product, then you should see a section call TonePrint Bass Amps. Can you please try beaming one of the TPs located here and confirm if it transfers across?
      With the Connection to your new M1 Mac, have you tried testing the BH with a different computer and cable to confirm that it is working?
      • May 27
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    I have the pre-amp tube model and I need to understand how to use the Gain, Volume nand Master come into play to to set the overload light.


    I've read on Talkbass, that one should set the Volume all the way down and then set the light using set the Gain. I've tried many combinations and have failed. To me, for the master , it should not matter where that control is. 


    Is there a schematic to undertsand the signal order, that would help


    Thanks for any help!

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    • pbman1953
      WilliamR The GAIN knob adjusts the amount of preamp level. The general rule of thumb is when the clip light is blinking, the bass tone starts to go into preamp distortion.
      VOLUME knob (BV1001T only) compensates for boosts in the signal from the GAIN knob. It also affects the level of the FX LOOP SEND jack.
      The MASTER knob adjusts the overall output of the amplifier. The general rule of thumb is to start with the master volume low and dial in your gain and overall channel volume to get the tone you desire, then the master volume controls the overall output to your speakers without changing the tonality of your tone you just dialed in.
      • May 13
    • pbman1953

      Are you saying the only way to control the LED is from the bass itself? When you turn down everything LED will still light up. For example- if want to be clean, I'd estimate the master position. Pin the volume and use the gain as a volume control. I don't use effects

      • May 19
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    Please let me know if you've tried those two together.



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    • jcbrotel
      PedroRodrigues Hi jcbrotel, thank you for your post, we advise that the TC RH750 to be set up with RS112/RS115/RS210/RS212/RS410. Nevertheless, the RH750 can be used to drive any cabinet combination of up to three RS cabinets, or any other cabinet combination with a 4 Ohm minimum load.
      • May 11
    • jcbrotel
      Dale_M It should be ok, the minimum load of the RH750 is 4ohm so you can connect anything above that. Usually you can go up to 16 ohm, however we normally recommend the RS cabs with the RH750 though but the impedance for these is the same
      • May 11
    • jcbrotel
      jcbrotel OK, thank you both for your replies.

      Of course, I know that RS cabs are the ones to be used with RH750, I actually happen to own both RS210 and RS212.

      My need here is different, I intend to get an easy to carry around mini cab and, before buying anything, I want to be absolutely certain about compatibility.

      I must say that reading the BC208 Quick Start Guide is not really reassuring...


      ! Make sure to use SPEAKER CABLES and not instrument cables for all connections between the amplifier and speaker cabinets.

      Please notice the following:

      • Impedance for BC208, BC210, BC212 is 8 Ohm
      • Impedance for BC410 is 4 Ohm
      • BC210, BC212 and BC410 use twist-locking professional connectors for both input and link, and so any connection between these cabinets and

      BC208 will require cables with a ¼" connector at one end, and a twist-locking connector at the other end.

      All TC Electronic bass amplifiers can run two TC Electronic 8 Ohm cabinets.

      Depending on the TC Electronic amplifier model, a BC410 (4 Ohm) cabinet can be combined with one or two other 8 Ohm cabinets.

      NOTE: Should you by accident connect a non-valid combination of cabinets to a TC Electronic bass amplifier, the amp’s protection mode may be invoked.

      However, the amplifier will not be damaged.


      • May 11
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    We're a MI/audio equipment repair shop in Montreal, Canada.

    We need a replacement board, part # P 18401-E  for an RH450.

    Is it possible to get this board from you?

    Thank you!

    Denis Leblanc


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    • analogix
      WilliamR Hello, please click on the Support link above and create a parts case and someone will get in touch with you ASAP.
      • May 6
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    Hi there,

    I have a brocken master level knob from my RH 750.

    I can't find any for sale? Can I buy one from you?

    If not please advise wher to get one or a set of the knobs.



    LJ Pope

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    Hello first time here and first time user of the tc BAM200 amp head. I just purchased the amp with an Aguilar DB 112 300w Cab. With a BTB bass. First time gig user this weekend at a Men's camp. Used it form three days the last day I heard a clicking sound coming from the cab. Thought it was an electrical interference with all the music equipment we had. But realized the day was done that it was the amp head making the clicking sound. I don't know if it experienced an over heat function or if there is anything faulty with the head. Not a month old yet.

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    • Jcanela727
      NicJonesMT Hi JCanela727.
      Can you click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      Can you put in as much information about your setup and any trouble shooting in ticket and from there we can advise you further
      • May 3
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    Can i buy a Volume knob for Bugera Veyron head? Mine got stolen

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    Hey does anyone know how I can contact tech support for my Bugera Veyron BV1001M? The sound cuts on and off at will. I'd prefer to talk to someone. Anyone got a number?



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    • B1face
      WilliamR Hello, please click the support link above and create a tech support case. One of our tech support agents will reach out to you as soon as possible.
      • Apr 20
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