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    Hello everybody,

    im working with Setlistmaker app to switch my presets on my voicelive play gtx and Ditto X4 looper via midi so i never have to take care where is the preset to which song because my app does this for me. Now i have a little timing problem.

    Here is a video of my song 500 Miles. In the video "500 Miles 1.MOV" you can see from position 0:33 that there is a dropout which is a little later in the video "500 Miles 2.MOV". Therefore I rule out that it is due to the midi file or to the sync to the Ditto X4.

    On the third video "500 Miles 3.MOV" you can see how long it takes the beat clock to adapt to the change and that there are always failures here as well. Since I control all my devices via midi, it often happens that the looper does not run in sync with the Beatbuddy.

    SingularSound told me the dropout is not is not a problem of the Beatbuddy. They told me to contact tcelectronics.

    I hope somebody can help me to solve this problem. 
    Here is the link to the recordings and also to the midi files!AlwLXquGH4mBge0uKtIbyHe8VUQ4jQ?e=4DyhRr



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    Dear all at TC Electronic Support,

    I got a MIDI controller and would like to implement some MIDI functions in my DITTO X4 pedal. I see that the pedal has MIDI input/output contacts, but haven’t found which functions can be accessed by MIDI nor a MIDI table with the corresponding CC and PC values. 

    Please help, thanks. 
    Best regards, 
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    • cfibanez
      WGeistl Does that help?

      MIDI Spec
      Responds to MIDI Channel 4 (hardcoded – can’t be changed)

      CC3 Looper 1 Rec/Dub/Start
      CC9 Looper 1 Stop
      CC14 Looper 1 Clear
      CC15 Looper 1 Level
      CC20 Looper 1 Hold to Store
      CC21 Looper 1 Clear Backtrack
      CC22 Looper 2 Rec/Dub/Start
      CC23 Looper 2 Stop
      CC24 Looper 2 Clear
      CC25 Looper 2 Level
      CC26 Looper 2 Hold to Store
      CC27 Looper 2 Clear Backtrack
      CC28 Decay “Level”
      CC29 All Loops Stop
      CC30 All Loops Clear
      CC31 FX On/Off
      CC85 Parallel/Serial Toggle

      For the FX respond to Prg change message 1 to 7
      • Tue at 4:58 AM
    • cfibanez

      @WGeistl: Many thanks for your reply. This helps! I was actually more interested a to whether the functions controlled by the 4 switches in the back of the pedal can be accessed via MIDI. They are not very accessible (not at all on my pedalboard) and MIDI for these functions would be awesome. Thanks again.

      • Tue at 5:23 AM
      • Q about MIDI in DITTO X4
        WGeistl no the 4 dip switches can not be accessed via midi
        • Tue at 11:59 PM
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    Hello. My loops were unorganised so I sorted them on my computer. Now when I turn on the Ditto+ it says Disk Space Full. I have the exact same number of files. Am I not allowed to move WAV files around? 

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    • Tjordan02
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. It sounds like you may have changed names/structure, so now the pedal will try to convert files to Backing Tracks (costing double memory) if the previously stored Backing Track files were not copied along from the track folder with the LOOP.wav files. Since the previous converted Backing track still resides in the folders, they use up data, and when the pedal starts, it will try to create new BTs for all files/folders that miss a matching one.
      • Mon at 4:20 PM
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    Hi, new ditto plus is awesome for jamming with my band but could be ultra-versatile in stage if you add a one click functionality to stop it, instead twice. As guitarist with +20 years playing I get in love that size and simplest way to loop

    See, what if let us set something like this:

    Activate One Click Stop after (n) clicks and...

    1. Save loop (versatility)

    2. Save and go to next free bank (let us take infinite ideas fast and simplest way)

    3. Delete loop (in live, this will be the most and unique function that many musicians are looking for)



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    • ghost35
      Nigel67 Hi ghost35. Many thanks for your enhancement request. I will pass this on to the designers for further discussion and implementation.
      • Jun 19
      • Please add a one click functionality to stop ditto plus looper
        Nigel67 The design team have come back to me and advised the following. The pedal only has 1 FS and the 1 click gesture is already taken, so it won't be possible nor feasible to change this for all users without compromising the Ui that the product is known for. We will keep this in mind though for future Looper variants with more control options.

        They then advise that the TAPE LOOPER on Plethora supports dedicated Midi CC commands for stop/play/clear buffer etc, so with an external Midi controller you can build yourself a more advanced control interface with dedicated control switches for up to 5 loopers (1 per slot). It doesn't save any Loops though and limited recording time compared to the Ditto Plus.
        • Mon at 1:24 AM
      • Please add a one click functionality to stop ditto plus looper
        tangozebra The Plethora X5 does NOT have a dedicated Midi CC for STOP on the looper. I have previously requested this feature. It does have a PAUSE, but that only works when you are playing - not recording.
        • Mon at 7:31 AM
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    Hello everyone, 

    If I wanted to use a boost pedal with my G System, where would I put it?  I want a volume boost, not overdrive boost.  I usually put it in the effects loop of my amp, but I don't know how to tap into my loop with the G System connected.  

    Ideally, I'd like to have the boost pedal be part of a preset, is that possible?  

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    Hi There,

     I have the new Ditto+ looper, and I think it's great, but I think it could be greater, possibly with only a software mod.

    As everyone knows, one of the hardest things about a one-button looper is stopping. Can't be helped, it's a limitation of having so little control with only one button. You have to stop with a double click, which is hard to do and get things right on time.

    But the Ditto+ has three buttons! One of the things you can do on the pedal is hit the "next track" or "previous track" button only once while the loop is playing, and you switch to the next or previous track and stop (dead).

    So what if it did this, instead. What if, while playing, if you hit the "next track" button it continued playing until the end of the current loop, then *started the next track*? Similar for the previous track button. 

    And if you need to switch tracks and have a dead stop, press and hold those buttons.

    You may say "those buttons are too small to use with your foot," but they really aren't. Particularly if you put a smaller knob on the pedal, which I've done.

    I imagine that this might be possible with only a software change, and then you'd have something awfully like a multi-track looper, in a Ditto+ form factor. And how great would that be?

    Just an idea I had to share in case it turned one of your engineers on.

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    I have updated the firmware on my new Wiretap pedal and it all works great except...

    When I transfer the file from the pedal to my phone a taskbar goes all the way from zero to 100% and then the the app crashes, it just disappears.

    I am using a sony Xperia 5 phone using Android 11. I can manage files and make the files playback through the pedal but I would like to be able to hear them on my phone too.

    Please help.

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    • grahamhammond29
      Dale_M Hi there can I suggest you put a Technical ticket through via the Support tab above so we can check for you.
      • Jun 16
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    I want to wire up my pedalboard for stereo, but sometimes i'll use it in mono. If I leave patch cables inserted into both inputs and both outputs of the pedal, and then use it in mono only, will this negatively affect the operation? Will the pedal detect both left and right cables are plugged in and then change the effect for stereo?

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    Any word on when more Behringer BLE400 Bass Limiter/Enhancer pedals will be available for purchase?

    I have had one on backorder at Amazon for weeks now - I was super impressed with the quality (and price) of the BDI21 V-Tone Bass Driver DI Pedal, and wanted to give this pedal a try as well.


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    • rwchilds
      WilliamR Hello, WIlliam from musictribe here. there are a lot of manufacturing delays worldwide for certain components so it's hard to say when retailers will get them in stock. Please contact the dealers directly for any ETA.
      • Jun 14
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    Hi, might be a stupidly simple question but my polytune 3 just arrived and in the box there are  two little tape cutouts. I've been wondering what their purpose is, is it just to make putting pedaltape on it easier, or is it for another purpose?

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    • alexandertheguitarist
      Dale_M Hi there are you able to share some images so we can advise for you please?
      • Jun 13
    • alexandertheguitarist
      Dale_M This will be so you have the option of velcro'ing it to your pedal board and be able to remove it when not being used in-line with your other pedals.
      • Jun 13
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