• 2020-10-23

    Looking to use the Bass Drive toneprints for the Plethora X5. But it looks like they arent supported yet? Im using a Fender Bass VI and would love to test out the "Tube Drive" toneprint. Id really like to beta test that if possible. 

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  • 2020-10-23


    any idea when we might see the v1.2 Plethora X5 update?

    Also, how do I sign up for beta testing? I love the unit, would love to get my hands on new functionality to test if possible.


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    • Aaron Hawke
      William Reichling Hello Aaron, Please click the support link and create a support ticket, and put it to my attention. William Reichling and I can help set you up.
      • 4 hours ago
  • 2020-10-22

    when I conect my ditto to my computer with usb cable - my computer recognize the looper nut I cannot see the file that in wanted to download
    Thanks !!!

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    • jonathan ishai
      William Reichling Hello Jonathan, You can only export loops from the ditto X2 or X4. The USB port on the ditto looper is for firmware updates.
      • Thu at 4:03 PM
  • 2020-10-18


    I have a problem with my Alter Ego X4 and it's toneprints. I can beam the Flashback X4 toneprints normally to my pedal via my guitar, but the toneprint app doesn't play nice with me. I'm running the latest 4.2.03 version and the app recognizes the connected device's serial and build and even points it out as Flashback X4 in the app. 

    But the problem is that I cannot store toneprints in the pedal nor can I edit templates (they're grayed out) in the application when it's connected to my computer. Is the fault in the pedal, in the app, or in me?




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    • Anssi Nissinen
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Anssi Nissinen, please be aware that when you have selected a preset and you have changed parameters, you may want to store your edited version of the preset.
      To store the current delay settings, press and hold the footswitch of the currently active (lit) preset slot for circa two seconds. The LEDs of the Tap footswitch and the selected preset will blink to confirm that the preset has been stored.
      When you have stored a preset that is using a TonePrint, you can upload/beam a new TonePrint to that TonePrint slot without affecting the preset.
      This means that you can effectively access seven TonePrints, like this:
      – Beam four TonePrints to the four TonePrints slots of the pedal.
      – Switch to TonePrint slot 1, adjust delay settings and store the results as Preset A.
      – Switch to TonePrint slot 2, adjust delay settings and store the results as Preset B.
      – Switch to TonePrint slot 3, adjust delay settings and store the results as Preset C.
      – Load four new TonePrints into the four TonePrints slots of the delay type selector.
      You now have access to seven TonePrints, the one in the four TonePrint slots and those stored as a part of presets A, B and C.
      The slots “1”, “2”, “3” and “4” of the Delay Type Selector are “placeholders” for TonePrints.
      You can load one TonePrint into each of these slots, giving you access to four additional TonePrints.
      I would suggest updating your pedal and follow the steps mentioned above.
      To prepare the unit for a Firmware update and for that please download the newest firmware from the “Support” page for your TC pedal.
      There are updaters – for Microsoft Windows (these are ZIP archives containing the firmware installer) and – for OS X (these are disk image files containing the firmware installer).
      Unplug all cables (including the power supply) from your TC pedal.
      Connect the pedal to your computer using a USB cable.
      Press and hold the leftmost footswitch on your TC pedal.
      Insert the DC power supply plug.
      The leftmost LED on your pedal should turn green. This indicates that the pedal is ready to receive the software update.
      Release the footswitch.
      Your TC pedal will now be recognized as an updatable device. Applying the firmware update
      Quit all MIDI-related applications (e.g. your DAW) on your computer and launch the firmware updater you have downloaded in step 1.
      In the firmware updater app, select your TC pedal from the drop-down list under the “STEP 1” heading.
      When the “Update” button under the “STEP 2” heading turns green, click it.
      The updated firmware will now be transferred to your TC pedal.
      Wait for the progress bar to reach 100%.
      When the update procedure is complete, the pedal will automatically restart
      • Mon at 12:41 AM
      • TC Alter Ego X4 ÚSB problems
        Anssi Nissinen Yes I do and I use a compatible usb-otg adapter that works with various other devices well. I'm not that much interested in the phone app for creating toneprints since I aim to use the Alter Ego X4 mostly in my workstation setup with a desktop computer. Is there anything else you need to know?
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        • Mon at 7:13 AM
      • TC Alter Ego X4 ÚSB problems
        Pedro Rodrigues Have you tried to connect the unit directly without the adaptor? As the issue may be caused by the adaptor
        • Tue at 12:11 AM
      • TC Alter Ego X4 ÚSB problems
        Anssi Nissinen Yes, I only use the adapter for my phone and not on my desktop. And if I recall correctly I've used the same adapter successfully with my HOF2.
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        • Tue at 12:16 AM
      • TC Alter Ego X4 ÚSB problems
        Pedro Rodrigues Very well Anssi, please try to perform the firmware update on your pedal as I mention before, following all the steps. Follower by uninstalling the Tone Print App form your Computer and re-installing the APP again. When all these steps are concluded, please try to transfer a tone print form your computer to the pedal.
        • Tue at 5:35 AM
    • Anssi Nissinen
      Tc Mike Hi, latest version of the TP app is 4.3.02 and not 4.2.03 ,please double check !
      Can you see your Alter Ego being shown in Window's device manager under "audio,videogame controller) when pedal is connected via USB ? Are you on a Win 64 bit or 32bit version ? we had issues in previous app versions with some of the Flashback and HOF variants not being recognized by the app anymore, so. if it still doesn't work, file a support ticket with Pedro and i'll send him a link to latest beta version for you to try out, so we can see if this makes a difference. best regards fro mthe TC guitar team
      • Tue at 9:59 AM
      • TC Alter Ego X4 ÚSB problems
        Anssi Nissinen Hi,
        it seems that I was running 4.2.03 on my desktop. -.- I was disillusioned by the app itself saying "this is the latest version" on the settings page. I downloaded the most recent one and now it works as it should, thanks!
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        • Tue at 12:51 PM
  • 2020-10-17

    I have had my Ditto X4 for a little over a year and have only used it in my studio mounted to my pedal board. 

    I have never had any problems with it but suddenly I can't get any signal to pass through the mono channel. If I run my guitar and amp into the other "stereo" channel then everything works normally.

    I find this really odd since I have taken really good care of the pedal and there are no signs of wear.

    is there any possibilty that this is anything other then a broken input/output jack?

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  • 2020-10-16

    I have a TC Electronic Sub N Up pedal. Lately I've noticed that when I switch it on, there is a very high pitched squeal sound. The squeal is audible regardless of any settings on the pedal itself, including when in TonePrint mode. The squeal is so bad that the pedal is virtually unusable anymore, which is too bad because I love it. Help!

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    • sanvandur
      William Reichling Hello, William from musictribe. Is the sub n up the first pedal in your effects chain? Generally, you want to plug the guitar directly into the sub n up before any other effects for the best function. If this does not clear up the issue, please click the support link and create a technical support ticket to assist you further.
      • Oct 16
      • TC Electronic Sub N Up pedal noise
        sanvandur I put the pedal in the beginning of my signal. It helped a bit, but the high pitch squeal is still there.
        • Oct 17
  • 2020-10-10

    Hi,  I am trying to update the firmware on the Ditto Looper X2 pedal.  Some problem developed when trying to download an external file to the pedal which would not download. I attempted to update the firmware after which the pedal became non-functional in normal use.  I tried to do a factory reset - no effect and then update the firmware I follow the instructions to connect to the computer for a firmware update but can't update. Green light comes on, there seems to be some sort of registration with both teh computer (pings to indicate connection) and the download software but no update occurs and the software becomes non responsive.  The pedal won't be recognised as an external USB drive by the computer.  I'v tried two computers and all the USB drives on each. No idea what else to try....... Windows system being used. James.

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    • James Kay
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi James please follow these steps To perform the firmware update please download the newest firmware from the “Support” page for your TC pedal.
      There are updaters:
      – for Microsoft Windows (these are ZIP archives containing the firmware
      installer) and
      – for OS X (these are disk image files containing the firmware installer).

      2. Unplug all cables (including the power supply) from your TC pedal.

      3. Connect the pedal to your computer using a USB cable.

      4. Insert the DC power supply plug. The leftmost LED on your pedal should
      turn green.

      Your TC pedal will now be recognized as an updatable device.

      Applying the firmware update
      Open the firmware update file. The pedal’s current firmware will be listed,
      as well as the version contained in the updater.

      Click “Update” and let the program run. The BeatSense LED will flash red
      during the update. At some point, the update window may indicate that the
      pedal has disconnected, which is normal.

      When finished, the unit will return to the loop mode display shown prior to
      the update procedure
      • Oct 13
      • Ditto Looper X2 - Can't update firmware.
        James Kay Hi Pedro, Thanks for your advice. This only seems to have worked after there was a windows update just prior to me trying it a second time. The lights and update screens seem to have worked as indicated so now its time to see if it works. Thanks again. James
        • Oct 14
    • James Kay
      James Kay On reflection it also seems to be important that the pedal is connected to the computer BEFORE the updater is launched - but you can't read those instructions until you launch the updater. Chicken and egg.
      • Oct 18
  • 2020-10-07

    Every time I use my Spectradrive, it has reverted to default toneprints.  I've got to re-beam my preferred ones to the pedal.

    Is there no way for it to retain the last toneprints used?

    This is VERY inconvenient since I don't have a smart phone to be able to do this when I'm not at home.


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    • Rick Giroux
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi Rick Giroux have you tried to perform a Toneprint reset follow by rebooting your unit to see if this helps on this matter? For this you should with the pedal powered off, hold the left footswitch and then insert the
      DC power supply. Wait 5 seconds, and both LEDs should blink. This confirms the TonePrint reset. Please also confirm that you are suing the latest TONEPRINT Version 4.3.02?
      • Oct 8
    • Rick Giroux
      Rick Giroux Thanks, I'll try the reset. My toneprint is up to date
      • Oct 8
    • Rick Giroux
      Rick Giroux Pleased to report.... So far So good!
      • Oct 9
    • Rick Giroux
      Rick Giroux Reset the pedal, loaded my favorite toneprints and left it unplugged overnight. Today it seems to have retained the toneprints.. Thanks!
      • Oct 9
  • 2020-10-07

    Hi, I'd love to build my own Vibrato/Chorus hybrid from a Flashback 2 delay using the Toneprint Editor so I thought I'd check out the possibilities in the Editor, but apparently I can't open it without buying a pedal :-/ So I've searched and searched but can't find any info on these (very specific) topics:

    1) Pedal Type Compatibility: What are the limitations in the editor regarding different pedal types? Could I use all the options for a Chorus pedal in the Modulation Section of a Delay pedal?

    2) Modulation Waveforms: I've seen some screenshots showing an "LFO Waveform" set to Sine, which makes me curious what other shapes are possible? (I've seen in the Tremolo manual it has 'square' and 'random', which is what I'm after, but can't find anywhere if they are options in the Delay/Chorus pedals!)

    3) Can I map the Dry Volume to a knob, so I can gradually decrease dry level (instead of only using the 'Kill Dry' toggle)?

    4) Stereo parameters: Can you set individual delay times/rates for L and R or are there any other parameter that affect the stereo image/spread? I can't find anything in the manual, but I'd be surprised (and honestly, a bit dissapointed) if there wasn't a way to make good use of those full-stereo ins and outs! (ping-pong?)

    5) This is a long shot, but it's probably not possible to 'modulate' the modulation, so that the mod-rate increases/decreases (via an LFO, or, via the internal Envelope follower, which as far as I can tell can only affect volume)?


    Lots of questions, but I'm curious about the possibilities! :D

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    • Willem Zenhorst
      Tc Mike Hi Willem,

      1) The flashback 2's modulation section that can be applied to the delay repeats offers 3 types of flanger types (normal , advanced, ThroughZero ), 4 different chorus variations including TriChorus from the Corona chorus pedal and Vibrato

      2) LFO shapes depend on selected modulation type, but you have variations of sine and triangle . Other pedals like the Pipeline Tap tremolo have more advanced LFO shaping options including mixing 2 LFOs each with their own speed and waveform into a new ones, changing PW etc.

      3) you can control the digital dry signal into the delay engine. This can be assigned to the pressure sensitive MASH switch for swelling sounds and is also used by the default tone print nr3 that ships with the pedal. the Kill dry function is also available via editor in software , in case you wan to use this just for one tone print (eg cutting the dry signal when using a reverse delay for backward only sounds just when MASH switch is pressed and hold)

      4) there are different delay types and Ping Pong is a separate subtype that can be chosen as a starting point via the available templates in app . the normal digital delays all have stereo options via dual delay subdivision settings, but not separate delay time and feedback parameters. there is of course also a dedicated Dual Delay type that has separate delay times and feedback for Lleftand right channel + our new Tape and analog algo is full stereo too. with 2 delaylines....

      5) No. it is unfortunately not possible to modulate the LFO speed. An envelope follower is not available either. The Tape delay algorithm has WOW and FLUTTER parameters, which introduces random pitch modulations and delay time jitter and you can also "smear" the pitch of the tape delay by setting a high Motor torque value, so there are plenty interesting ways to shape the sound of the delay repeats.

      best regards from the TC tribers,

      • Oct 8
  • 2020-10-06

    How about using Toneprint on a 1-knob EQ mini board for installation onboard a guitar or bass. It would give builders and makers an active alternative to tone control with Toneprint providing some real tone shaping options to the musician.


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    • Mark Smith
      Nigel Turner Hi Mark. Many thanks for your suggestion. I will pass this on to the design team for further discussion and possible implementation.
      • Oct 6
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