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    Hi guys,

    How can I remove toneprints from my Plethora X5?

    Will the new distortion pedal be awayable to X5?

    Bet regards

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    I have a very old Boss OC2 that I modded about 30 years ago so that I could plug in another momentary footswitch. When held, this other footswitch would change the OC2 state to the opposite of whatever it currently was and then set it back when released.

    This allows me to, for example, throw in a few notes with the octave temporarily turned on by holding the pedal down. I find it much more intuitive this way - I never found it natural to have to press the pedal again at the end of the phrase.

    So... might this be possible now with the X5 and Sub'n'Up? I know it wasn't with the stand-alone SnU pedal but that didn't have the Mash footswitch.

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    I am running a wet/dry/wet rig, and can't run my wet part to my satisfaction. It's rediculous that I can't run anything after my delay (killdry) without it being on. Can this be acheived in a firmware update, or is this more of a hardware thing? Thanks, Stan

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    Hi there!

    Just got a Plethora X5 today. Starting to play with the TonePrint app and was wondering where TonePrints are saved. What I'd like to do is be able to back them up somewhere. That way if my system crashes and burns I'll have a backup I can restore.

    One other thing I'm wondering, which might be related, is how User TonePrints work with other devices. Currently, it appears User TonePrints are only saved on the device they were created on. For instance, if I'm editing TonePrints on my Macbook and switch over to my iPad I can't see and edit any of the TonePrints created on my Macbook.

    I bring this up because having that ability might be a cheap and easy way to have a backup. If both my Macbook and iPad have a cached version of my TonePrints then if one crashes then at least one of them will have my TonePrints. At that point, all I would have to do is connect my device and make sure those TonePrints are synced to my Plethora X5 and then sync it up with the device that crashed and I'm back in business. 

    Basically, there needs to be a way to make sure TonePrints can be restored should something bad happen. :P

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    • jeffwhitfield
      WilliamR Hello Jeff, At the moment, the user toneprints are stored in the app on the device it was created on. There are better solutions in the works by our development team that will be implemented in the future.
      • Tue at 7:58 AM
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    You have provided BYOD functionality by giving an FX loop which is great. However, as a bass user, I'm really missing a possibility to blend my drive into the chain, especially that I'm using 2 channels in parallel and it would be great if I could mix it without any additional tools.

    Since there are 2 inputs and 2 outputs, it would be great to be able to cobine/split signals from those (one of my basses is dual-output). Perfect situation would be if I could assign some effects to input 1 and some to input 2 (or even some to both!). I have 1 and 2 output basses and I'm using either single or double amp configuration. It would be great if I could use Plethora X5 as centre and heart of my system regarding which bass and which amp configuration I'm using (1 input + 2 outputs, 2 inputs + 1 output, 2 inputs + 2 outputs).

    But as a starting point parallel FX loop is good enough :D

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    • kshyshieck
      kshyshieck Actually having a blend option for FX loop would be better than parallel. And it's quite easy to add still.
      • Mon at 11:46 PM
    • kshyshieck
      PedroRodrigues Hi kshyshieck Thank you for your contact I will forward your suggestion to our developer team. Thank you
      • Wed at 12:20 AM
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    So, I recently bought the quintessence second hand and thought it was reallt great. Everything worked exactly as it should. Then one day suddenly it started giving the wrong harmonies. For example when I put it in aeolian mode with a 3rd up it gives me a major third from the root instead of a minor. Also with a 5th up I can clearly hear that something is not right according to the scale I've chosen. There are anomalies on all the modes and all the scales. I have tried updating the firmware but with no luck. I tried taking it out of the pedal chain and running it separately from Everything. No luck. Does anyone know what might be the issue here or if it's possible to restore factory settings to see if that fixes the problem? 

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    • Olags91
      NicJonesMT Hi Olags.
      I think your best option would be to open a tech support ticket. We can then go through some trouble shooting with you to try and find the cause.
      If you click support at the top and scroll down you can then submit a ticket.
      • May 7
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    I'm really happy with my ditto+ but would like to reset it to factory defaults. Could you please provide instructions?

    Alternatively could you tell my where to fund the complete manual, not the quickstart manual?


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    Hi there,

    I've been using a Ditto X4 extensively live and in the studio for 4 or 5 years now, but unfortunately over the last couple of years I've been struggling with digital noise being added to loops that can't be removed. I tried updating the firmware last year, as well as doing a factory reset, but unfortunately it didn't fix the problem.

    It's now got to the point where I need to replace the unit as the noise really interferes with my practise. Ultimately, I would love to buy another X4 as I love the functionality of the pedal and I find it a really creative tool. However, having encountered such a wealth of similar issues with other users online, it's hard not to be nervous about getting another one.

    I was wondering if these problems are something that you guys have managed to fix in recent times with firmware updates or if these bugs are still a common occurence? 

    As I say, I love this pedal and would really like to continue using it.

    Many thanks,


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    I am not sure where to post requests for pedals to be added to the Plethora X5.

    I would really like the Spark booster in there.  I realize it is not a Toneprint pedal and maybe not even a digital pedal but it is a great booster and would make a great addition to the plethora.


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