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    I am thinking of purchasing a TC Electronic Quintessence harmony pedal, but before I do I was wondering if this pedal would be able to replicate the guitar harmonies in Beatles songs. Specifically "And Your Bird Can Sing" and "Come Together". 

    I know "And Your Bird Can Sing" is in the key of E and uses mainly 3rds but I believe there are also 4ths and 6ths in it. 

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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    • Teaquell
      PedroRodrigues Hi Teaquell, thank you for your post, please follow the link below to access a Quintessence Harmony Demo & Review, that will enlighten you on the pedal's features Thank you
      • Apr 23
    • Teaquell
      OneGreySorrow1 I wouldn't touch it if I were you. It's a great pedal but full of problems, as it seems a lot of the Tone Print pedals are. I've had mine for around 5 months, very little use (home studio and it's not one of those you'd use all the time like a compressor for example) and it's failed - stuck in 'momentary' mode. I've tried to contact customer services and after nearly two weeks, nothing; reading a lot of comments on here it seems the Music Tribe/TC Electronics customer service is actually pretty much non-existent. It's a great pedal, in the short term but personally, I'd get the Boss Harmoniser.
      • May 8
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    Hi, my footswitch only works intermittently.  How do I get this fixed?

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    • dc703
      WilliamR Hello, please click on the Support link above and submit a tech support case. Someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
      • Apr 22
      • HOF 2
        OneGreySorrow1 Hahaha! Like never. I bet the strategy is to delay until the product is out of warranty before claiming "oh, I'm sorry, the product is out of warranty" or, just ignore it. I mean who needs repeat business eh?
        • May 8
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    New to pedals and just built my first board. 


    How do these two dip switches on the side of the POLYTUNE 3 MINI work?

    What is triggered when :

    (1) and (2) are both down?

    (1) and (2) are both up?

    (1) down and (2) up?

    (1) up and (2) down?

    Can't find any explanations in the manuals or online searches.



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    • Banjovi
      PedroRodrigues Hi Banjovi, thank you for your post, please see the picture below for a description on the switches functionality
      • Apr 22
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    I've bought two of these pedals,two because the first one's switches junked out on me. 
    And my second one's switches are on the fritz now. I'm looking into the pain staking process of taking them to guitar center to send them off to tc electronics for repair,Butttt if they're just gonna put the same junk switches back in why bother? I'm not gonna lie,I'm mad,but I'm more concerned with finding a practical solution to this then just running amok and swearing them off to me and everybody I encounter. In my efforts to reach them I wound up here.. anyhow if anybody has any solutions to get them replaced with preferably worth a crap switches I'm all ears. I'm NOT buying a third one,if that's their soul racket for Christ's sake,that's what my guitar tech's opinion is seeing as he informed me getting replacement parts was not possible for him atleast.

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    Since there is no manual for this device yet, can someone please tell me what is the format of the imported IR's - is it .wav format as used by (REAPER)ReaVerb for example or it is something else?

    Thanks in advacne.

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    • pokibg
      mojozart .wav 16/24/32-bit fixed, 32-bit float, 44/48/96kHz
      • Apr 21
    • pokibg
      TC-Mike from the README file Stored on the Impulse when connected to USSB:

      Importing custom IR content onto your IMPULSE is super simple.

      Connect IMPULSE to your computer via a USB and connect a power supply to the DC IN socket.
      IMPULSE will appear on your computer as a mass storage device.

      For fast and easy IR management, download and open the latest official IMPULSE app from the TC Electronic IMPULSE product web page.
      You can use the app to import, export, rename, reorganize and delete IRs on your IMPULSE pedal.
      The app will do all of the leg work for you behind the scenes and put the IR into the correct folders
      Simply drag and drop IR files into the desired slots.

      Supported IR file formats: .uli files (proprietery IMPULSE format)
      .wav files, 16/24/32-bit fixed (PCM)
      .wav files, 32-bit float

      Supported rates: 44.1 kHz
      48 kHz
      96 kHz

      If the .wav file has more than one channel, only the first channel will be used for the IR
      IR of any length can be imported but 200msec is the maximum loader length.
      IR's with length longer than 200msec will be automatically trimmed and have a natural fade out applied by IMPULSE to match 200msec

      You can also drag and drop IR files directly into corresponding folders on IMPULSE but we recommend using the app for the best experience.
      • Apr 25
    • pokibg

      Thank you so much for the information! Definitely buying one. Regards. :)

      • Apr 27
    • pokibg

      Hi there I am also looking for the manual and specs for the TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader and can't find one anywhere online?? I am trying to confirm if the mono input can handle +4 dBu line level or instrument level (unbalanced??) and also whether the output is line level, instrument level, or both (unbalanced)?

      • Tue at 8:20 PM
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    Hi -

    I have a Flashback running the most current firmware (2011), and a HyperGravity compressor in use as well.  Encountering a problem with the two running together.  Signal chain is:

    1) HyperGravity first ahead of all other pedals (have a Whammy, RAT, and wah out there)

    2) Flashback along with Hall of Fame, flanger, chorus in the effects loop on an Orange Rocker tube head

    If the Flashback is in the chain and I select Loop function, or if it's out by itself, the Loop function allows record playback.  If the HyperGravity is activated, suddenly the Loop function stops working and instead appears to be applying one of the delay effects (can't tell if it's pulling in the TonePrint or one of the other) and will not record.

    Wanted to open a support case, but the sticker on the back of the Flashback appears to have been scrubbed off so I don't have a serial number ...

    Thoughts, similar experiences?

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    I just bought the plethora x5. When I turn on the turner ia not showing the notes. The turner goes on but doesn't do anything when I try tu tune my guitar 

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    • Mercurio
      NicJonesMT Hi Mercurio.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page an submit a technical support ticket.
      Please provide a detailed description of your setup, and the exact firmware version you are using, and from there we can advise you further.
      • Apr 18
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    when i try to save a custom toneprint it reverts to other settings.

    i already updated the firmware.

    see my attached video

    please help

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    • Pvgmusic
      PedroRodrigues Hi Pvgmusic, thank you for your post, please to account that you cannot send settings from the pedal to the editor, only the other way around. this is due to some TonePrint artists don't want to share their TonePrint settings, which we honour.

      The easiest way to change presets around is via the editor. If you have designed your custom TonePrint always store them as user TonePrint in the App, so you can load them at any time and have 2 options:

      -Store them to a specific TonePrint slot, once the TonePrint is stored in a slot,you can store it to any preset location by selecting the preset location, then select the TonePrint slot using the delay type selector and then the toggle switch to store TonePrint to a preset location

      - Store TonePrint directly from editor to a preset location -> while you are connected to the TonePrint App you can also store the current TonePrint setting you have in the editor directly to the selected preset location of your FB 2 X4, so you don't have to store custom TPs to the TonePrint slots first to have them as preset in the device!
      Please follow the link below to access a video guide on how to save TonePrint’s:

      Thank you
      • Apr 17
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    when i save a custom toneprint it reverts to other settings.

    see my video

    please help

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I have been using a plethora x5 for a while and got this instead of other alternatives mostly for the "listening to customer / update" philosophy.

    I have been designing toneprints based on famous pedals and units and found that the stereo implementation on the MOD effects is rather limited by today's (and TC electronics) standards.
    I am convinced the Plethora X5 could and should both emulate and go beyond many effect unit if a few tweaks get implemented.

    Since you rely on user feedback (and since I have been beta tester and showcase artist for a few products), here is a non exhaustive list of ideas that could really get the Plethora X5's modulation section to the next level. 

    - In general : more wave shape for the modulation LFO.  Ramp up/down, square, stepped/slewed random would take the Vibrato, Chorus and Phasers to boutique level (Lofi junky,  EarthQuackerDevices Aqueduct, Moogerfooger)

- Corona/Vortex Chorus/Flangers :
As of now the only way to get a stereo chorus is to use the TriChorus which, while an interesting effect, can be a bit overwhelming compared to other traditional units. Having to use at least 2 modulated delay lines is certainly aiming for an intense chorus effect. The flanger options are mono.

    It would make sense to create a stereo output from modulating the delay time of each channel (left/right) with a different LFO phase. 
It is also possible to offset the phase of the wet audio to create a stereo image. 
180 degree appart would make the classic stereo chorus from many rack units and pedals, while 90 degree is what I believe to be the TC Electronic SCF. (on a side note, the toneprint doesn't do justice to the original unit (I happen to have a vintage one), the stereo on the original is so gorgeous, the mono-only toneprint feels cheap and doesn't cut it for me... Also, "stereo" is in the name of the legendary unit ;) )

    Since it is already possible to invert the phase of a channel on the Helix Phaser, I guess it should be conceivable to add this option for the Chorus and Flanger. 

    Not as effective or thrilling but still : one easy (and old) trick is to route the wet and dry signal to a different channel so to have for instance 100% wet on the right channel and 100% dry on the left channel. This is the classic analog chorus à la CE-1.

    - Helix Phaser
    The phasers are really tasty, but the stereo options are somewhat limited and could also benefit from more dramatic settings. The audio phase inversion works great, but it would be useful to have more "balanced poles" options. By that, I mean that having a 6 poles and 10 poles on both channel makes for more balanced sounds (instead of having a sort of "dual mono/tilted stereo image" with two channels with different poles). A 12 poles option would pay hommage to the great TC Phaser XII (I happen to have a vintage one and it is indeed awesome)

    - Shaker Vibrato
    It would be nice, as with the chorus/flanger to create stereo from having to separate left/right channels with opposite phase of modulation. It could create great moving stereo textures for instance with synths.

    - Pipeline Tremolo

    an option to change the phase relation of the stereo channels would turn the tremolo into wider stereo (For instance, 90° or 180° shift)

    From a technical standpoint, those slight changes are not drastically more complexe than the current options available but would make for obvious and impressive improvements.

    Those improvements could also easily be implementend and greatly benefit the original Toneprint pedal (Corona, Vortex, Helix and Shaker), again, putting them on the same league as some fairly well regarded boutique pedals.

    So, go for it, take this to the top and get a new boost for a good bunch of your products !

    I'd be happy to provide help if you have any question regarding implementation or user interface.



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    • MaximeG
      PedroRodrigues Hi MaximeG, thank you for your post, I will forward your suggestions to the Dev. Team for analysis. Thank you
      • Apr 12
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