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    Just bought a Plethora X5. I installed the latest firmware and I'm hooking it with the 4 cable method, the correct way just like explained in the following video :

    Now, when I change boards or when I switch pedals positions or when I assign toneprints, the volume goes EXTREMELY loud for a second. 

    I've seen other thread about this here but no valuable answer. This needs to be fixed as it could lead to serious hearing damage.
    I'm scared it could also damage my amp.

    I absolutely need to run this unit with the 4 cable method because some effects need to be in front of the amp while others need to be in the amp fx loop.

    I'm attaching an image of the waveform of a recording I made with my phone next to the amp. You can see the middle part where the volume jumps up is when I switch board.

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    • MitchConnely
      WilliamR Hello, William here from music tribe. This issue has just been brought to our attention recently. This has been passed to our engineers and they are looking into it.
      • Mar 10
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    I have found some turtorials on YT that I will chake out, but tried a bit yesterday on my own. I saved something for Sub 'N' Up which went to "User" and another for Helix that ended up in "Favourites". Felt a bit random.

    I am also wondering if there is some way to edit on PC and store in Android device as well.

    I am not experienced in the technical aspects of LFOs, and other components so the editor somtimes only show abbreviations for things Idon't know what they mean. Is there some kind of document describing the various things you can edit, what it means and what impact they might have?



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    Thanks for the nice new pedals and features in the 1.2 firmware releasen.

    Here's a couple suggestion for a possible future firmware version.

    1. The tremolo can easily be used as a clean boost - very nice. The challenge is when playing live. The tremolo can then mean tremolo or clean boost. I will surely press the wrong button sometimes. Could you create a Clean Boost pedal with just the level setting?

    2. To make the most out of the X5 I would also like to see a dedicated Tap tempo pedal that affects any delays and maybe others if applicable. When playing live I find it diffucult to remember to hold to activate tap-tempo. This pedal could also show tempo/BPM with large visible letters.

    Keep up the good work!



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    I want to use the Quintessence block on the Plethora for intelligent harmonies.

    I need to be able to change the key with a footswitch of some type during live use. It seems like the fastest way to switch would be to assign one footswitch button to scroll up through keys and one footswitch button to scroll down through keys.

    1. Can this be done with a midi footswitch?

    2. Can this be done with external footswitch?

    3. Could I assign the expression pedal to scroll through keys? If so, I wonder how easy or hard that would be to use?

    4. Can footswitches be assigned to control other parameters in that effect, like the scale?

    5. Any special technique suggested for getting good natural sounding medium gain dual lead guitar tones, ala Allman Brothers, Queen, etc? I've heard good demos for these kinds of dual lead tones with the Digitech HarmonyMan and wondering if I can meet or exceed that with the Plethora?

    6. Anyone try combining the Quintessence with the Mimic for dual lead sounds? Would that be helpful?

    7. Can the harmony signal be routed to one channel (like left) and the main signal be routed to the other (right), to send them to different amps?

    8. Could a mini midi keyboard be mapped to the Quintessence block, so that the notes on the keyboard switch the key directly to thecorrelating one? Like I press the E note on the keyboard and the Quintessence key setting changes directly to E?

    Thank you!



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    • shingo
      PedroRodrigues Hi shingo, please consider that it’s not possible to assign a footswitch to control keys in any way you have mentioned
      Regarding your third question, please consider that you can assign the expression pedal to scroll through keys. The key can be assigned to Expression modifier on the Tone Print App.
      Concerning your question regarding if a footswitch be assigned to control other parameters in an effect, that is effectively possible all QT parameters can be assigned to:
      The 3 pot-meters of Tone Print
      MASH Switch
      Expression pedal.
      When it comes to the question, if you can route the harmony signal to one channel and the main signal be routed to the other, to send them to different amps, unfortunately that will not be possible.
      Regarding the question about if it’s possible to use a mini midi keyboard to map the Quintessence, unfortunately none of this implementation is possible.
      When using MASH to change scale EG, it runs through the list of 20, so to get anything useful out of it, I would advise only the use 2, max 3 scales -> the default scale of TP (MASH default and the one that is active when switch is released) and then you can program MASH curve points mid ,4,+ 5 to the other scale, so it is easy to switch however hard you press

      Please consider that you can also assign to HOT KNOBs, but in this case it’s not useful for the type of implementation you have stated since you require hand-free control, that is not useful for that.

      Please use to MASh being pressure sensitive you can use it to switch between scales. In this example the default is IONIAN and pressing at any will select the alternative one (in this example "super Locrian" .
      It is important to understand that for scale parameter to return to MASH default , it must not be assigned to any of the 3 pots as well, otherwise it will return to pot-meter position instead of mash default as pot always has priority over mash.
      • Mar 24
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    What is being worked on for the next firmware update?

    Here are some suggestions:

    Ability to select cabs for each board

    Add Dreamscape Pedal

    Add The Prophey Pedal

    Add more pedals!

    Display what Hot Knobs are selected per pedal

    More creative display options (rather than "Line" or "Dot")


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    • BibsJ
      PedroRodrigues Hi BibsJ, at this moment we cannot provide any information on the new Firmware and the respective tools present, never the less we do appreciate very much your suggestions and I will forward them to the Development team . Thank you
      • Mar 7
    • BibsJ
      BibsJ Thank you Mr Rodrigues, looking forward to the next update!
      • Mar 10
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    Hi guys,

    Just bought Ditto X2 Looper to use with my Line 6 Helix LT

    The ditto has both mono and stereo inputs/outputs.

    I want to use on the FX loop of my Helix LT, which has 2 sends and 2 returns.

    The Helix LT is stereo.

    Not sure which output on Ditto goes to which port on send return of helix.

    So I have 2 sends and 2 returns on helix and 2 mono and 2 stereo ports on ditto  anyone no how I connect and to what ports on helix please 

    Also will ts cables be ok or does it need to be trs for all 4 connections?


    Many thanks


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    • Chainsawcharlie
      PedroRodrigues Hi Chainsawcharlie ,Please consider that this pedal has two standard ¼" jack TS inputs and two standard ¼" jack TS outputs for stereo operation. If your signal source is mono like a regular guitar or a mono effect pedal, connect it to the MONO input, if your signal source or next device on the signal chain is stereo please use both ¼" jack TS on the input and on the output.
      • Mar 7
    • Chainsawcharlie
      Chainsawcharlie Many thanks for your kind reply
      • Mar 7
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    Hi all.  I am using the Hypergravity pedal with a Musicman Stingray on the factory setting toneprint woth everything at 12 o'clock.  It's remarkably good.

    I'd be interested to understand what other toneprints work well with bass (rather than cycle through all of them!).  

    Many thanks for any input

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    Since upgrading to the latest firmware many of the Toneprints for the Tap Tremolo have become unstable with continually changing pulse rates.

    Have tried reloading the firmware again but to no avail.

    As far as I've noticed all the other effects are operating correctly.

    Is this a known problem? Any solutions?


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    • herbpayne
      TC-Mike Hi Herb, the Pipeline has a TEMPO feature that cycles between different tremolo speed subdivisions synced to the tapped tempo . This feature can be turned OFF for any TonePrint in the app by only having the first bar active and then it will only use this speed without any dynamic changes. Setting it to (1/4) /quarter notes give you the tapped modulation speed. Just disable the second bar as seen in the attached screenshot and then overwrite the TonePrint in question stored in your Plethora.
      Best regards, Mike
      • Mar 8
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    hi, I need help. I happen to have a 2 x4 flashback, and I control it with a midi clock pedal. but a few days ago I noticed that the synchronization of these was not correct, I thought there was some problem with the midi, but after doing tests, I realized that what happens is that the flashback does not accept the orders of the midi clock lower than those 76 bpm, as long as I use it with 76 bpm or more, everything synchronizes perfectly, without the tempo failing, but if I want to lower the tempo from 75 bpm, the pedal doubles the speed, that is, it makes me a subdivision of the tempo in eighth notes, regardless of the subdivision that I have in the pedal, and although this subdivision of the tempo in eighth notes (that is, at twice the time that I put lower than 75 bpm) does not affect the subdivision of the pedal, it does not It allows me to work correctly in some tempos, and I have to adjust the subdivisions until I find something that I hope it sounds like. I am sure that it is not the midi clock pedal, because this also happens with the tap tempo button of the flashback 2 x4, so I suppose it must be some firmware error or something like that. I did a test connecting it to the computer with the toneprint app, and there if, moving the tempo, I managed to get the pedal to recognize the 50 bpm that I sent in the midi clock pedal signal, but as soon as I disconnected it from the computer, the problem returns (I made the connection to the computer via USB)

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    • luisr21
      PedroRodrigues Hi luisr21 please consider that the unit allows the incoming MIDI clock signal will also override the pedal’s own Delay Time knob, but will not affect the Subdivision setting.
      The following charts detail the control and program changes accepted by FLASHBACK 2 X4. Note that the MIDI receive channel is 6.
      Preset Changes Initiating a program change will load the associated preset and un-bypass the pedal. To bypass the currently-selected preset, either use program change 1 (all FX off) or use the bypass command (cc 12) if you need to toggle the same preset on/off.

      The user must note that depending how the MIDI controller handles program change messages (0-127 or 1-128), the program number may need to be 1 digit higher than what is listed in the chart.

      The user must also note that the modifiers (knobs) can control up to 3 user-selectable parameters, so MIDI control may affect more than just the parameters listed. Custom controller setups can be arranged via the TonePrint app, and each TonePrint slot can store unique modifier configurations. Please confirm this implementation
      • Mar 2
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    Hi folks,

    I have my Ditto x4 hooked up to my SingularSound Beatbuddy. The midi syncs great, meaning my looped riffs stay perfectly in time with the Beatbuddy drums. Last week I was playing a solo over a riff I'd looped and I'm absolutely convinced as I increased the beats per minute on the beatbuddy, my Ditto matched the new drum tempo and increasing the speed of the riff accordingly. I had to move my kit over the weekend and hooked everything up the same as last week, but for some reason the Ditto doesn't stay in time with the Beatbuddy now when I increase the beats per minute. The flashing light on my Ditto does increase with the increased bmp, so I know midi is working and the Beatbuddy is talking to the Ditto, but I cant get the looped riffs to increase in tempo to match.

    My question is - did I imagine it all last week?! Should the Ditto loop tempo increase to stay in time when the Beatbuddy BMP is increased or decreased? Since the Beatbuddy is telling the Ditto what to do through Midi I kind of feel it should.

    Thanks in advance!


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    • Neal
      PedroRodrigues Hi Neal please consider that Regarding Mid specs, these are the supported controllers:

      MIDI Spec
      Responds to MIDI Channel 4 (hardcoded – can’t be changed)

      CC3 Looper 1 Rec/Dub/Start
      CC9 Looper 1 Stop
      CC14 Looper 1 Clear
      CC15 Looper 1 Level
      CC20 Looper 1 Hold to Store
      CC21 Looper 1 Clear Backtrack
      CC22 Looper 2 Rec/Dub/Start
      CC23 Looper 2 Stop
      CC24 Looper 2 Clear
      CC25 Looper 2 Level
      CC26 Looper 2 Hold to Store
      CC27 Looper 2 Clear Backtrack
      CC28 Decay “Level”
      CC29 All Loops Stop
      CC30 All Loops Clear
      CC31 FX On/Off
      CC85 Parallel/Serial Toggle

      For the FX respond to Prg change message 1 to 7

      Midi CC commands/ Prg change messages are programmed into a midi track / clip in your DAW or sequencer (Midi channel 4!)
      I would also suggest that you update the firmware for your unit, for that please follow the link below:|en)

      I hope this helps
      • Mar 2
    • Neal
      Neal Thanks Pedro, top speed response! I'll update firmware then have a play around with your info later. Really appreciate it.
      • Mar 2
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