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    Ciao a tutti,
    ho appena ricevuto due pedali elettronici TC, un flanger e un flashbackx4
    entrambi, quando attivati, hanno un'uscita incredibilmente alta
    ho abbassato l'uscita a 0 tramite toneprint ma non sono riuscito a risolvere
    il ritardo è bellissimo ma devo usare un preset neutro sul terzo interruttore per mantenere il volume costante
    qualcuno può spiegarmi come fare?

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    • Jab23
      WilliamR Hello Jab23, How do you have them set up? What is the effect order you are using? I recommend the delay go in the effects loop of your amplifier.
      • Apr 26
    • Jab23
      Jab23 hi WilliamR
      sure both are in the effects loop, alone without other pedals, only delay and flanger, I have tried them in all my heads, DSL 20-Peavey 20MH-Orange CR 120 PRO, and on all of them I have the same result
      I use a few things
      guitar-volume-wah in amp and flashbackx4 and flanger in loop
      all cables and the power supply of excellent quality

      I find it enough to have just this one, I found a beautiful flanger tone on toneprint, I find the flashbackx4 wonderful, but I have too many problems with the high output

      hope you can help me
      thank you
      • Apr 27
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    Can I power my Nova Drive with my Strymon Zuma.

    On 12v the Zuma can provide 375mA but the Nova Drive needs 380mA.

    Will 5mA be such a big problem?


    Thank you

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    • Raff1
      PedroRodrigues Hi Raff1, that is correct the NOVA DRIVE operates with 12 v DC with 380 mA as you can see below so it should work work with no issues nevertheless to confirm please these PSU specifications below
      • Apr 26
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    Will TC ever release another rack effect unit? Or is the market dead? They already have all the algorithms, maybe but it in something like an updated G-Force with modern converters? G-Major 2 was the last thing to come out, and that was ages ago.

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    • tnipe
      PedroRodrigues Hi tnipe please consider that at this moment we do not have any information pointing that way, nevertheless for any updates on any new releases please check our social media and our Community
      • Apr 26
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     I'm looking for a pedal to give me a faux 12 string effect. Will "sub n up, quintessence, and brainwaves" all achieve this?

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    • freefalling120
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. The sub n up and brainwaves can simulate it quite well. Keep in mind that a true 12 string will have unison High E and B strings. So it's pretty close with enough reverb, you'll just have a higher octave on all six strings rather than just the lower G D A E strings
      • Apr 25
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    Hi Forum:

    When I upload Backing Tracks and play them via Ditto+; they are unstable.

    1) Sound horrible

    2) Playback volume cannot be controlled

    3) Bypass of my guitar volume cannot be controlled.

    Some people may say its the Mhz of the WAV file but I've already converted to 14400 and tried others and it still does not work.

    Please advise solution.

    TC Electronics Ditto+

    Please help


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    • JesusJorge
      JesusJorge UPDATE: sorry 44100 Typo
      • Apr 23
      • Ditto+ Backing Tracks unstable
        WilliamR Hello, Please verify you are using the correct bitrates listed below.
        • Apr 25
      • Ditto+ Backing Tracks unstable
        WilliamR PCM mono 16bit @ 44.1kHz
        PCM stereo 16bit @ 44.1kHz 
        PCM mono 24bit @ 44.1kHz
        PCM stereo 24Bit @ 44.1kHz
        PCM mono 32bit @ 44.1kHz
        PCM stereo 32bit @ 44.1kHz
        Float mono 32bit @ 44.1kHz
        Float stereo 32bit @ 44.1kHz
        • Apr 25
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    TC Electronic
    Triber Moderator
    Your perfect beach buddy. Designed around superb studio-grade algorithms, SKYSURFER MINI REVERB provides all the lush, transparent reverb sounds you could ever dream of – without compromising your original tone.
    List Price: $39

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    Is there a way to access the Hiss algorithm in the X5?


    I'm not a high gain player and don't need a traditional gate, but I have a Sentry on my board for really bad venues. It has been a life saver a few times.

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    • GainBear
      Dale_M Hi tehre I do not have a, X5 at hand but there should be a choice between GATE, TONEPRINT and HISS in TonePrint ?
      • Apr 21
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    Why does the possibility to extend the loop work only for the first overdub? It is highly impractical because my workflow (pretty basic) would be: 

    1. scratching some rhythm (1 bar)

    2. Overdub bass line (1 bar)

    3. Overdub chords (1 bar)

    4. Overdub melody (4 bars)

    No way I can do it, the loop is now blocked to the length of 2. no matter if it was really an extension of the first or not. For me it's kind of silly that the extend mode works like this.

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    • Mas89
      Dale_M I have passed your remarks on to the design team. Speaking to them, this would stretch the limitations of this model but the feedback is appreciated.

      As a workaround you can always change the track name of a particular great loop recording at any state (combinations of /xtended loop and overdub(s) and that way have it converted as a backing track that cannot be cleared by press and hold FS + you gain a new round of xtend loop based on the previous ("bounced down) loop recording(s) to refine your epic 128 bar intro.

      This way you can always have a backup available of each step by converting loop to BT and then copy converted Backing track recording to another empty track folder and a slightly changed name of file to get additional templates to build on or backup the steps ..
      • Apr 20
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    I would like to delete some of the Toneprints on the Plethora X5 (from the pedal itself).

    I can't seem to find a way.  I tried on the pedal.  I tried in the Toneprint app.  I tried plugging the USB into my Windows machine to see if I could edit loaded Toneprints from there.  I just want to remove the Toneprints that I will never use to make the ones I do use quicker and easier to find in the list.

    Thanks for any help!


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    • jaslan
      PedroRodrigues Hi Jaslan please be aware that If you wish to return to template defaults on TonePrint App, you can simply click the Reload button next to the Template menu to reset the currently selected template to its default values. This will reset all knob assignments, modifier curves and parameter values to the defaults stored in this template.
      When it comes to PLETHORA X5, please consider that each pedal “effect” in Plethora comes pre-loaded from the factory with all of the default TONEPRINT that the standalone stomp-boxes have.

      These “default TONERPINTS” will be displayed above the line on the TonePrint list when in edit mode and cannot be edited or removed from plethora. Below the line there is an editable list of TONEPRINTS which you can curate yourself with help from the TonePrint app.

      You can press and hold TonePrint knob on a highlighter TonePrint to delete from the list...

      There is currently no way to backup, share or import/export entire boards as presets, however you can restore all factory boards by going into Edit mode and navigating to


      Please be aware that performing a factory reset will completely reset all boards and delete any custom boards you have created yourself.
      • Apr 20
      • Can you delete a Toneprint from the Plethora X5 pedal?
        jaslan Thanks for the reply. That worked for me. I was trying to delete the factory Toneprints "above the line", which is why I couldn't get it to work. It is very manageable with factory Toneprints and a few that I will actually use. Somehow, I ended up with at least 20 extra Toneprints for each pedal stored in there. Clearing them out helped. Though, I WOULD submit a request to make it possible to remove factory Toneprints as well.
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        • Apr 20
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    Loving the board and happy that you can turn effects on and off with MIDI.

    Obviously there is a lot of scope for expanding the MIDI functionality and I'm sure people are excited/hoping for different things.

    The ONE thing I would be very grateful to be added is the ability to activate/deactivate the tuner via a CC message.

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