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    I find that the flashback 2 volume level is too low especially for analog and tape delay settings, I have the level turned on max, but still could barely hear it, anything I can do to make it louder? The other settings' volume levels such as 2290 and crystal are ok

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    • jerryhou91
      NicJonesMT Hi JerryHou91.
      Could you please click support at the top of the page and submit a tech support ticket.
      We can then go through some trouble shooting steps with you.
      Please ensure that you let us know all devices in your setups (Amps, Guitars, Other Pedals, Front of amp/FX Loop ETC).
      • Mar 16
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    I can connect my pedals to a PC using the USB mini B - USB A supplied cable. But to connect to a handheld device I went out and bought an adapter. USB A female-USB A female (2.0), but it didn't help. Waste of money?

    How do I connect the pedal to a handheld device? There is an "edit pencil" in the App, so I can only assume it shouldbe possible.

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    • Matopotato
      NicJonesMT Hi MatoPotato.
      When connecting to an Apple device always ensure that you are using the official Apple Camera Connection Kit. There are loads of third party connectors but unfortunately, more often than not, these dont work. It is all dependent on the Adapter you are using.

      As we dont manufacture adapters I can't officially recommend which one to buy. What I would recommend is asking some other users what adapters they use as they should be able to recommend one directly.
      • Mar 16
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    Is it possible to take a backup of the pedealboards that I have created?
    Once before I've had the experience that some of my pedalboards dissaperd.
    In these kind of situations it would be great if I could reinstall a backup to the pedal instead of starting all ower again.

    Best regards,

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    • logp
      PedroRodrigues Hi logp Please be aware that If you wish to return to template defaults on TonePrint App, you can simply click the Reload button next to the Template menu to reset the currently selected template to its default values. This will reset all knob assignments, modifier curves and parameter values to the defaults stored in this template.
      When it comes to PLETHORA X5, please be aware that each pedal “effect” in Plethora comes pre-loaded from the factory with all of the default TONEPRINT that the standalone stomp-boxes have.

      These “default TONERPINTS” will be displayed above the line on the TonePrint list when in edit mode and cannot be edited or removed from plethora. Below the line there is an editable list of TONEPRINTS which you can curate yourself with help from the TonePrint app.

      You can press and hold TonePrint knob on a highlighter TonePrint to delete from the list...

      There is currently no way to backup, share or import/export entire boards as presets, however you can restore all factory boards by going into Edit mode and navigating to


      Please be aware that performing a factory reset will completely reset all boards and delete any custom boards you have created yourself.
      • Mar 14
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    I had a problem with your customer service page. I am in Australia and I purchased a Bugera PS1 through Thomann because you have no local stock here.

    I ran it for five minutes and it started smoking and spewing out a bad plastic burning smell. I'm just trying find out if this is expected or whether I am going to kill an expensive vintage amp.

    I contacted Bugera/Music Tribe tech support and was told "Please be aware that you are located in an unsupported territory. This means that for further assistance you will need to directly contact the shop you purchased the unit from or your nearest reseller or distributor and they will be able to advise you further."

    Not acceptable and I'm pretty sure it violates consumer law in most countries. I have plenty of Behringer gear... and I mean plenty... maybe never again after this.

    Can I get some advice?

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    • Pkross
      Dale_M Hi there. One of the problems here is that you are based in Australia and you have purchased from Europe, if this has failed you need to go back to the seller (Thomann) as the warranty is with them and not any Australian reseller.
      • Mar 15
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    Ditto Plus does not seem to be saving loops. I've owned the previous Ditto mini for years, so using the pedal is familiar.

    Ditto + I create a loop, pause, then scroll to the next loop location and the 1st loop is erased. Am I missing a save/store function?

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    Hello. Ditto+ Lopper is the only TC looper with the ability to record/play multiple tracks, right? Do you have plans to launch a regular size Ditto+ Looper with this multi-track ability? Thank you.

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    • Marcosvin
      WilliamR Hello, The Ditto X4 looper would be the one that could do that. It is essentially two independent ditto loopers in one. You can also have 5 basic tape-style loopers in the Plethora X5. As far as a full-sized Ditto +, I have not heard anything, but you never know.
      • Mar 12
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    I went to the TC Electronics website seaching for the Ditto + full manual and can't find it anywhere.  Anyone else looking without luck?  In fact, I can't even find the manual for the Ditto Looper either.  Where are they??

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    Hello, I got a problem with my Hall of fame 2 Reverb Pedal effect : even i'ts a fantastic pedal, I'm confused to understand all the effects wich are available on the app. And the manual didn't correpond : for example, no words about the octaver's effects and the configuration is different.

    --> @TC Electronic : do you plan to update your manual to explain the effects of the latest software version? If yes, when ? If no, can you give me some precision about the effects wich are not in the manual, specially the octave effects ?

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards

    Sylvain Bambel (bass guitar hobbyist player)

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    • Bambel
      PedroRodrigues Hi Bambem please consider that the only effect that involves octaves on the HOF is the SHIM (Shimmer) reverb and the explanation for this effect will be present on the HOF's product page on the manual that you will access by following the link below: If this does not reply to your question please provide more details and I will gladly provide you the information you are serching for.
      • Mar 14
    • Bambel
      Bambel Thank you M. Rodrigues. In fact, my goal is to have 1 or 2 TonePrint on the pedal (1,2,3) with the MASH SHIM effect, but only when I press the MASH button, with an another effect on normal position. I send this email to have an answer : ---------- Forwarded message ---------
      De : Bambel
      Date: jeu. 18 mars 2021 à 13:47
      Subject: Re: Case Number: CAS-430795-W6H2Y2 is still Awaiting for Customer Response CRM:0120000137460
      To: Music Tribe Customer Quality

      First, I would like to thank you to give me a answer as you did, it's very professionnal and I will recommand TC Electronics to my friends musicians, for that, too !
      Here is my question (I try to do my best in english but sorry it's not my mother tongue) : On the pedal Hall of fame 2 Reverb, I would like to have the sound of SHIM effect when you press the MASH button, on the toneprints 1, 2, 3, but with a another programm whe not
      pressing the MASH effect. I tried to copy the programmation of the MASH effect on the SHIM effect (as the illustration on annex of this mail ), but doesn't work, probably cause the base of the effect is not the same.
      Can you maybe help me about that, to find the good programmation to have for example the "Bassement" effect for normal and the MASH SHIM effect when I press the MASH ? Or an another programmed effect when MASH is not preesed, and the SHIM MASH effect when the MASH effect is pressed ?
      I hope I'm clear with my question.

      Than you very much for your answer.
      Kind regards
      Sylvain But maybe you can help me here ? Thank you very much ! Kind regards.
      • Mar 18
    • Bambel
      TC-Mike Hi Sylvan,

      the Shimmer effect only works on the existing Shimmer templates and cannot be applied to the other TonePrints, due to the signal routing that is needed behind the scenes for the cross-feedback routing of the octaver back into the reverb. .
      This is a known issue of the TonePrint app that we hope to fix with one of the next versions.
      For now please modify the existing Shimmer templates to your liking. On the various existing Shimmer template , you can easily modify the MASH routing to have Shimmer only active if MASH switch is pressed and you can set it up dynamically (the harder you press the more shimmer ) or just a fixed Level for the "octaver to effect " parameter that opens the cross-feedback patch of the Octaver into the Reverb (and back again) .

      See attached screenshot on how to modify the the MASH mapping for the "Angelic Voices" Shimmer Template for your HOF 2. to bring in the Shimmer dynamically (for fixed send level just set curve points to same value )
      best regards, Mike
      • Mar 19
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    In the original G-Major, there was a Tremolo effect.  One of the presets was called Chopper.  Based on this preset, I used the Tremolo effect for signature sounds in a couple songs I played.  It was simple to nail the timing.

    When I got a G-Major2, the Tremolo effect was gone!  It was replaced by some fancier and similar effects (I don't remember the names) but more difficult to duplicate what I had previously and easily done in using the Tremolo in the original G-Major.  Can anyone tell my why they got rid of the simple Tremolo effect?  How can I easily setup the G2 effect to work like a 3 knob tremolo pedal?

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    • catzodellamarina
      PedroRodrigues Hi catzodellamarina, please consider that a Tremolo is basically a change of the signal level controlled by an LFO, the G-Major 2 offers several variations of this effect; ranging from soft and smooth to hard and aggressive providing the user the capability to have more tools to set up the Tremolo that you have on the G-MAJOR, please see below:
      Speed Range: 0.050 Hz to 20 Hz
      This parameter sets the speed of the effect.

      Tempo Range: Ignore, 1 to 1/32T (T= Triplet & D= Dotted)
      When set to any value between 2 and 1/32T, the Global Tempo is subdivided according to this setting. When set to “Ignore”, the speed set using the Speed parameter is used instead.
      The Tap Master parameter – located in the Global menu – specifies whether the Global tempo or the tempo set by the Speed parameter in each preset should be used at preset change.
      Range: 0 to 100 %
      This parameter sets the intensity of the effect. A 100 % setting means that the signal is completely muted between signal peaks.
      Settings: Soft/Hard (Sinus or Square) Two waveforms are available as modulation sources for the Tremolo effect. Setting this parameter to “Hard” results in a steeper, recognizable effect. Listen and choose the appropriate option.

      Range: 0 to 100 %
      If you set this parameter e.g. to 20 % with the Type parameter set to Hard, the signal will be heard in one channel for 20 % of the time and in the other one for 80 % of the time. With a Type setting of Soft, a 50 % setting would yield a full sine wave, whilst 0 % and 100 % would yield a crest-to-peak and peak-to crest curve, respectively.

      Range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
      This parameter attenuates the high frequencies of the Tremolo effect. Use the high-cut filter to create a less dominant Tremolo effect without changing the effect’s Depth.

      OutLev – Out Level
      Range: -100 to 0 dB
      This parameter sets the overall output level for this effect.

      In conclusion the Tremolo on the G-MAJOR 2 was in fact replaced by a more detail Tremolo effect tool that offers the user a greater capability or adjustability allowing a more personalise Tremolo effect set up

      For more information on this process please follow the link below to access the guide for the G-MAJOR 2.

      Thank you
      • Mar 14
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    Just bought a Plethora X5. I installed the latest firmware and I'm hooking it with the 4 cable method, the correct way just like explained in the following video :

    Now, when I change boards or when I switch pedals positions or when I assign toneprints, the volume goes EXTREMELY loud for a second. 

    I've seen other thread about this here but no valuable answer. This needs to be fixed as it could lead to serious hearing damage.
    I'm scared it could also damage my amp.

    I absolutely need to run this unit with the 4 cable method because some effects need to be in front of the amp while others need to be in the amp fx loop.

    I'm attaching an image of the waveform of a recording I made with my phone next to the amp. You can see the middle part where the volume jumps up is when I switch board.

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    • MitchConnely
      WilliamR Hello, William here from music tribe. This issue has just been brought to our attention recently. This has been passed to our engineers and they are looking into it.
      • Mar 10
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